Just For A Little Landscape Diversity

Another gray Sunday arrived, and when seeing it lightly misting while I was driving to office, that old saying came to mind which goes, “If it rains on Easter Sunday, it will rain for seven of the following Sundays.” Well, since we had rain/snow on Easter, and now rain every Sunday since, perhaps that old wive’s tale will end up being accurate. I do remember when I was in grade school, someone having mentioned how unfortunate it was that we had rain on Easter Sunday, so I was determined to keep track of those following Sundays, and wouldn’t you know, it actually did rain for those seven Sundays following Easter. I was made a believer that year, but then didn’t think of it again until we had rain/snow this year. I mentioned the “seven Sunday” tale to someone much younger than I, and not a bit surprised she’d not heard of such a thing.

After getting my contemplative session completed, I sat down at my piano and practiced the pieces I was given to play at St. Paul this morning. After running thru them, I continued on with several more difficult pieces, and only to get my fingers limbered up along with exercising my sight reading skills. By the time I was finished with that last piece, it was the hour for me to head over to St. Paul.

Upon arrival, I discovered one of my favorite visiting Pastors was there, so I had a nice chat with him before heading upstairs. Somehow we got on the subject of the claim by the so-called “experts” that there’s five percent of the population who have an instant dislike for others, and visa-versa. Of the handful I could think of, I mentioned one who for the strangest reason, has not liked me from the first time I met her, and in spite of my attempts to break whatever it was that kept her noticeably distant and cold, I finally gave up and no longer paid any attention, which the Pastor agreed as being the best approach. I did go on to say that I’d seen her mingling with others from time to time, and noticed her demeanor being completely different, which was indeed a confirmation of her not liking me at all, and for whatever reason, I must’ve fallen into her five percent bucket.

I figured it was going to be a struggle with getting myself accustomed to the organ again since I’d not played it for a month, and sure enough, it was. I even forgot that I had to wait about five seconds before I could play it because the bellows had to have time to fill, so I’m sure the people downstairs were wondering why I didn’t start playing at the appropriate time. For the most part, it went relatively well because I don’t believe I made any glaring mistakes. Considering it more appropriate, I decided to play the communion hymn on their piano.

After their Service was over, I headed downstairs and grabbed a half cup of their fresh coffee, exchanged a few words with a handful, and then headed back to office where I changed into my work clothes and drove home to get those evergreen trees planted.

After about three long hours of preparing the soil, digging holes and then planting them, along with placing mulch around them to keep the weeds at bay, I’d say I had a good workout. I’m hoping they all grow, and for sure I’ll do my best to keep them weeded and watered this growing season. Before winter arrives, I’ll have to put fences around them just to keep those vile deer from eating them. The guy I bought them from said he’d never seen deer eat his, but I had to correct him by say I’d seen it with my own eyes more than once. I also planted two baby Red Cedar trees for a little landscape diversity.

When finished, I headed back to office to get a few preparations made for this coming work week and then read a few of the news feeds before closing up shop for the day.  Before heading home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few items, and while there, I ran into a “Chatty Cathy” who had me button-holed for a good fifteen minutes.

What she was ranting on about, were the problems we’re having with the thievery that’s taking place in our City, which is most likely being done by the many who’re heavy into drugs. I said to her as I do others, “We must always remain pro-active by being ever-watchful for abnormal happenings in our neighborhoods, and if something doesn’t seem right, then it’s worthy of a closer look.” Barking dogs, lights and concerned neighbors are the best tools to keep from being burgled. I did mention having heard that the theft of copper wire has gone thru the ceiling, and likely because the prices are up. What really gets me, I knowing they’re risking arrest when stealing maybe twenty or thirty dollars worth of copper wire, instead of going out and getting a job that pays ten or fifteen dollars an hour. I will never fully understand what drives such darkened souls.

One of the articles I read today was just one more facet of the war in Ukraine where they discovered, and have video evidence of those Russians and their mercenaries stealing very expensive John Deere farm equipment from a dealership in Mariupol, and transporting it to Chechnya, but unfortunately they didn’t realize they have GPS and those combines in “locked” modes, so there they are with machines they can’t even use.  I’m sure they’ll be parting them out and selling what they can. What really angered me, was reading where they’d robbed every museum they could find in that city. Yes, they are incarnate devils.

You can be certain I’ve been deeply praying for the health, welfare and military victories for those Ukrainians. Can you imagine that war has been going on for exactly 67 days and still no end in sight? I can’t begin to imagine what those poor people are going thru on a daily basis, and especially the children who’ll likely never be the same. Too sad.

Tonight’s photo is of a budding Magnolia I spied several days ago. Spring is here.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Science is organized knowledge whereas wisdom is organized life.

Joe Chodur

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