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As much as I was hoping our temps would be higher and the wind wouldn’t be blowing today, we didn’t get much of a reprieve from yesterday’s, so by the end of the day, I definitely had my fill of it all, so you can be sure I’ll be relishing the warmer days ahead. With that said, everyone who has a President’s Day off, will likely be enjoying this coming three-day weekend all the more.

By the time I had my early morning news read and emails sent out, it was approaching the time for my acreage buyers to arrive from out of town, and just as I looked out the front window, I noticed they’d arrival. Since it was our first personal encounter, we had a nice little chat before heading out to the five acreages I had scheduled for viewings.

For the strangest reason, I had a feeling I was going to have a problem with those lockboxes, and wouldn’t you know, the first acreage I arrived at, I couldn’t get the box to open which sent me into a panic mode. Thank goodness I managed to get in touch with the our MLS director, along with the other listing agents, just so I could get codes from them to open those boxes. I’ve shared my concerns over those mobile apps we were forced to use, and wouldn’t you know, that company was having a computer glitch this morning, so I’m sure there were other Realtors ready to climb the walls over not being able to get their lockboxes to open. Thank goodness my buyers were sympathetic to it all, along with agreeing that we’re rapidly becoming slaves to technology, which I find exceptionally troubling.

Showing those five acreages, took us in one big crescent of our area, and by the time we were finished, I was mentally patting myself on the back in regards to how seamless it all went, with the exception of one particular acreage where we couldn’t get the door unlocked, but after getting a good look at its exterior and dooryard, it was pretty much a fly-over for them, and only because they weren’t willing to take on that large of a project.

Since we were together for a good three hours, we had time to share thoughts, along with comparing family histories. We definitely hit it off because the size of the wife’s family, was comparably sized to my own, which prompted the both of us to share some of the nasty things that were caused by those one or two mean-spirited trouble makers.
I went on to say how such dramas are very much the norm in these times, and especially when there are more than the average number of children involved. Yes, those three hours spent with that delightful family, ended up being the highlight of my day.

Another thing we had in common to talk about, was our love of gardening, and by the sounds of it, they had three-quarters of an acre planted which offered up a bounteous crop of a variety of veggies. It warmed my heart when being told that all the family members were involved in it’s planting, care and harvesting. Now that to me, sounded like a real family filled with old fashioned values which we rarely find in these times. I also had to laugh about how it was a chore at times, to keep their children involved. I couldn’t help adding the fact that I had two family members who’d work harder at getting out of doing something, than if they’d just gone ahead and done it. I’m sure they’ve forgotten all about their failures in towing their lines, but I haven’t.

When I arrived back at office, I had phone calls to return and banking to get done, so back out I headed to get my Downtown errands run. While out, I could tell our Friday traffic was heavier than normal, and likely due to everyone preparing for their 3-day weekend. I’m sure there were some who left work early, just so they could get a head-start on their travel plans.

My mid-afternoon appointment was with a buyer who decided to make an offer on a property I showed, and since she’d not purchased real estate for a number of years, I took my time in going over every document that was laid before her. After everything was explained, and signatures placed, we had a nice chat about the whole process. Since she’d never darkened the door of my office, I was touched by her comments regarding the beauty of my office setting. I proudly announced that I was once told by a person who visits many real estate offices in our State, the interior of my office being one of the most beautiful she’d been in, which I considered to be one heck of a compliment.

After my buyer left, I picked up the phone and called my seller and went over the terms and conditions of that offer. After visiting about it, we both decided it best they sleep on it and give me a call in the morning. I’m going to stay hopeful we’ll get it put together which will be a win-win situation for both sides of that transaction.

With some extra free time I had today, I sat down and composed an email to my friend who lives out East, and only because it’s been over a month since I sent the last one. Expecting it to be a few short lines, it ended up being a full page, so when my friend opens it up, there’s going to be a number of news tidbits to be read and digested. Before signing off, I had to once again mention how much happier I’ve been since I’d fully rid myself of that manipulative Capbend Group who always seemed to place money and power above all else.

Our warmer temps aren’t coming soon enough to melt-off those nasty patches of ice in our City, which I’m sure caused a number of falls and likely breaks. Several of those acreages I showed today, had some very dangerous patches on which I carefully treaded.  It would be interesting to hear how many Emergency Room visits there were this past week which were created by those having fallen on that wicked ice.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.

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