Twirling Their Beads In Prayer

It started out a fine day, but when the wind changed directions and now coming from the south, it was warm yet a bit too windy for my tastes. Around mid-afternoon I noticed it was hovering around 76 degrees, so I guess we’re at the start of some warm days ahead.  I’m just now thinking about how wonderful it will be when I’ll not have to even think about dressing warm.

I was expecting a free day for myself, but after arrival at office, I noticed an agent from another office had emailed me an offer on 36 S. Illinois, so I proceeded to print it out, review it, and then call the seller. I knew it was going to be a “No” when going over it, but I did manage to get a counter-offer which I relayed to the selling agent. I really don’t know what it is with some of these people thinking they can throw out such low-ball offers and think the sellers are going to roll over and accept them, and especially in these times where the prices are spiking higher on a near-daily basis. I’ve not yet heard from the agent, which is likely telling me they’re going to see if they can get another seller to hand them a deep discount.

After getting that offer sent back, I changed my clothes and headed out to get some gardening started. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, and only because it was taking longer for me to get the soil prepped so I could get those strawberry and asparagus plants in the ground. I didn’t water them because we’re supposed to get rain tomorrow, and if we don’t, I’ll be back out there watering. This was the first time I purchased from that grower, and after looking at those plants, I’d say they were the best I’d seen in a long time. Now if all of them should grow, I’ll be all the happier. That laborious stint with gardening was one long five hour ordeal which will most likely create the by-product of delivering me some aches and pains in the morning.

There was just enough time for me to get back to office, change my clothes and head over to a scheduled showing of a home that was just listed yesterday. Of course particular me, was pointing out some things I knew the buyers wouldn’t like, and in spite of their wanting to get something purchased soon, that one ended up a big “No Thank You Very Much”. More than once, the buyer mentioned how much better the photos looked than what was being seen in person which came as no surprise with the way in which many of our agents are presenting their new listings with the wide-angle glossy photos. While walking out, I assured them the right one will come along.

Before heading home, I decided to stop out to Fleet Farm to see what they were offering in their garden department, and when I got there, I realized I’d picked the wrong day because many were likely buying plants for their mothers. There weren’t nearly the trees they had last year, but for sure they were loaded up with tomato and pepper plants.
I did buy a two pack of slicing cucumbers of the British variety which I’ve seen in the stores but far to expensive for my taste. I also purchased two four-packs of Marigolds which are the type that grow up to 36 inches tall. For whatever reason, I’ve always liked the taller ones best as long as they get bushy and rounded. Truth be told, when we had our market vegetable gardens, we’d plant a row of those tall ones to help keep away the pests. Another nice thing about them, is they don’t require as much water as other annuals. If they do well, I’ll have to save some seeds and grow them myself next year.

When I arrived home, I opened a few windows to let some fresh air inside, and today was the first I’d even considered opening a window since last Fall. Yes, we’ve had one heck of a long cold spell since Winter arrived. Oh well, there’s nothing we can do about it, other than adjust and acclimate to North Iowa’s changing weather patterns.

I forgot to mention how annoyed I was this morning when finding the street out front of my office had been blocked after my arrival, and for the reason being the comic book store down at the corner was having his annual free comic book day, along with the skits they put on with visiting performers who’re weakly dressed as characters out of comic books. I’m still wondering how he can block the entire street and not get everyone in my block to sign off, because for the last two years, I’ve not agreed to it, an only because it’s self-promoting. That would be the day the City would allow me to have some sort of block party for my clients and customers. For sure I’d get a big fat “NO” as an answer from the powers that be in our City.

I’m going to be up and out even earlier tomorrow morning so I can get a little more gardening done before the rain arrives, and what I just read, it’s supposed to start at 8:00 a.m., and if I do, I’ll be heading back over to work on my extended indoor project for the remainder of the day.

It looks like Pigmy Putin isn’t going to have much to crow about this coming Monday which is Russia’s “Victory Day” celebration where he has all his cronies parading in front of him at the Kremlin. As much as he’s now hated by the Ukrainians and even some of his more intelligent citizens who’ve not yet left Russia, I’m sure he’ll be surrounded by the most impenetrable bullet-proof glass. If I were him, I sure wouldn’t want be sticking my nose out in public after doing what he’s already done. There’s no doubt there are thousands of Ukrainian and Russian babushkas who’ve lost their loved ones to his war, twirling their beads in prayer for his death.

I couldn’t help reading once again how the Taliban has become even more strict with the Afghan women by now forcing them to be entirely covered up whenever in public. Mark my words, those barbarians are going to be once again, a growing force to be dealt with in the future.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Just remember, once you’re over the hill, your speed picks up.

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