Ridden Hard And Put Away Wet

As if you didn’t notice, we were back to gray skies and light rain again today which wasn’t the least bit inviting. When hearing it’s supposed to be in the mid-to-upper eighties on Monday, the first thing I thought of was wicked storms possibly being created out of it.

Having had to cut a conversation short with one of my dear ones, I placed a follow-up call this morning, just to apologize for having to hang up so quickly. After all we had to talk about, I forgot to wish her a happy Mother’s Day since I wouldn’t be seeing or talking to her before this coming Sunday. Oh well, I’m sure she knows fully-well that I wish her the absolute best.

I spent several hours this morning working on my end of the month accounting, and unfortunately it took me longer due to finding three people having not cashed three checks I’d written out, and one of them being from all the way back in mid-February. If that particular check doesn’t clear this month, I’m going to be on the phone asking why. Truth be told, I have one from February, one from March and the last from April. I found it very odd because I rarely ever have checks outstanding on that account. I think it’s just another example of our general public moving farther away from the use of checks to the point where it’s either debit, credit or cash.

There were several drop-ins and phone calls which helped to make the hours pass more quickly. One of them was a client who stopped by to tell me how much she dis-liked the online loan process she was forced to use because she wasn’t keen on the idea of having all of her personal information in an online account created by that bank. I fully understood her concern because I would’ve walked away from such a lending system before I’d plug myself in to something like that. We both agreed that the more very personal information about ourselves we have out there, the more opportunity the hackers have to steal it. She insisted that when it’s all over, she’ll never do business with that bank again.

While on the phone with one of my colleagues today, I once again insisted this market shortage has not only caused the sellers to become more greedy, but a few real estate practitioners as well. I’ve always thought it “magical” whenever there’s more than one offer on a home listed by a few nameless agencies in North Iowa, and the listing agency nearly always ending up on top with the highest sale price. Now isn’t that “magical”? Oh, if some of those buyers who’d ended up with those purchases would spill their guts, I’m sure we’d find there being no “magic” involved at all, but rather the intervention of greed. I’ve heard it many times over the years from the mouths of others with their justifications being, “Why settle for half the pie when you can have the whole?”

There’ve been many of those naughty salespeople who’re are now dead and gone, and in the end, their piles of coin didn’t get them buried any deeper, and without a doubt, they couldn’t take even a penny with them because their beneficiaries made sure of it. Oh how the dramas unfold due to those ill-gotten gains. To this day, I have to laugh to myself when seeing some of my colleagues acting as if they have a dozen kids living in a one-room log cabin with a dirt floor and a bubbling kettle over a fire with a single onion bouncing around in it, and to make sure they don’t starve, they fight for a listing or sale as if their lives depended upon it. Yes, it does get that intense at times.

While getting groceries over the Noon hour, I was unfortunately button-holed by a guy who’s always been one of those “in your face” people who turn into fly-paper due to not being able to get away from them. He used to have a business down the street from our old office, and even then I did everything I could to avoid him. He’s now doing odd jobs around town for people wishing they’d never hired him because he’s deep into the giggle water and doesn’t know what he’s doing when it comes to real landscaping. Fortunately I did manage to cut him off more short than I normally do, while quickly walking in the opposite direction. If I dared to share, I could tell some pretty shocking stories about that guy. Since I’d not seen him up close for some years, there’s no doubt he’s now looking like he’d been ridden hard and put away wet.

An older gentleman stopped by my office to sign some papers, and after getting everything signed, he proceeded to share some of his life stories, and one of them revolved around how it came to be that his parents started referring to him by his middle name instead of his first, which he’s been stuck with his entire life, while making it more cumbersome today for him to sign with his first name and middle initial. Since he shared his story, I followed up with mine which was equally interesting because I started from the very beginning of it all. Yes, my meeting with that gentleman, ended up being the highlight of my day. There’ll be another meeting with him a week or two from now, which means we’ll both have an opportunity to share a few more stories. Now why can’t all the of our older gents be as nice as he is?

With my having a little free time this afternoon, I checked to see what was going on in Ukraine, and after watching one of the videos which was showing a young Ukrainian randomly talking to a similar age group in Russia, I’m convinced those people have been so brainwashed, they’ll likely believe all those lies Putin has instilled in them until they draw their last breaths. I’m still in dis-belief at the way in which they were cursing and insulting him. I’m growing all the more convinced humanity is on a downward spiraling of devolution. Wow.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.

Joe Chodur

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