Early Settler’s Kitchen Worktable

What started out as a dismally gray day, rapidly moved into being another bright and sunny afternoon which I fully took advantage of, and especially when hearing we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow. I did read this morning, and hopefully it won’t come to pass, the prediction of a colder than normal month of March, so it’ll likely turn out to be one of those bypasses of Spring, and a sudden arrival of summer.

The showings were continuing over at my new listing in Clear Lake which is located at 308 – 7th Ave. S, and in spite of there being a second showing scheduled on it for tomorrow, which would’ve likely brought another offer to the table, my seller decided to accept the offer we received on it yesterday. In my eyes, a bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush, so as long as my seller is happy, I’m happy. As I suspected, that home didn’t have a full day on the open market before an offer came in on it. Thank goodness my seller was able to stay out of the house nearly the entire day, just so we could get all the prospective buyers thru it.

I was able to follow-thru with my plans to get some work done at a client’s home today, and only because there wasn’t a contractor readily available to do it. It didn’t take more than two hours out of my day to get it accomplished, but there was also some prep work that had to be done before I arrived there.

The project pretty much centered around getting three panes of glass taken out of a window, clean them up, then replacing a handful of wooden strips that had gone bad.  All the while those semi-permanent panes were being taken out, I was holding my breath they’d not crack and break, and only because they were very thin pieces. Of course once I got them out and started cleaning them, I had to be exceptionally careful that I didn’t cut myself because their edges were razor sharp.

After they were cleaned-up, the strips replaced, glass re-inserted, and then given a good coat of paint, I stood back and thanked all the powers that be, for keeping me from either breaking or getting sliced by one of those windows. While driving away, I began wondering if someone else had worked on them, would’ve managed to keep from breaking one or all three. Yes, those were exceptionally thin pieces which you normally don’t find with standard window glass. I’ll be sleeping better tonight when knowing that job was safely completed.

When back at office, and after changing into my street clothes, I decided to spend some time practicing the music I was given to play for tomorrow morning’s Services over at St. Paul Lutheran. There was more time needed today, and only because I was given several new Lenten pieces which they wanted played. Once I was reasonably comfortable with them, it was time for me to head over to a groceteria and pick up a few things I needed.

While there, I just happened to run into a couple whom I’d not seen for at least three years, and since they’re both in the public eye on a daily basis, we proceeded to bring each other up with all the happenings since we’d last spoken. Having done real estate work for them from time to time over these many years, I couldn’t help sharing a terrible thing a person had done to me this past year, which created shocked looks on their faces. I went on to tell them how deeply hurt and very angry I was with that person, yet still accepting the fact that such things cannot be undone. The husband kiddingly said, “Why don’t you join our prayer group which always centers around forgiveness?” After he said that, I looked him in the eye and said, “There are a few things in my book which can never be forgiven, and that’s one of them.” We all three agreed that karma and/or Divine Intervention, will end up settling the score with all those who had a hand in it. After our long chat, I definitely walked away feeling a whole lot better, which is why my chance meeting with them, turned out to be the highlight of my day.

Just as I was pulling into my parking space at my office, a well known whom I’ve known for a very many years, called out of the blue, just to find out what I’ve been up to. For whatever reason, I was on the phone for far longer than I’ve even been with her, which had me wondering why she called, but there wasn’t much of anything that was earth-shattering, and after we finally bid our farewells and hung up, I was still wondering what prompted that out of character phone call from her.

While on my travels yesterday in search of a good used apartment-size stove, I stopped over to Habitat for Humanity’s Re-Store, just to see if they had one, and as I suspected, they didn’t, so while there, I proceeded to poke around looking at all the items they’d been donated, and now for sale.

There were two things which caught my eye, and the first being, a very rustic wooden cooling tank which must’ve come from a working farm’s milk house, which resurrected some very old memories of my days on the big farm. I couldn’t help wondering what anyone would do with it in their home or garage. I’m sure it would take the strength of two or three people to get it moved out of there.

The second item which caught my eye, compelled me to take a shot of it and share with all of you as tonight’s photo. Oh my goodness, they certainly had it named wrong. That’s not a desk, but more likely one of our early settler’s kitchen worktable. I couldn’t help saying something to the clerk about it being named wrong, while having to keep my trap shut and not say anything about it’s condition, and above all, the price they had on it. Now tell me truthfully, what do you think it’s worth?

Tonight’s One-liner is: There’s no education like adversity.

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