It Sickens Me At Times

Today was just a spill-over from yesterday with additional clean-up after our snowplows left piles at driveways and curbside entrances. I was hoping to see some sunshine, but that never happened, but on a positive note, we’re now on the down-hill slide out of yet another of my most disliked months of the year.

I spent an additional two or more hours cracking black walnuts, just to have enough to gift my neighbor next door, so just before the Noon hour arrived, I had a plump bag of them readied, along with a sampler of my ground hot peppers which I’d meant to take over to her long before today.

When she came up front to see what I’d delivered, she was very excited over getting them, but I did remind her that they need to be securely stored in a refrigerator to keep them fresh. I also talked about those ground hot peppers which has a heat factor that creeps up on a person. I went on to say my favorite use for those black walnuts, is to incorporate them in banana bread, which I slice thin enough to place in a toaster. The perfect breakfast or snack, is having toasted walnut banana bread that’s hot out of the toaster and then smothered with butter. Mmmm….yummy. I also suggested using that ground pepper as a rub for barbecue or added to a stir-fry which turns it into a Tex-Mex medley. I hope I didn’t come off as being a bit on the bossy side, because I was only offering possibilities for use.

During my lunch hour, I had some banking to do, along with making a few stops at several stores to pick up some things for the office. Thank goodness the drivers weren’t as crazy as they were yesterday. While out, I did check on several vacant homes, just to make sure their furnaces were working properly.

Just as I walked back into my office, my phone rang, so I hurried to pick it up, and the caller happened to be another agent wanting to show my listing at 224 West Spring Street in Manly today. I gave her the go-ahead, and after hanging up the phone, I realized that the home will have been shown twice this week, along with three other inquiries on it, so hopefully our market is starting to pick up again after the lull we had during the holidays.

I did have to place a call to one of our government bodies regarding a form I was needing to get downloaded and delivered to one of my clients. Thank goodness I managed to get directed to the right website where I found it and printed it out. After I had it in hand, I called my client who’s going to be stopping by my office tomorrow morning to pick it up and get it filled out. Thank goodness I didn’t get the run-around like most of us do whenever looking for information from a government body. Do you ever get the feeling that whenever you call, they make you feel like you’re wasting their precious time? Personally, I could name numerous instances, which have never set well with me because they’re supposed be serving the general public. I think many of them are up for a stern reminder that it’s our tax dollars that are paying their salaries. Right?

While on the phone with my dear friend this morning, she was compelled to point out an article in the Globe Gazette which talked about another hair-brained idea that David Rachie has when saying he wants to buy up those empty spaces on the second floor of the buildings in the mall’s plaza, and create housing units, along with what sounded like his wanting to double-deck the existing mall with apartments above. According to the newspaper, our City Administrator’s response was, “The idea is in its infancy.” Hmm…now wouldn’t you think the “powers that be” outta be riding his tuchus to get that hotel built, along with his grand and glorious re-skinning of that dead and decaying mall? I think common sense has flown out the window since this pandemic arrived, and I don’t see it returning anytime soon. As far as I’m concerned, this whole River City Renascence has turned into an endless series of failed promises and farcical expectations for the future of our Historic Downtown and our community as a whole.

I had a late afternoon appointment with a woman, and just as I was preparing for her arrival, some nincompoop parked right next to the cut-out I created in that curbside snowbank, and just as I was preparing to go out and cut another one in, she arrived, and unfortunately she had to trudge thru that pile of snow. Oh did I bristle when knowing the person who likely parked that vehicle there, was one of the patrons of that tavern two doors down. I’m sorry, but I can’t help wondering how mindless some have become when not noticing they freely blocked an entrance to another business. Whomever it was, must’ve been more focused on getting a couple of cheap shots of giggle water thrown down his pie hole. Being considerate of others, is another mindset that’s gone out the window.

My short conversation with my late afternoon appointment, later triggered thoughts about our National housing shortage for those on the lower rungs our society’s socio-economic level. What she said was absolutely true in regards to how so many of those investors/rental barons, are purposely creating homeless people by charging as much as they can for the units they own, and not giving a hoot about it.

For years I’ve been on my soapbox regarding the inflated rents they’re charging for their inferior units, which has long-ago left me convinced, it’s all about greed and power. But the real burn I’ve had these recent years, are the number of entry-level homes that should be going to first-time buyers, are being snapped up by investors, which in the end, leave those poor people financially imprisoned by landlords who fully-well know they’re in control. It sickens me at times, to even think about it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A person’s a person, no matter how small.

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