Cloaked Names For Refined Sugar

It was a bit of a see-sawing day with our weather, but after the rain started, it quickly began cooling down which was just fine by me. On my way to office exceptionally early, I stopped at a convenience store on the south end, just to grab a small cup of coffee to keep me alert after having another multi-awakening night. I happened to be the only one in the store when I walked in, but moments afterwards there quickly entered three young men who appeared to be on their way to some factory job, and of course I could see they were wearing the same dirty clothes they had on yesterday. What really caught my eye, was seeing how terribly thin two of them were to the point of appearing emaciated along with their ashen coloring. The third one wasn’t thin but of the same skin tone, and of course I couldn’t help noticing three “monkey bites” on his neck. Of course all three of them were buying those disgusting energy drinks which I think should be banned as health hazards.

I couldn’t help thinking about them as I was heading in the direction of my office, and wondering how they managed to get themselves in such a state. It sort of makes a person wonder how many more there are who’re working in what they believe to be dead-end factory jobs. It’s not that I haven’t seen the likes before because I have, but usually it’s just one person instead of three that must’ve been car-pooling. I hate to make such a judgement call, but I couldn’t help thinking they’d been hooked for a very long time, on one recreational drug or another.

Someone asked me several days ago why those dumpster-diving men and women, just don’t go out and get a job, and my sidewalk opinion was that I’m nearly convinced that when they become so disillusioned with society as a whole, they’d rather continue struggling on a daily basis because they answer to no one. I went on to say that they must become fiercely independent to the point where they couldn’t possibly cope with the demands and discipline required by nearly all of our employers. Most people instinctively know that if you want to have a relatively comfortable life, you have to make sacrifices by showing up on time every work day, follow instructions and attempt to perform the work that’s required. A number of years ago a friend once said, “The longer you’re out of the work force, the harder it is to go back.”, and from what I’ve been noticing since then, I believe he was right.

On the personal side, I remember a short conversation I had with a well-known who’d retired several years earlier, and for some reason, I mentioned something about him picking up a part time job, just to keep himself active. Well, that was the wrong thing to say because he snapped back at me by saying, “I worked all my life until I was able to retire, and I ain’t gonna work anymore.” Wow! You can be sure the subject was never brought up again. I’m sure he’s not the only one with such a mindset because I hear of far too many of them filling their days with little or no physical or mental exercise while instead, they park their fannies in front of their boob-tubes day in and day out. Sounds like quite the life doesn’t it? No thank you very much!

Another by-product of “senior sloth”, is how quickly their minds turn dark, and just for kicks and giggles, they begin fomenting discord within their circles of friends and family, and only because they’re starving for attention, and instead of getting it in a good way, they turn to the ways of evil. Just look at people like Tucker Carlson, Josh Hawley and Marjorie Taylor Green. Unless their brains are totally warped, they have got to know they’re also fomenting social unrest just for attention, and the most unfortunate thing about it, is there are so many gullible seniors with their noses stuck to their screens, they’re actually believing the tripe being fed to them. Talk about pathetic!

I had to run up to Manly on an appointment today, and since I’d not had lunch, I stopped at their Casey’s and grabbed the smallest bag of their own brand of regular kettle potato chips, and even though that little bag contained only 2.3 oz., I didn’t eat all of them because that’s all I needed was something to hold me over.

There was an article on Pocket last night which I found very interesting which I’m now sharing the link for you to read. Most of what he was saying about the evils of refined sugar I already knew, but I didn’t realize that the average American is taking in so very many more grams than what recent studies have found to be acceptable. It’s no wonder why I check processed foods for it, and what surprised me the most, was my having found that many of the packaged meats have sugar added. After I saw that, I began checking everything I purchase. Keep in mind, they don’t always say “sugar” because they’ll often say “fructose” or one of the many other cloaked names for refined sugar. Why don’t they just come right out and say, “refined sugar”? Here’s the link, and if you have time, be sure to read it in its entirety.

How Giving Up Refined Sugar Changed My Brain

My day was filled to the brim with desk work because I had two closing files to work on, get a residential lease prepared for a client, along with setting up showings for this weekend. Several weeks ago I started working with a distant blood relative, so hopefully I can soon find something acceptable.

My cucumbers have gone Chernobyl on me to the point where they’re needing to be picked every other day. Yes, they’re growing that fast, and no sign of letting up. Thank goodness I have enough people to share them with because I hate letting vegetables go to waste.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.

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