Always The Same Faces

I was delighted to find our temps back above freezing today, which offered me an opportunity to shed a heavy layer of clothing, and now that we’re more than half-way thru the month of February, we shouldn’t be having to endure too many more days of bitter cold. Yes, March and even April can pull fast ones on us with a few heavy snowstorms, but at least they’re always short-lived.

My arrival at office this morning was a good hour earlier, and mostly because I had some desk-work to attend to, as well as getting myself prepared for a busy morning with clients and customers. I did manage to take a quick break and head to my piano, just to get a little more practicing in before tomorrow’s Services at St. Paul Lutheran. One of the hymns they selected, is fast moving and filled with syncopation, so all I’m hoping for, is to be able to keep it up to speed and maintain time. I really don’t know why such music is written for congregational singing, because most of the time, people can’t easily follow along.

By the time I finished with my session, it was the hour for me to go over to a friend’s home and help him install a big piece of wood on the wall of his garage which was too heavy for one person to manage. Well, as I walked out the front door of my office, I happened to notice in the direction of that tavern two doors down, a huge area on the pavers which was covered with the most disgusting vomit, which told me there was someone there last night who’d thrown down too much giggle water. Of course it was there all day, and not one person from that tavern, was willing to go and clean it up, so it looks like it’ll be the second time for me to rid those pavers of someone else’s vomit. It burns me even thinking about it. Yes, it’s just one more example of business owners and their patrons, not giving a shite about their neighbors.

Since I was up at the front desk more today, I couldn’t help getting a few laughs when seeing the reactions of people walking past that disgusting puddle, because it would’ve been worthy of a Youtube video. The two that made me laugh the most, was seeing a father quickly grabbing his son aside while yelling, “Don’t step in that!”, and the second being a smartly dressed young woman who while looking at it, had her tongue sticking out and then exclaiming, “Oh yuck! Whatever that person was eating and drinking, had a whole lot of red in it, along with various-sized chunks of food which made it all the more visible. I’m actually giggling right now as I’m recalling the reactions of those who happened upon it.

My late morning appointment was to show a home, and unfortunately the person I was to meet, had the address wrong, so I had to wait another twenty minutes for her arrival. Unfortunately it was a fly-over, and after she said, “I’m really not in a hurry, and just now starting to casually look.”, which meant I’d just wasted a good forty-five minutes. Oh well, at least when she gets more serious, she’ll be giving me a call.

Just past the hour of Noon, my sellers arrived at office to sign the purchase agreement I’d written on their home yesterday. Once we had everything signed, we sat and had a good chat about the happenings in our Downtown. I’ve done business with that family for many years, so all of our filters were off, which made for an even better chewing of the fat.

Somehow we got on the subject of those generous grants that’ve been given to business owners from our State. I was asked why and how they manage to get such hefty amounts, and my only reply was, “Well, you gotta be in good graces with the right people, just so they’re obliging enough to help you thru the steps, and of course you gotta profusely patronize them.” I did share some information I was told, and then confirmed regarding another recent real estate transaction the quietly happened, along with mentioning how interesting it is when stepping back and looking at the whole picture, you’ll find those people asking for grants, are nearly always the same faces. Well, when you go to the well once and get what you want, then why not keep going back, again and again.

Knowing them as well as I do, I couldn’t help sharing my daunting project of getting those walnuts cracked. It seems every time I speak about it with various people, they always have their own stories to tell from their youth. When my client mentioned something about his friend’s father always having drums full of nuts to crack all winter, I looked at him and said, “If I even think about harvesting as many as I did last Fall, I’ll personally be branding myself a glutton for punishment.” But on the positive side, I’ll have plenty to use whenever in the mood to create something yummy to share with those who love the flavor black walnuts added to something that’s already rich.

After we bid our farewells, I called and congratulated the buyer, and then finished working on that file, which completed my day of real estate, so back to my little work area I went, where I spent a good three hours on those nuts. While working on them, I remembered the question that was asked me today, and that being, “Do you have a TV you watch, or listen to the radio while cracking them?” Of course as you all know, I don’t have any medias running, and only because such mechanical work, affords me the best time to get some darned-good deep thinking and reflecting done, which ended up being a blessing because I’ve been able to put all the more pieces together of some puzzling characters, and now seeing them in their true forms. I’ve come to believe that many of humanity’s problems, are created because they simply won’t slow their minds down enough to where they can think things thru more fully without interruption.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There is no such thing as public opinion, as there is only published opinion.

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