The Inconvenience Of Conveniences

Oh, wasn’t it the most wonderful outdoors today? In spite of having a bit of a dark early morning which was triggered by several really bad thoughts of a persona non gratis who somehow happened to creep into my thoughts. Don’t you just hate it when something like that happens, and only because the more you try to drive such visuals out, they seem to become all the more embedded. I believe the welcoming rays of this morning’s sun, helped to shove them back into that audio-visual vault where I keep them safe for future review, instead of having them at the forefront of my daily life.

I did happen to mention my “cliff” experience to a well known this afternoon, and to my surprise, she’s also had such episodes, which come in for a landing without warning. Over these many years, I’ve come to believe the two of us are more kindred spirits than we ever would’ve imagined. We both agreed that we can’t change the past, and even though we’ve acknowledged and accepted that fact, the intentional pains that others have caused us, do come back to haunt, which is why it’s best to steer-clear of people, places and things which we believe may be triggering them. Onward and upward I say.

My first duty this morning, was to pull the trigger on getting my new listing disseminated out into the cyber universe, and wouldn’t you know, before the hour of opening, I was already getting text messages from agents wanting to schedule showings. Yes, getting those scheduled, along with making sure all the agents had every bit of information they needed, my morning quickly evaporated, and likely because I had to make a full-circle trip in finding a place to have a key duplicated, and only because Hardware Hank was closed due to the fire that arsonist started out there some days ago, so my next option, was to drive out to Menard’s and have one made. Well, that was another lost cause because the machine they have out there, will only accept a debit or credit card. Talk about the inconvenience of conveniences! No way would I place my card in that machine, which would likely send all my personal information to other vendors. My last resort, was to drive to Central Lock which is located on S. Taft, where I finally had one made. I can’t believe that duplicate key cost me almost five bucks. Seems a dollar doesn’t take us very far anymore.

During my Noon hour, I took the time to go and clean the filthiest of stools, and all the while I was cleaning it, my disgust towards the one who left it that way, grew all the stronger. I couldn’t help mentioning to another today, how helpless such people would be if our world was suddenly turned upside-down due to a great natural or man-made disaster. Every time someone tells me they’re Obsessive/Compulsive over the care of their living quarters, I simply shrug it off as being something they’re saying just to make themselves look good at the moment. Any time I see people wearing bedroom flip-flops in public, I shake my head and wonder what their pig-stye houses and apartments look like. Thank goodness I discovered Lysol’s black label toilet cleaner, because that works better than anything else I’ve used. Cleaning the toilets and ovens of others, have always been my most despised chores.

Thank goodness I finally found a contractor who’s willing to meet me at a home tomorrow morning, which is in need of a sliding-door replacement. Hopefully he’ll give me a fair bid, along with willing to get it promptly installed. I also told him that if he does a good job, I’ll be singing his praises to all of you.

While I was stair-stepping my way across town on the back streets this morning, I was even more disgusted over the looks of all the homes we have which glaringly appear to’ve had little or no care and maintenance done on them. My gosh! I was even seeing upper windows wide open with torn screens. Someone sassed me not long ago regarding a home which he believed was in the ghetto, but after my wide circle this morning, we’ve got ghetto-ish blocks in all four quadrants of our City, and if you don’t believe me, just go take a drive.

An out of town “reli” of mine, called this afternoon, just to ask if I’d have time next week for lunch, and of course I agreed, and only because it’s always an uplifting experience whenever we’re walking down our memory lanes and looking back with a more clear understanding of those past inter-family relationships and happenings.

My new listing in Clear Lake has been a revolving door, and it looks like it’ll be a repeat tomorrow. We already have one offer on the table, so it’ll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Another agent, has some people coming for a second look on Sunday, but I’m not so sure if it’ll still be available by then. That home, is definitely in a great location, as well as being a real beauty.

While at the bank today, I couldn’t help relaying to a favorite teller, my story about the well pit with salamanders I spoke about last evening. After she composed herself from a knee-jerking laugh, she shook her finger at me while saying, “Mr. Chodur. You’ve got quite the ability when it comes to creating visuals!” Well, when you’re about six or seven years old, and see those dark and slimy creatures crawling all over each other, how can you possibly forget such a sight? I’m sure what made her laugh, was my comparing them to a young and overly-promiscuous couple in the state of lust. I’m sure you can think of a few yourselves.

We have an offer on another listing of mine which is located at 232 – 25th St. SW, and now that there’s been an offer and counter-offers, I’m hoping the sellers will agree to take it, just so we can all move on. Hopefully it’ll be under contract tomorrow.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.

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