They’d Multiplied In The Night

We had another about-face with the temps again which caused me to dress heavy enough to keep myself insulated against that cold wind coming out of the north. It sounds like it’s going to be even colder tomorrow than it was today. That darned wind was so strong yesterday, it broke off one of my cucumber plants which means I’ll have see if I can find another tomorrow morning, and at this time of year, the pickings will be slim.

I had to be out all the earlier this morning because I had signs to pick up and a house to inspect before heading to office. Luckily the worker was already there which was good because I was able to give him a few more directions on what extra things needed to be done before it’s listed for sale. Seeing how hard he was working, and especially so early, I’d say the work ethic in many of the older ones is far greater than what we normally find today. You can be sure I complimented him on his diligence.

When I finally arrived at office, I had to busy myself with the going back over the sale file which was to close mid-morning, along with making absolutely sure all the transfer documents were filled out correctly, and only because there was a closing agent coming from a great distance away to close the buyers’ loan.

Since my buyers didn’t get the home purchased over in Hancock County due to multiple offers last night, they decided to offer on one which they’d looked at over a week ago, and thankfully I had enough time to get them worked into my morning schedule. When I called the listing agent, she said there was already an offer submitted on it by another agency in that area, which meant my buyers had to go their best, and they did by submitting a strong offering price, a bonafide pre-approval letter and above all, not calling for inspections.

After I had everything signed, we sat and had a good chat about the “old days” when I was assisting them with their last purchase. I’d completely forgotten that being the time I’d been injured and had to walk in pain with cane in hand, and because it was mentioned, all those painful memories came rushing back. I did thank them again for their continued loyalty over these many years, and especially considering how much more aggressive the selling agents have become due to their buying into Zillow’s referral service which I still think is very wrong because they make it look like the another agent’s listing is theirs whenenver they click on their tab “Schedule a Viewing”.

Every so often, Zillow sends me emails in attempts to get me to pay big bucks for their referral service. Each and every time I let them know I’m not the type of agent who pays for such services because in my opinion, it’s mis-leading. Thank goodness I still have a strong referral network without having to rely on them.

My closing went well, and very thankful I took my Notary stamp with me because it allowed my sellers to leave early without having to wait for the buyers to finish up on their side of the transaction. While waiting, we had a nice chat about this and that, and before they left, my exceptionally soulful seller said, “We can’t thank you enough for the good job you’ve done.” Having come to know them as well as I do, those words were genuine.

When I arrived back at office, I went ahead and did my post-closing thing, grabbed a bit to eat, and then headed out to do an initial inspection of an acreage. I couldn’t have timed it more perfect when seeing I was right on time as I was pulling into their driveway.

The owner was there waiting for me, so I followed along as he was giving me the full tour of the house and garage. After getting a good look at it, I knew in my mind that it would sell, but there’s going to be weeks of prepping on it before I’ll be able to safely say it’s presentable. Thank goodness he didn’t take offense with my direct encouragement on getting it more marketable for potential buyers. He didn’t quite understand at first why it’s necessary until I gave him a few examples of past sales I’ve had which sold quickly and for good prices, and for the reason being, they were all clean and tidy before my photos were taken. We must remember, nearly all our buyer are on the internet looking at the photos of new listings before even thinking about placing calls for personal viewings. My how times have changed.

When I got back to office, a tenant of one of my clients stopped by to tell me he’s planning on staying two or three months longer than he expected, and mostly due to their being some health issues with one of his relatives which requires some extra attention. The few times he’s been at my office, I can tell he really likes to visit with me which I take as a compliment because he’s extremely reserved and a bit on the shy side. I usually always have a funny story or two to share which draw a few laughs out of him. One of my stories was about telling various people that they should always have their dirty dishes washed and put away before going to bed because when you get up in the morning, you’ll end up swearing they’d multiplied in the night.

The highlight of my day was receiving a text from that Hancock County agent telling me my buyer’s offer had been accepted by her sellers. I quickly called my anxious buyers to tell them they’d got it bought. You can’t imagine how happy and relieved they were. All I can say, is it has been a very long and time consuming struggle to find the right home for them. After these past months of spending time in that County, I can safely say, I know those towns far more than ever before. What a relief it’s been for all of us.

Tonight’s One-liner is: History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as travesty.

Joe Chodur

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