They Ghosted Me

Once my early morning chores were finished, I went out and checked on several clean-up jobs which had taken place late yesterday. They all looked good, so I sent a text to the worker telling him I was pleased, which I always try to do whenever someone does a good job. In these times, far too many focus on the bad jobs other do, while neglecting to give credit to those who do good work for fair prices.

While on the phone with a colleague today, we ended up on the subject of some serious rumblings that are going on in our Catholic community regarding the mis-communicating that’s been taking place within their local hierarchy. I didn’t mention the names of those that’ve become very angry, but I certainly shared some of their radical thoughts which were a bit of a jaw-drop with me. All I can say is that our mainstream denominations are losing members with a vengeance, and in spite of the pandemic having an effect on attendance and monies being tithed, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a much broader problem, and most of it can be blamed on those communities of faith placing their material wants and needs, ahead of their spiritual growth and development, and you can thank the social medias for it.

Another issue I have, is the lack of personal outreach towards the rank and file members who’re the ones actually keeping those communities of faith funded. Since I’ve been around enough of those inner-workings in various churches, I believe most of them have self-appointed people who believe it’s going to be either their way, or no way, which further erodes the fibers of their connectedness.

I couldn’t help speaking of a number of individuals who consider themselves licensed to make whatever changes they like, and under pressure, get their pastors to go along with their ideas and then later believing they’ve done good, when if fact, they’ve created even more division. If they believe they’re on a fast track to Heaven, then I guess I’ll have to make do in Hell, because even when standing far enough back and away from those inner circles, a person can get a more clear perspective of it all. I still think the real reason why nearly all men and women of the “cloth” avoid conversation with me, is their fear of getting my un-filtered opinions. I smile to myself when thinking how wonderful the little chats I have with one of St. Paul’s visiting pastors. I’ve read some of his published articles as well as hearing his sermons, and let me tell you, he’s got his spiritual “shite” together.

I had a very long conversation today with a potential buyer of the Manly acreage, and where it stands now, they’ll be driving a good eight hours to get here and look at it this weekend. With that said, I now have three out-of-State buyers who’re more than casually interested in it. Whomever does end up with it, I only hope they’ll do a full restoration on that beauty because when it’s done, everyone driving by will be rubber-necking it. As I told one of my friends just recently, I could actually see myself tackling that project, and in spite of it being a costly one, my labor of love would cause that home to blossom beyond its original appearance.

I spent another full hour this afternoon doing some research of recent sales which I’ll use when I meet with some sellers later this week. I’m thinking they’re going to be greatly surprised by the estimated sale price, and if they should believe it’s worth more, I’ll just tell them to run with it, and only because the average sale prices are all over the map.

Having left a message with a buyer I’ve been working with on and off for the last three years, and still no return call, I’m now pretty much convinced they’ve either purchased a FSBO, or they’ve hooked up with another agent. I guess I can use the new word I learned several weeks ago when saying they “ghosted” me. Oh well, if that be the case, then all I can say is “I tried my best which evidently wasn’t good enough.”

Another hour or so was spent looking up names and numbers of various contractors whom I’ll be calling this week, and let’s hope I’ll still be my delightful self by the time the ones I end up picking have finished those jobs without me having to challenge their workmanship. As I’ve said, shoddy work used to be an exception in the past, but now becoming more the rule. Two different elderly clients of mine have paid hefty deposits to roofing contractors months ago, and they’ve still not started work. If I were either one of them, I’d be hunting them down and then getting in their faces. What kind of business practice is that?

I had a nice visit with an attorney today whom I’ve come to enjoy working with, and hopefully even more so in the future. I appreciate the professional look and attitude that’s shown towards clients. Even their offices have an air of being just a cut above the rest. It’s actually refreshing in these times to see a profession dressing like one.

Before closing up shop, I called a past client to tell her I have a baby Jade plant re-potted and ready for her to pick up. I did forewarn her that they do much better if they’re starving for water instead of being soaked. Some that I’ve gifted in the past didn’t make it, and I’m sure it was due to over-watering. The giant ones I have in my front window get watered only when I have a “feeling” they’re needing it. Well, after having them for well over ten years, I should be tuned-in to their needs. I love it when passersby stand in front of my window and wondering if their real or fake. Believe it or not, there’ve been a handful who’ve walked in and asked. Too funny.

I picked a good bunch of English cucumbers again this evening which I’ll be gifting tomorrow morning. I’m still in shock at how abundantly they’ve been producing.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Vegetarian – that’s an old Indian word meaning lousy hunter.

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