Blubbery-Fat Puppy

Another drizzly morning arrived, but at least the sun did manage to break thru the clouds and provide some much-needed sun. I’m sure all the families of birds that have young in their nests to feed, were out foraging for worms and crawly insects that had come to the surface after these days of rain. There happens to be a nest of baby robins behind my office which appear to be growing in an exponential fashion. Every time I see such growth, it makes me wonder what a human’s body would look like if the growth process didn’t slow down to where there’d be non-stop growth until death. Maybe that’s how giants ended up in the folklores of certain ancient civilizations.

One of my first duties was to open up a building for a contractor who was called upon by a client of mine to make some necessary repairs. I knew it wouldn’t take that long, so I hung around until it was finished, just so I could call the owners and tell them that the work had been completed and there’d be a bill arriving in their mail.

I later had some additional accounting to get completed and then make a quick banking run. While out, I went over to a client’s home to measure a set of kitchen cabinets which they removed and now selling. Fortunately, there was enough of them which I knew I’d be able to put to future use. I agreed to give them their asking price because of their quality of design and construction. I was actually happy to have purchased them because they’ve been exceptionally good people to work with over these many years, and if I could lighten their load in any way, then so be it.

As much as I’ve been physically working these past months, I’d say that long weed-pulling session in my garden yesterday afternoon, handed me some real aches and pains today, and likely due to the way I was positioning myself in the garden by squatting instead of kneeling like I normally do, and the reason I wasn’t kneeling, was because the ground was wet and I didn’t want to get my jeans muddied. Next time I’ll not give a hoot if the knees of my jeans get coated with mud.

One of my past customers sent me a text today which triggered a phone call from me. The first words out of my mouth were, “I’ve been thinking about calling you these past several weeks, so I guess your text was my trigger.”

We had a good and long visit about housing, prices, politics, religion and just about everything in between. To this day, I consider myself fortunate to have crossed paths with that person who’s about the most level-headed and down to earth you’d ever want to meet. When talking about the happenings within our City government, we both agreed that common sense is definitely not part of their decision-making process when it comes to long-term planning. Whenever in conversation with such a fine mind, ends up being my reassurance that not everyone is bat-shite crazy.

One of my afternoon stops was over at a home one of my long-term clients has been diligently working on which when finished, will certainly be a show-stopper. We’ve become so in-tune about design and appeal, we rarely disagree on color choices or necessary upgrades. They asked about pricing, and all I could say was my having to wait until we’re closer to getting it listed because our market prices are still climbing. I also mentioned that if our interest rates continue to hover around five percent, there shouldn’t be any correction on valuations. I can’t wait to see the finished product because that home has always caught my eye from the time I was young.

While talking on the phone with one of my relatives today about the strawberry plants I ordered and now growing nicely, she had no idea that there were “day neutral” varieties which will continue to flower and produce our entire season as long as the daytime temperatures don’t exceed 85 degrees, because if they do, they will no longer produce flowers. I was shocked to find nearly every one of them I planted, now having flowers on them. I do like strawberries, but they can become a chore with keeping the weeds and grasses from choking them. My mother who was an excellent baker, would make from scratch the most delicious strawberry glaze pie, so if I have enough strawberries this season, I’ll have to try my hand at making one. The only reason I don’t like buying strawberries in the store, is my not knowing where they’re from, how long they’ve been off the plants and how many hands they’ve passed thru. Yes, I can be a bit fussy at times. Do you remember when there were growers with “pick your own” patches in North Iowa.

I’m likely going to have to contact the sellers of both of my un-sold listings to get price reductions because we’ve had more than enough activity on them. Unfortunately, the longer a home is listed, the more buyers think there’s something wrong with them. Before those money-hungry online real estate websites became popular, buyers couldn’t see how long homes had been on the market. The only way they could find out, was to call an agent who was participating in that area’s MLS. In my mind, both of those homes are priced in their ranges, but of course we are all slaves to the desires of our buying public.

The news coming out of Russia’s war with Ukraine wasn’t the best for Russia because another one of their generals got knocked-off while out at the front lines. It’s no wonder the Russian soldiers are either deserting or refusing to fight. The talk amongst them is usually centered around not wanting to end up as fertilizer for one of their fields which is an indication of very low morale within their ranks. Well, when you have a maniac like Putin steering the boat, what can you expect?

Isn’t the above blubbery-fat puppy photo the cutest?

Tonight’s One-liner is: Youth comes but once in a lifetime.

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