The Old Days And Ways

In spite of it being a sunny day, the wind was making it more than uncomfortable whenever I was outdoors, which is why I didn’t spend any more time out there than need be. From the sounds of it, we have another storm moving our way this week, so let’s hope it be just the tail-end of it.

After my arrival at office, I went directly to my quiet corner and got my Sunday morning contemplative prayer session completed, and once again, that dark entity which had been trailing me, is getting farther out of my sacred sphere. I’m confident it’ll be completely gone in the coming weeks. For the most part, it all went well, with the exception of few unwanted thoughts that managed to creep in. Oh well, non of us are angels or saints, so such impure thoughts are allowed to arrive without notice.

Before I headed over to St. Paul, I called my dear friend who’d emailed me a newspaper link this morning which I read before placing the call. Yes, we had a good discussion about recent happenings, as well as the direction in which our society is moving, and for the most part, it’s not to our liking, and only because we can no longer speak our minds to many without being branded as outsiders.

We also talked about how so many in our silent majority would be far more capable in the political arena, but refuse to run for office, and only because of the way in which their opponents would turn over every “rock” to find the smallest tidbits in their characters which they would blow completely out of proportion. I fully agreed when personally knowing some exceptionally fine minds who’d be great leaders, but whenever I’d mentioned it in the past, they’d flatly refuse the notion. This is why we have such radical “look at me” loudmouths in politics, who’re joyfully feeding on the negative attention they’re getting.

By the time we finished with our visit, it was the hour for me to head over to St. Paul Lutheran to get a little practicing done before their Services started. Of course the one piece I worked on the most this past week, was the one I worked on. After I’d gone thru it a half-dozen times, I figured it was as good as it was gonna get, and mostly because it wasn’t what I’d considered organ appropriate.

The highlight of my day, was listening to their new pastor’s sermon, and since I was greatly moved by it, I made sure to go downstairs afterwards and compliment her. I kiddingly said, “After having listened to the countless sermons out of the mouths of a number of religious, I’d say you’ve got the ability to hold onto the ears of your listeners.” Since she’d shared a personal story as part of her sermon, I also mentioned how much more every congregation enjoys a good story that normally ties into the gospel readings.
I have a feeling her presence is going to kickstart the re-growth of their membership, because just this morning, I counted at least 45 people in attendance which was a good ten more than normal. Just as a reminder, their new pastor’s name is Jane Harris, and yes she’s a native of North Iowa.

I did go downstairs to have coffee and a small snack, just so I could visit with a number of their members, and especially after one of the ladies had insisted I go down this morning. Of course, while we were in conversation at the table, I was compelled to tell a few heartfelt stories from my youth. Yes, everyone likes to hear the good stories about the old days and ways.

One of the topics we also discussed, was how in these times, there seems to be a great lack of culpability within our society, which creates even more of a generational divide. But, as I also mentioned, there are some seniors who’ve picked up that dirty habit, and follow suit by not admitting their own faults and transgressions. I gave an example of one nameless person who’d make it a point to chastise others over the silliest of things, but completely Ok for her to refuse to fulfill an agreement that was made with another, which created an undue hardship on that person. When someone says they’re going to do something and then intentionally doesn’t follow thru, it becomes a pure and simple lie. To this day, I’m convinced she believes there was no wrongdoing, which brings us right back full-circle to where there was no culpability. As far as I’m concerned, when someone doesn’t keep their word, they’re sent down to the lowest rung of humanity.

Whenever something like that happens to me, I go into my discernment mode, and nearly always, the final judgement I have on such people, is that they’re filled with deep jealousies and usually due to their unwillingness to come to terms with their own failures, which are most-often born out of fear, which I continue believing, is the greatest of evils.

I had a home showing today which lasted longer than I’d expected, but I did enjoy the conversation with that young gentleman. Unfortunately the home wasn’t a good fit for him, but I did mention that I’d give him a call whenever something came up that would meet his needs. What impressed me the most, was him telling me he’s not afraid to work extra hours to get ahead, and later announcing he’s working an average 60 – 70 hours a week. I’d say he’s a rarity in these times. He also mentioned how annoying it is whenever he has to work around someone who complains more than they work. Oh yes, we see it often.

I did make a stop at First Congregational Church, just to get my practicing done for their Services I’ll be accompanying next Sunday. The strength of their organ has me wowed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Let our advance worrying, be converted into advance thinking and planning.

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