A Check Was Written

With the approaching full moon, I was once again reminded of its effects on my sleeping patterns while preparing for work this morning. I don’t have sleepless nights, but rather ones where I’m often awakened for absolutely no reason, which of course doesn’t allow me to get a fully-restful night’s sleep. These patterns have followed me for countless years which I’ve learned to take into stride. Some of these periods go almost un-noticed, while others become beasts to where I’m praying for them to be over because of how much sleep I’ve lost. Oh well, there’s always something isn’t there?

I had a list of things to do early this morning, and the first was to head over to a home to do a walk-thru for an out-of-town buyer who’d asked about it, and to my surprise, while walking up to the door of a supposed vacant house, I heard a dog barking inside. Knowing how unfriendly a dog can be with strangers, I got back into my vehicle and sent a text to the listing agent. I sat there for a few moments waiting for a reply, and since I didn’t get one, I drove off.

By the time I returned to office, it was the hour my bank was open, so I headed over to get that little chore taken care of, along with a stop-off at the Post Office to mail a payment. It was while I was sending that check off, my phone beeped and there was a long and narrative text message explaining why the dog was there. In a nutshell, the dog was kenneled and wouldn’t be in the house past Saturday when a relative would come and pick it up. Of course I had to re-schedule my appointment because I’d already had another which was to go and do a preview of a home located in another town.

Considering the mis-steps, I did manage to make it to my appointment on time, and since the home had so many unusual features, I found that I’d spent more than an hour with the seller who was good enough to fill me in on all the extras his home had to offer. Once it hits the market, I’m sure there’s going to be a great deal of Facebook sharing. Before leaving, the seller informed me that they’d have it ready for photos in a fortnight, so stay tuned.

After I got back to the City, I headed over to take a peek at the barking dog house, and after about five minutes of listening to it barking, I was finished with my lightening speed walk-thru. When I got back to office, I called the buyer and relayed what I found, along with giving my gut opinion on the over-all condition which wasn’t well received, so I guess that was a good hour or more of my time that was wasted. Oh well, at least I got a good look at it in case I get a call from another prospective buyer.

There was another stop I had to make which was to take a “thank you” card along with a small gift to a person who was thoughtful enough to pass my name along to a friend who did list his home with me and ended up selling right away. I figured it was the least I could do.

Just before lunch, I began getting strings of emails from a closing company, and followed by a phone call from the owner of the company. Making a long and drawn-out story short, it all revolved around who was paying for what on a closing which mushroomed into a conversation containing some strong and chastising words from yours truly. If there’s anything I’ve learned over these many years of marketing real estate, is to take the highest road possible, just to make sure the buyers and sellers are satisfied because as we all know, good news travels at a snail’s pace, but bad news moves at the speed of a prairie fire. Today wasn’t the first or last time I opened my checkbook, and in spite my knowing little if any of it was on me, a check was written and passed off. Not long afterwards I received an email saying something about mitigation, and my only reply was, “It’s over, done with, and time to move on.” Today’s little episode was but another confirmation that people in business need to re-read their text messages and emails before they hit their “send” keys because what’s either penned or sent out into the cyber-universe, is gonna be there as future evidence.

After being handed the proceeds and loan payoff checks from this afternoon’s closing, I made my rounds to the banks and when finished, I placed a call to my seller to let him know everything was done, along with my having placed in the mail, the deposit receipt on his proceeds, along with the official closing statement from the escrow company. After I hung up, I felt a sigh of relief knowing everything had finally fallen into place.

The remainder of my afternoon was spent working on two sale files which are supposed to close next week, and one of them happens to be this coming Monday which prompted me to get all the numbers worked out and then sent off to an attorney’s office which will be handling it. All I have left, is for the seller to come to town Friday morning and spill some ink on his transfer documents. After I’m finished with him, I’ll have everything ready for Monday. Thank goodness the attorney’s office got the title work to me today, or I wouldn’t have had everything I needed.

One of my conversations today, revolved around how different North Iowa’s wildlife populations have changed over these past decades. We both agreed on the following points: There are now living in North Iowa, more wild turkeys than we would’ve dreamed of, fewer ring-neck pheasants, a population explosion of white-tailed deer, along with frightening numbers of coyotes which are quickly adapting to urban life. We also agreed that the DNR had better be establishing a way in which they can get those deer and coyote populations under control because their numbers will continue to increase to a point where they’ll be a definite threat to our eco-system.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A real patriot is the fellow who gets a parking ticket and rejoices that the system works.

Joe Chodur

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