Thugs And Kleptocrats

We’ve certainly been getting the much-needed rain today, so hopefully our sub-soil will be replenished enough to where we’ll be back to normal by the time Fall arrives. Of course on the down-side, we’ll be having to mow more since the grass just loves to grow all the faster after a good rain or two, and it looks like this week we’ll be seeing more showers.

With the arrival of another Sunday morning, my first duty was to get my contemplative session completed, which I did once my normal morning chores were finished. It was another good session, and while there, I was reminded of a text conversation I had with an old friend late yesterday who’s always been one heck of a prayerful person. He and I both agreed that society is getting more prayer-less which has us both concerned. It’s a sad thing, but there’s absolutely nothing either of us can do to turn it around. He’s the one who some months ago reminded me that we must be careful not to throw our pearls to the swine, which is indeed applicable in these times where people “claim” they understand, but actually don’t.

Since I’m on the subject of spirituality, I think it’s appropriate to mention something I discovered some weeks ago after attending a funeral at a church I frequently attended for a number of years. It wasn’t that there’d been any great material or visual changes within, but the longer I was there, the sense that something was missing continued to gnaw at me until I finally recognized it, which triggered a deep sadness in my spirit. What I still believe is now missing in that house of worship, is the sense of reverence, holiness and any of the other words that one could use to describe such a loss. After I left, I was even wondering if possibly the Holy Spirit decided to make a permanent exit.

I dare say there’ve been a great number of truly good people who were members of that community, but unfortunately nearly all of them have passed. I did hear that the “powers that be” in that community are wrestling over what to do about the declining numbers of those who attend on a regular basis. It’s now making me wonder if those that no longer go there every Sunday, were having the same “feeling” I got while there because if there’s no spiritual “uplift”, then what’s the point of going? Let’s hope in desperation, they don’t turn into another “new age” church where you’d find the big screens and loud music. In my opinion, the mindsets of that church’s inner circle need to be more closely scrutinized because most of them have exceptionally tribal mentalities. No matter how often we hear churches proclaiming they’re “all inclusive”, they’re not because I could stand before a crowd and go on for hours sharing past stories of happenings that never should’ve been, and it all goes back to power and control.

When it was time for me to head over to St. Paul, I gathered my music and drove over. Just as I was walking across the street, one of their members pulled up, so I waited for her. As soon as she drew close enough, she gave me a curious look and said, “Didn’t you know that we have a guest organist today?” Well, after checking for sure I wasn’t scheduled, I proceeded to tell her that either I wrote the wrong date down, or their secretary gave me an incorrect one. In the past, I’ve always made sure to cross off those dates, but tomorrow I’ll know for sure who’s mistake it was. I wasn’t upset or disappointed, but certainly glad she told me before another organist showed up which would’ve be a bit embarrassing.

When I got back to office, I changed into my work clothes and headed out to get a good three hours of work done over at my little/big project. Some of it was outside before the rain arrived, and the rest of it was within. Thinking I’d be there a bit longer, I discovered I’d got myself pretty tired-out from all the exertion which was my cue to call it quits.

After getting changed back into my street clothes, I checked to make sure I’d not received any real estate related texts or emails before heading home, and while driving, I couldn’t help noticing far too many lawns that were in desperate need of mowing. Some had grass that was at least a foot tall. I’m surprised those neighbors haven’t complained to the City about those eyesores.

I did manage to get some putzing done in my garden, and since the ground was good and spongy from the rain, I worked for about an hour out in my asparagus bed where I was digging out patches of quack grass which had started to grow. I knew it was going to be a struggle with that grass because I’ve been there and done that before. Those roots become underground spiderwebs which can suck all the moisture and nutrients earmarked for whatever’s been planted. After I was finished, I counted forty “hills” of baby asparagus that had come up. I was expecting more losses than I counted, so if I keep them cleared of weeds and grass, they should have a good growing season.

I couldn’t help being a bit wicked today when in conversation with one of my friends when talking about how so many get into dirty habits with their spoken English. I mentioned just yesterday, while having a short conversation with another agent, I heard “awesome” used at least four times. Then this past week, I heard “reach out” at least a half dozen times. Of course even more times I’d been hearing “Umm”. I paused a moment and then said, “Umm…I suspect this coming week, there’ll be an awesome person attempting to reach out to you.” Yes, I was being a stinker.

When reading the news about Ukraine today, I was happy to find the Ukrainians are slowly and methodically making progress in pushing back those evil Russians. I’ve also been noticing more books being published about Putin and his inner-circle of thugs and kleptocrats. No doubt in the coming months and years, there’ll be much more revealed.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The human voice is the organ of the soul.

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