Now Considered An Apostate

While on my way to office this morning, I was finding the cool morning air to be invigorating, but of course those dark thoughts of winter being not far off, began creeping in. Being the hater of winter weather that I am, I could live with days like today for a full 365.

After grabbing a small cup of coffee at a convenience, I headed straight to office and got my day started, and after my normal morning routine was completed, I went back to working on another file that’s closing next week. I’m glad my closings have been staggered between days because it would’ve created a juggling act if I had them stacked in one day.

My mid-morning appointment arrived on time to sign all the transfer documents on a closing that’s taking place next week. Since my seller has moved out of town, we spent some extra time visiting about his new job, his plans for the future as well as the real estate market in his area. After he drove off I said to to myself, “There goes another fly-away which never should’ve happened, but when the job prospects are slim and advancements nearly non-existent, what could one expect? As these years roll on, I’m convinced our City is turning into a “senior settlement”, and we’d best face it and start creating more reasons for them to locate here. Just remember, they’re on fixed incomes, mind their own business, and are pretty much law-abiding, which is what most would consider to be the best of neighbors to have.

We just received a price reduction on the larger Prairie Place on 1st listing today, so now that it’s down under $250K, we should be getting more activity on it. What really gets me, is knowing those condos over-looking the “Gardens” in Clear Lake, are pretty much the same set-up, and selling for far more, in spite of not having as many senior comforts available. I’m not bashing Clear Lake’s market, but rather saying people ought to be doing some comparative shopping in Mason City before they pull their buying triggers.
Truth be told, I understand the lakeshore pricing because those homes and condos are for those rich seasonal residents, but not housing that’s blocks from the lake, and especially when knowing many of those year-round residents work in Mason City. I certainly wouldn’t want to live over there if I had to drive to work and back every day.

Just after I returned to office from a little errand, my noon appointment sent me a text saying he’d be stopping early if I had time. Fortunately I did, so that little meeting was finished-up well before I was expecting, which was fine by me. I always think getting leases signed is a quick in and out, but most of the time there are additional questions, along with some tenants wanting to take the time to read every page of their lease agreements. He’s new to the area, so let’s hope there’ll be good reasons arising which’ll make him want to stay long enough to get some roots planted.

Withall my calls and emails returned, along with having my appointments for tomorrow scheduled, I spent some time catching up on the news feeds. I read a very long article about Liz Cheney who’s now considered an apostate of the Republican Party, and in spite of her firm adherence to the rule of law and our Democracy, it’s looking like she’s not going to win the primary in Wyoming, and only because she refuses to go along with all the conspiracy theories which are being created by a vast number of Republican politicians. It matters not to me if she’s a Democrat, Republican or Independent because party affiliation always takes the back-seat with me. Adherence to the principles of our Founding Fathers has kept our country from turning into another authoritarian regime where devil-minded despots come to power, and then the citizens have to wait decades until there’s either a revolution or a dropping dead.

Seeing how long some of our elected officials manage to stay in power, I’m even more convinced there should be term limits on all of them including the Supreme Court Justices. It’s not that I like or dis-like Grassley, but wouldn’t any reason-minded person agree that he’s far too old to be running for another six years? My gosh, if he gets re-elected, he’ll be well into his 90’s when his term is over. I don’t care how fit the body is or fine the mind, when the 90’s hit, that’s when the bad days begin over-reaching the good ones, and believe me, I’ve seen it happen too often over these years to know it’s all part of the aging process.

Since I’m on my political soapbox, I’ll also share my dis-like for PAC’s and lobbyist who wine, dine and gift-give to the coffers of politicians, just so they can get bills passed which will benefit the corporations and entities that’ve hired them. Most don’t follow the lives of politicians after they’re out of office, and those that do, quickly find they’re taking cushy jobs as advisors for companies they’d fallen in bed with while serving their terms.

You likely wonder how elected politicians have so much more money in their election war chests. We’ll if you dig deep enough, you’ll find the big donors being the ones who’re getting their agendas pushed thru by those elected officials. It’s pretty much the old “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine.” routine. Unfortunately I’m one of the few who believe elected politicians are there to serve their constituency instead of themselves. Sounds pretty schmaltzy, but I believe we’d be living in a far better world right now if we’d start re-discovering what the definition of empathy really is, and then put it to use in our daily lives. Just think about all the bat-shite crazy world leaders we have right now who’re in control of billions of lives. I’m now discovering Victor Orban from Hungary is having a greater thirst for power, because he’s now choosen to drink the same “Kool-Aid”.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.

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