Various Shades Of Deep-Blue

Without the wind blowing so strong, I’d say we had a very pleasant day of May. Whenever I was outdoors, I was often catching whiffs of lilacs, and while at a home with many of them, their perfume was so strong, it was almost nauseating.

The bulk of my morning was spent meeting with buyers and sellers, and by the time Noon arrived, I had everyone satisfied with the end results. I’m just glad I had my gas tank filled Monday morning because I’ve already gone thru a half tank with all the City driving I’ve been doing. Oh well, I figure that’s just all part of doing business.

I had to make a quick trip up to Northwood to do some research on a property, and as I was heading up there, I thought I’d be spending far more time than I did, and only because the people in the Court House were exceptionally helpful for which I couldn’t have been more appreciative. Thank goodness I was able to get back to office sooner than I’d expected which offered me more time to get some pressing things done before I had to be at my afternoon appointment over in Hancock County. Yes, I was on the road quite a bit today, and it looks like tomorrow is going to be a repeat.

While up in Northwood I happened to see a group of either Amish or Mennonite men in a huddle. Whenever seeing them, I’m reminded what it must’ve been like over 100 years ago in North Iowa. All of them were wearing the same straw hats, black suspenders, along with various shades of deep-blue shirts and trousers. Most of them had their typical beards which must be pretty annoying when the weather turns hot. The one thing I found most noticeable, was all of them appearing on the strapping side where their body fat must’ve been at a minimum. I’m sure with all the physical labor they have to on their plates daily, it’s no wonder they’re in such good shape. I wasn’t close enough to hear them speaking which was a shame because I’d be curious if they’re still speaking that German dialect amongst themselves. I did ask one of the clerks where most of them lived, and I was told they have an enclave of sorts north of town.

Before heading out to my appointment, I returned some phone calls that came in which I had to cut a little bit short because of my being behind the eight ball with to-do’s I had to get done before leaving.

I’m still getting inquiries on 4 Bittersweet which is a good thing considering we’re getting close to the end of May. Let’s just hope there’s a buyer who’s getting transferred or taking a new job in our City.

Having been as busy as I was today, there wasn’t much time for me to get caught up on all the news, so hopefully I’ll have time tomorrow morning. I will say, there sure seems to be more crime happening in our City which is quite troubling. With Summer around the corner, let’s hope there won’t be an increase.

My 45 minute drive over to Hancock County on all the back blacktops, offered a closer look at life in the rural areas of North Iowa. I’d be driving past tattered and torn building sites with crooked trees and sagging buildings, and the next place would have new buildings, pristine dooryards and re-modeled two-story homes or newer ranches. What was the most noticeable, were the endless fields which had no fences separating the original 40 acre parcels which meant all those many acres belonged to one farmer, and believe you me, there were many of such sights. It brought to mind what one of my teachers used to say which was, “The rich will continue to get richer while the poor will always be with us.” How very true in these times.

I arrived at the home about 10 minutes before my buyers pulled up, which offered me enough time to do my own personal walk-thru. When they did arrive, the first thing I said to them was, “Now this is the closest to what I believe you’re looking for.” After a good half hour of looking at everything the home had to offer, they decided to make an offer on it then and there. Fortunately I brought their file with me, so we sat down and filled it out.

By the time we finished, there was another Realtor sitting in a vehicle outside waiting to show it. On my way back, I sent a text to the listing agent telling him I’d be emailing him an offer on it as soon as I arrived home. Minutes later he called and said they’d received another offer on it which they’ll be presenting to the seller along with mine in the morning.

I drove as quickly as I could home, sat down and scanned the documents and emailed them to that agent. I’m not going to worry about it anymore tonight because I counseled the buyers as best I could, so we’ll see what tomorrow brings. It’s nice having an active market, but this impetuous buying spree has got to stop sometime. It makes a person wonder what their driving force is. I hope it’s not that silly “monkey see, monkey do” mentality.

After looking at the number of emails I received since I left my office earlier, I’ll have to get myself to work all the earlier in the morning before I have to head over to Floyd County and then on down to Franklin. These past weeks have had me on the go more than usual, and especially those “out of town” runs.

I did a quick peek this evening to see how my garden is doing after the rain, and it looks pretty darned good to me, so let’s hope we get a little more this coming Friday.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Suffering by nature or chance, never seems so painful as suffering inflicted on us by the arbitrary will of another.

Joe Chodur

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