Little Lotta Plump

I wasn’t as early to office this morning, and mostly due to my needing to get some errands run before the rush hour started. I was unfortunately being detained by a guy driving an old and very dented pick-up truck, and since I was driving on a long two-way street, I had to endure his slow driving, smoking, and flicking his cigarette ashes out his window as he was driving. I’m sure you’ve followed the like and equally annoyed.

One of my old clients stopped by early to drop off a real estate tax statement which his daughter gave me to forward on to the buyers of her home which we closed on before the tax statements were mailed out. I had a nice visit with him, along with blushing a little while he was going on and on about how beautiful the interior of my office was. I’d forgotten that he’d not been in the office I’m currently in, but rather the old one which was located across the street from the Post Office. He also announced he’s now fully retired and loving every day of it. I was happy to hear he’s got a garden plot out on S. Kentucky where those who’re gardening out there, have become friends to where I think they visit about as much as they tend to their gardens, which I think is much better than meeting for coffee at one of the burger chains every morning. Yes, I do see those groups whenever driving past those chain drive-thru’s in the morning.

It looks like we’ve got all the documents we were needing for a closing that’s coming up next week. All I’m waiting for now, is the mortgage payoff which should show up tomorrow, and if it does, I’ll be preparing the seller’s closing statement and emailing it over to the buyer’s bank. I’m very thankful those troublesome loose ends got taken care of because I was fearful it would drag on far past the scheduled closing date.

While I was up at the Clerk of Court’s office this afternoon, I was shocked to find all those people I’ve known for years, having either quit or retired. I couldn’t help saying how much it had changed since I was there last. There’s no question some of them took their IPERS retirement prior to turning 65, which was yet another example of how many workers who’re even within spitting distance of retirement age, are calling it quits. I did recognize one of them who used to work at a bank I do business with, and while walking away, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “Yes, her personality definitely fits that department.” More than once I’ve had people tell me that the replacement clerks and tellers aren’t even close to being as pleasant as those they’d replaced. I guess I’m not the only one who’s been noticing it.

Several days ago I had to run over to Fareway to pick up a few things during my lunch hour, and while being checked out, the young lady handed me back two five dollar bills and when looking at one of them, a big chunk of the upper righthand corner was missing. Before putting it in my billfold I held it out to her and asked, “Did you take a bite out of this? Oh mercy me, the look she gave me, but she quickly understood I was kidding, so she bashfully looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’m so sorry. I only did it because I was hungry.” Now those are the kind of clerks I like where they become personally engaged with their customers. You can bet I blessed her for being so quick-witted. Maybe there’s hope for our younger generation after all.

My early afternoon appointment took me to a surrounding town where I had to do an inspection of the home and then give my opinion of value on it. I had enough comparable sales pulled to where I was comfortable with the value I’d given. I believe they were agreeable with what needed to be done before it was listed, along with the value I placed on it. While driving away, I wasn’t completely convinced they believed it was worth the price I quoted. I did tell them that whatever they decided, I’d go with because they’re the ones steering the boat. All in all, it was a long but good afternoon outing. Of course on my way back to the City, I found myself following another slow-poke who was pulling a trailer full of used furniture, and every time they’d go over a bump, that trailer would start bouncing. I do hate following such rigs because I’m always afraid something will suddenly fly off and hit my windshield.

Oh I forgot to mention my having seen an old comic book at a clients house which brought to mind memories of a comic book character who happened to be Little Lotta Plump. That series of comic books was a little before my time, but because back in my day, they’d be held for years by the children owning them. Yes, Little Lotta was quite the character who went against the grain of those times because even though she was quite “plump” due to her voracious appetite, she also possessed super-human strength to where her character was something on the order of Superman, in that she’d be out fixing wrongs and doing good. My how those memories came rushing forward when I noticed her on the front cover of that comic.

I have an early morning appointment tomorrow to meet with the sellers of a home sale which is closing on Monday. It was supposed to close tomorrow, but the out of State lender didn’t have its “shite” together. Oh well, the sellers are a little annoyed, but there’s not a thing we could do other than wait.

When reading the news this morning, I was exceptionally happy to see where the Ukrainians are likely using partisans in those Russian controlled areas to start raging fires on their arms and supply depots. After watching several of those videos of fires and mile-high plumes of smoke, I’d say the Ukrainians are well on their way to getting back what was taken from them. In spite of it likely being a long struggle, I’m gonna continue to pray that they manage to re-gain even what was taken from them back in 2014, which includes Crimea. If they do, there’ll be no more Russian Black Sea fleet stationed there. Poor babies.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The only nice thing about being imperfect, is the joy it brings to others.

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