Things You May Not Want to Know

Another chilly and gray day came and went, but at least it wasn’t bitterly cold like we’ve seen in the Januarys of years past. For a better portion of the morning, there was a very light mist that was coming down, which had me worried it was going to get heavier and create a dangerous layer of sleet, but thankfully it stopped.

My client arrived at office this morning to pick up the documents he needed to get filled out and submitted, and after I explained the procedure, we sat and had a nice visit over a number of subjects, and since I’ve known him and his family for a number of years, we both spoke our minds which is what I’ve always preferred.

For whatever reason, he asked if I knew anymore about the bridge to nowhere, which of course opened the floodgates of information coming out of my mouth. I did mention how crazy it was to read where David Rachie is now looking at creating apartments in and around the mall’s plaza. Of course my client thought it was just as nonsensical as I did, and since we were on the subject of that hotel, I proceeded to tell him why my brother’s agreement with the City to build a hotel next to City Hall, was suddenly pulled away from him. Deep in my soul, I knew at the time, there were dark forces working to put another hotel into a massive project which included the mall, Music Man Square and a hotel, which was the key to getting that grant from IEDA. The original players at the time, have slowly gone far away, but there are still some remaining who may claim they don’t remember, but in fact they do. And yes, karma remembers as well.

What continues to puzzle me, is the fact that in spite of David Rachie’s deep financial involvement in our City, he doesn’t own a home here, and likely doesn’t even rent an apartment, but rather runs back and forth from the Twin Cities whenever he’s here to deliver another one of his snake oil sales pitches. I can’t imagine him currently having another city on the hook like he has Mason City, so what does he actually do on a daily basis? Has our City Administrator or anyone from our City Council, or possibly the IEDA, asked for a certified financial statement from him? I think it’s time for all the citizens of Mason City, to begin emailing their respective City Council representatives, and start asking for an accountability of their actions or inactions regarding all these hold-ups. Let’s hope it’s not gone to the point where they’ll be saying, “There are things you may not want to know.”

These years of hold-ups and weak excuses, has got to start raising some red flags, which is why I’m now wondering if and when our State Auditor may start asking some questions, and since I was seated in Central Park listening to his speech while he was here the last time, I’d say Rob Sand who’s our State Auditor, definitely looks out for the best interests of our State’s general public. I normally don’t get impressed whenever listening to a person speak, but I was definitely wowed after he finished. I’ll continue to wish him the absolute best.

After my client left, I got in my car and headed up to Manly to my listing at 224 W. Spring Street, to see what was wrong with a storm door, and before I could get to it, I had to shovel a path up the driveway. As I suspected, this crazy weather caused the storm door handle to freeze, so after gave it several good whacks with my hand, it was free. Once I got in the home and gave it a good walk-thru, I called the agent who was wanting to show it, just to let her know she’ll have easy access for tomorrow’s showing.  This darned weather has sure been creating problems with storm doors freezing, because that was the second one in less than a week.

When I arrived back at office, I proceeded to immerse myself in getting the remainder of my taxes readied for a preparer. I now officially have that daunting job done for another year, with the exception of my having to wait for year-end statements from financial institutions. What a relief.

Since it was already past mid-afternoon, I decided to seat myself at piano and run thru a number of songs and hymns which was a medley of contemporary and classical. Of course I had to throw a Bach piece in the mix, just so I could say I got a good workout. Yes, I dare say I’m moving along with becoming more proficient in sight-reading. Truth be told, I still have those random bad days when I’m all thumbs. When I looked at the clock after I stopped, I was shocked to find I’d been at it for well over an hour. Yes, it was a good practice session.

Once I got everything put away and doors locked, I headed out to our west Hy-Vee to see if they had anything interesting in their produce section, and wouldn’t you know, I managed to buy the biggest head of cauliflower I’ve seen in months, for only $3.28, which must’ve been an in-store price drop. I’ve always been a fan of cauliflower, but unfortunately, I’ve never been able to grow heads in my garden as large as we normally find in the stores.

My last pit stop, was out to Staples to purchase adding machine paper, and when I finally found it, I was shocked to find how expensive it is right now. Would you believe, I spent almost six dollars for three small rolls? My gosh the prices on office supplies are getting crazier by the day. Once again, if companies can charge a price and get it, they’ll do it.

All in all, it was one of those days that went “whoosh”, which was fine by me because I definitely do not like time heavy on my hands. Keep warm and remain safe.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whenever things go a bit sour in a job I’m doing, I always tell myself, “You can do better than this.”

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