Driving On A Washboard

The rain was welcome this morning, but this afternoon’s wind wasn’t. I sure hope we don’t get any severe storms tonight. I still think all those fires out on the West Coast combined with all of them up in Siberia, are seeding the clouds and making more rain in the Midwest. It sounds like the area around Rochester Minnesota is expecting large hail. Speaking of this crazy weather, I noticed a number of petals on our Spring flowers and bushes having been burned at their ends from those 90+ degree temps we had. Isn’t it crazy?

Believe it or not, I was out of the City a grand total of five hours today, and those travels took me to Floyd and Franklin Counties. I left a little after the hour of nine and walked back into my office half past two. You can be sure I got a good road tour of all the sights on those blacktops. I still can’t believe some of those monster country homes that’ve been built by our land-wealthy farmers. If you’re ever driving east of Rockwell on that blacktop that takes you to Dougherty, be sure to watch for that McMansion on the north side of the road. It’s probably only about a mile or so east of Rockwell. It must’ve been a recent build because I never noticed it before today.

My last appointment while out, was with an administrator of an estate I’ll be getting listed on Saturday. The appointment went far better than I was expecting, and likely because we had a common ground when talking about raising Spotted Poland China hogs. He mentioned that from the time he was ten years old, he raised purebred gilts and boars which he sold to various hog breeders. If I wasn’t pressed for time, I would’ve visited a little more about the “old days and ways” of farming.

On my way back, I decided to take the Interstate, just so I could get back to office sooner because I had calls to return and more desk work waiting for me. One of the appointments I was trying to set up, was with an agent who has a condo listed, and in spite of my having sent him a text, I’ve yet to hear from him. Oh, if I don’t get tired of such nonsense and game-playing, and today’s little incident, was just one more example of why I’ve said from time to time how much I enjoy working with buyers and sellers, but not always liking the un-necessary dramas created by other Realtors. I fully understand how different personalities can be, but they shouldn’t be carried into our workplaces. Oh how funny, but not. I just now received a text from that agent five hours later saying the house I was enquiring on has an accepted offer on it. Quick response time don’t you think? Not.

As chance would have it, we managed to get 4 Bittersweet under contract today. Before I had my seller sign the offer, I made sure that agent’s pre-approval letter was legit, and the reason being, we’re finding far too many flimsy pre-approvals being generated that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Just last month we had a pre-approval from a local bank on a home, got the abstracting started, and title work ordered, and wouldn’t you know, the lender turned the loan down due to credit issues. Hmmm. Wouldn’t you think they should’ve pulled a credit report on that buyer before cranking out a pre-approval letter? Thank goodness we managed to get it sold to another a week later.

I’ve got an afternoon appointment tomorrow with a seller who’s thinking about selling his acreage which from what I know about it thus far, it’ll be a pricey one. I do hope they know where they’re going if they list it because if it does go on the market, it’ll sell quickly, and especially after hearing the news about a $300+K acreage that went on the market several days ago, already having multiple offers on it.

Someone asked me today what the driving force behind all these people wanting to live on acreages. Well, I believe more of our younger and middle-aged crowd living in our City, are wanting to get away from the increased crime rates and noisy neighbors who don’t take care of their properties. If you would see the statistics I have on acreage sales since the pandemic arrived, you would fully understand. Will there be a correction? Absolutely, and mostly because many of those starry-eyed buyers have no clue when it comes to the extra work and expenses there are associated with country living.

I’m still waiting for a response on the offer I submitted last night which was supposed to have been presented and reviewed by that agent’s seller. I was alerted late last evening that there were multiple offers on it. It’s long past the deadline of 6:00 pm and still no response. Once again, you can understand how frustrated I get with other agents?

While I was driving back to Mason City on I35, I couldn’t believe how bad that Interstate is getting. It’s no wonder the Biden Administration is wanting to spend billions on improving our Country’s infrastructure. There were some patches that felt like I was driving on a washboard.

It was another very long day for me, but at least it was a productive one with my one sale and new listing. While visiting with one of my clients today, she mentioned how much she appreciates my direct approach when it comes to giving real estate advice. Like I’ve said before, “Some like it, while others want to hear only what they want to hear.” Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Just today I heard about a man I’ve known for a very long time having come down with some serious health issues, and mostly due to the over-use and abuse of recreational drugs and alcohol. No matter how you look at it, such people do it to themselves.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In our monogamous part of the world, to marry means to halve one’s rights and double one’s duties.

Joe Chodur

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