Robins Are The Worst

After the Noon hour arrived, we actually had a pleasant day as long as we stayed out of the chilling gusts coming from the east. Around the hour of five, I just happened to notice it being a warming 69 degrees which was well received. From the looks of it, we’re going to be by-passing Spring and enter an early summer considering we’ve already used up over half of what Spring was to be like with these cold and winter-like days. A dear friend of mine believes God and Mother Nature is punishing humankind with our world’s natural disasters for having turned more to the wicked side. I do know there’s a whole lot more selfishness, ignorance and greed to be found in today’s world, so perhaps she’s right. The path of righteousness seems to have grown over with bushes and brambles from dis-use, and I wouldn’t be surprised if not many even know where that path begins and ends.

My early morning closing went as well as expected where everyone involved was smiling as they were walking out. I did linger afterwards, only to find out how things have been at that closing company since we last spoke. It sounded like all the Realtors are wanting immediate results, which comes as no surprise since we’re in the middle of our “high season”.

After I got back to office, I had emails and phone calls to return, and for some reason, I had the feeling many of those wanting something from me, had waited until the last day of the week to contact me, and likely because they suddenly realized it was the last work day and they needed to get some of their work done before the weekend arrived. I did all I could to fulfill their requests, so we’ll see what happens come Monday. I have no clue why all of a sudden, everybody’s wanting to close early. Perhaps the recent announcement of interest rate hikes has got all our buyers spooked.

Shortly after the Noon hour arrived, I changed into my work clothes and headed over to a very large patch of soon to be blooming Creeping Charlie which was in need of a good spraying of weed killer. This is actually the best time to get it sprayed before they start seeding themselves, along with their ability to hide in taller grass. As much as I hate using weed-killer, that patch was beyond any non-chemical extermination. Believe it or not, some people think they have a nice smell, but for me, I think it smells terrible, and especially when in bloom. When the humidity is high, that’s when you can really smell its odor.

After my spraying was over, I went back to office and changed into my regulars and went back to work at getting the last of April’s accounting done. It took me a bit longer due to the number of interrupting phone calls, and over half of them being “bot”. Oh how I wish they’d do something about those annoying callers.

An agent from another office emailed me saying he’s likely going to be bringing me an offer on 36 S. Illinois, and after checking my email before heading home, I found nothing, so perhaps they’re getting their financial ducks in a row before they spill any ink. If it’s not sold before the owner gets himself fully moved out, I’ll be having a public open house on it which should spur additional interest. Please put the word out.

While out today, I spied a white Magnolia in bloom, so I snapped a photo of it which I’m sharing with you tonight. It’s funny how I’m growing all the more in “like” with Magnolias, and likely because I’ve discovered that they can be trained to grow more like small trees which makes them more noticeable. Those baby Magnolias I planted from seed are still growing, so perhaps I’ll be able to keep them growing our entire season.

As I was driving home, I happened to notice seven Highway Patrol cars parked across the street from the Transition Center which is just East of North Monroe on 1st St. NW.  After slowing down enough to get a better look, there were some dressed in what looked like army fatigues, and a little farther down there was an un-marked closed van, along with several parked fire trucks. All I could think of was, “It’s must be a drug bust or someone’s got a gun and holding another hostage.” Today was the first time I’ve seen that many Highway Patrol cars parked in our Downtown. That particular neighborhood is filled with rentals owned by our rental barons. I’ll have to check the news in the morning to find out what happened. You’d think with that much commotion, there’ll be some sort of news being reported.

Thus far, I don’t have any real estate related appointments tomorrow, and if the weather is cooperative, I’ll be tackling some yard and garden work. I just received my order of asparagus plants in the mail, so I think it best to get them in the ground before Sunday’s rain. I did also purchase a dozen strawberry plants I’ll also be planting which are definitely going to be needing continued care before they get established. A number of years ago, we did have a good-sized patch, but after a number of years had passed, they just weren’t worth tending, along with keeping the birds from eating them. I quickly learned that Robins are the worst when it comes to eating and damaging ripening strawberries. They’re almost like deer because instead of eating the whole thing, they just take a bite and then move on to another. Speaking of deer, I was at a home in our City today where the owner had a nice row of tulips getting ready to bloom, and wouldn’t you know, I found deer tracks leading up to them and after a closer look, nearly all of their tops had been eaten off. For sure they’ll be back for more until they get them eaten to ground level. You can’t seem to have anything with those vile creatures wandering about our City.

Tonight’s One-liner is: With people of limited ability, modesty is merely honesty, but with those who possess great talent, it’s hypocrisy.

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