He’s Grooming His Son

As much as I don’t like gray days, the gentle rain was a welcome sight because we need as much of this type we can get where they’re slow and easy which allows for more soil absorption than the normal run-off from heavy rains.

There wasn’t much happening in real estate today other than several agents showing my listings, and since I had pretty much everything I needed done at the office before the hour of ten, I grabbed my light jacket and went out for a long drive around North Iowa, just so I could get myself loaded up with more photos to share with all of you.

I did make a quick stop at a friends house to see how he was doing since he’d come down with sinus and upper respiratory infection. He didn’t look that chipper, but at least he did go to the doctor and had some antibiotics prescribed which he started taking today. I shook my finger at him while saying, “If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will.” I believe he’s another by-product of these crazy temperature changes we’ve been having. I also encouraged him to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids and above all, get extra rest which is one of the main ingredients for getting back to normal.

My drive in the country was cut short because it started raining again, so I headed back with far fewer shots than I was expecting. Oh well, there’ll be another day. What I did notice while driving back into the City, was a black vulture eating something on the highway which I swerved to miss, and only a about three feet away, there were two crows waiting for their turn. Some of the crows I’ve been seeing around town this past week are so big, they look more like ravens than crows. I’m sure they’re going after all the baby bird nests they can find, because I’ve seen them stealing baby birds enough times which told me it’s a common occurrence.

The top ten birds and animals I wish would end up being on the endangered species list, are the White-tailed deer, crows, raccoons, jack squirrels, opossums, starlings, coyotes, Norway rats, Cotton-tail rabbits and lastly, skunks. When you look at all ten of them, none provide any sort of good and lasting benefit towards the balance of nature, so why aren’t our government bodies working hard at getting their numbers greatly lowered? Of course the deer hunters would be throwing hissy-fits because they’ve gotta have their opportunity to go out and play hunter whenever their season is open.

When I returned to office, I did a little reading of the news, and then sat myself down at my office piano and practiced for about an hour or so. Since I’ll be playing over at St. Paul Lutheran tomorrow, I figured I might as well get myself up to speed. I keep wishfully thinking how nice it would be if someone with a great deal of extra cash, would be thoughtful enough to have their organ completely restored to its original glory. Considering the number of things I personally know is wrong with it, there’s no question a full restoration of it would be in the thousands. If you would see how worn its pedalboard is, you’d understand how many “miles” she has on her. Poor thing.

Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up some things, and while there, I couldn’t help looking at the current prices of fruits, veggies, meats, and dairy. Oh my goodness. Have you noticed how much more expensive eggs and butter is right now? Wow. Of course beef is off the charts, and chicken isn’t far behind, and especially those chicken wings which more people must be buying to barbecue. For the first time, I’ve noticed at least twice the amount of sauces and rubs they’re offering the barbecuers. The real shocker, was seeing the prices on the so-called all “natural” jams they’re selling. There were jars of apple butter and strawberry jam which were sized between a pint and half pint, and priced at whopping nine dollars a jar. Wow. Between the spiking of gas and food prices, I’m sure there’ll be some serious struggling going on with people if this continues on.

Since the rain had let up by the time I arrived home, I took a peek at my garden, and after giving it a good looking-over, I’d say everything’s looking fine except for the tomatoes and peppers which are likely waiting for our nights to get warmer. I remember in years past, there’d be such weather where the plants would do nearly nothing until the ground warmed up. I was delighted to see my baby yellow magnolias are coming along just fine. I’m hoping they’ll be strong and tall enough for me to transplant this Fall to their permanent locations. As I mentioned before, once I saw that yellow Magnolia in bloom, all the other colors of them have taken a back seat.

The purple asparagus I planted is also doing well, and by the looks of it, nearly every one of them have come up. I didn’t realize there’s a trick to getting them started which I have been carefully following their instructions. I’d say I have about two more weeks of “training” them, and then they’ll be off and running for the rest of the year. If they grow as they should, I’ll be picking fresh purple asparagus in the Spring of 2024.

With all the political signs we’ve been seeing around town, we’ll be enduring them all summer and Fall until the Tuesday following the first Monday in November arrives. Truth be told, I really dis-like all these long and drawn-out elections, and especially when they’re staggered with the mid-terms. One thing I’m very much a proponent of, is term limits for Senators and Representatives. It’s not that I like or dis-like Grassley, it’s the fact that he’s been in Congress forever, and if he does get re-elected, he’ll be 89 years old, and should he manage to get thru those six years in office, he’ll be 96, which in my book is way too old to be in such a position. Someone said he’s grooming his son to take his place which I’m totally against because we’re not yet living in a monarchy.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Every person has secret sorrows which the world knows not; and oft times we call them cold when in fact, they’re only sad.

Joe Chodur

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