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Just this morning, I was noticing a heavy dew on the ground, which again is yet one more indication that the days of cold are not far off. Someone said something to me today about being happy the hot days are over and ready to embrace winter, but then stopped herself and said, “Not long into winter I’ll be mourning the loss of summer.” Yes, that’s the way I used to feel, but since our winter’s have become all the more torturing due to those arctic vortexes we’ve been getting these recent, I no longer have even the slightest of kind thoughts about old man winter.

In spite of it being a day where I had no home showings, I was kept busy enough to where the hours seemed to fly by. Of course the biggest killers of my time, was dealing with government clericals, contractors, roofers and tree surgeons. I actually bristled along with getting a little sassy when one of the roofers kicked back at me after I insisted there be included in his bid, the installation of “W” valley tin. His not so funny remark was, “Oh, that’s only what the really old ask for.” I can assure you my kick-back wasn’t the kindest. After getting his ears chewed, he did admit that it’s more durable and leak-proof for roof valleys. I so badly wanted to add, “Well, the only reason you don’t do it, is because it’s more work to install, as well as then having to cut the shingles at the angle following those valleys. As I’ve mentioned before, there are too many contractors thinking the general public being nothing more than imbeciles, which I consider offensive. Oh, and if you have even a strand or two of gray hairs, makes you even more out of touch.

After I hung up, I was almost tempted to call my dear friend to tell her how sharp-tongued I was with him, and even though I did call later to have a nice chat, I made sure not to mention it because I’d already filled her up with all the crazy things that’d happened since I’d last spoken with her. She did get a good laugh over my having learned that new slang word “ghosted”. I think it’s funny whenever she considers me more worldly than I am because I’d still like to consider myself naive when it comes to certain ways of today’s world. I reminded her that I’d rather be naive than jaded because the jaded ones tend to be less empathetic.

I also had to tell the story about being told by a colleague many semi-true things about a property I’m very familiar with, and in the end, that particular individual being noticeably embarrassed. More often than not, too many people in this City don’t realize how small this bloated village really is, so it’s best for one to be careful about what’s being said, asked or done. I learned many years ago when discovering a very populated family from the “north-end” having more inter-family connections, and if something unkind was said about one of them, the whole tribe would descend on that person like a swarm of bees, and believe me, they were fighters. Yes, that was a formidable family at the time.

I had more research of sales to do today, along with following up on several delayed closings which I wasn’t happy about, but as nearly always, when there’s an out of State mortgage company involved, there’s likely more opportunities for oversights, which is exactly what happened with one of them. The other one has a cloud on its title which is requiring a signature from someone living far away. Of course when title work is delayed, we don’t see those things until much later than normal. All I could say to everyone involved, was to keep moving along and not allow emotions to get thrown in the mix because it just makes things worse.

The first of my San Marzano tomatoes were picked yesterday, so I figured it was time to start cooking with them again. After discovering last year how much more flavorful they are, I’m now spoiled and only wanting them instead of regular tomatoes. I just read this morning about the upper Midwest facing a cooler rest of the month, so I’m gonna be praying we’ll not have an early frost and lose well over half of my normal vegetable crop. I’ll still not forget how late last year’s was which created a bumper crop of those late maturing hot pepper plants I used to create my stellar dried and then ground hot pepper seasoning. I gifted a young man a small bottle of it not even a week ago, and just last night I received a text from him saying he used it in a fried chicken dish and found it absolutely amazing. My only response was, “You’ve got good taste :)”

Several days ago, a friend of mine who’s into music, suggested I go online and listen to a song which she’s going to be learning to play, so I did. I listened to the video which was being sung by Donny Osmund several times, and the first time I wasn’t much taken by it, but after the second, I started warming up to it. When seeing how many people were listed as having watched it, I figured the general public found it appealing, so I went ahead and purchased the sheet music.

Whenever I had a free moment, I’d sit down at piano and run thru it, and believe me, the keyboard accompaniment is going to be a bit of a challenge to crack, but after playing thru it several times today, I was beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It would be nice if I could find a good voice to sing it while I accompany. The words are definitely appropriate for any church setting because it’s based on the book of Genesis where Joseph is sold into slavery and sent to Egypt. I’d almost forgotten how many years the Jews lived in Egypt before Moses led them back to the Promised Land.

If you’re interested in watching and listening to that video, the name of it is, “Close Every Door“. I’m adding the above link, just in case you can’t find it.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do, don’t need to be done.

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