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Another gray and chilly day arrived, and it looks like we’re not going to be seeing much of an increase in temps anytime soon. At least we’re not living out West where they’re having repeats again of those forest fires. They’ve been in a drought for three long years now, so let’s hope they’ll be coming out of it soon.

I did read several days ago an article regarding how much faster our weather patterns are changing around the world, and especially at the poles. As many times in past years their having predicted no big changes until likely a generation or two from now, we’re not hearing those words anymore because I believe they underestimated the causes and effects that are taking place in various regions of our world, and at the end of the day, they’ve finally realized that it’s all interconnected.

My biggest worries surround the increase in violent storms which have been spinning off tornados. If any of you have some time to drive the back roads of North Central Iowa, you’ll soon discover how many big trees were downed since last Fall. Those old groves you normally find at established acreages, have a very many downed trees and broken limbs. Many of those owners will be busy for months getting it all cut up and burned or hauled away.

My early morning appointment took me out to a lower-priced home which has been occupied by its owner for a number of years. The owner is far from being prepared to list it, and since she’s still up in the air regarding the selling or staying, that visit was nothing more than a walk-thru inspection and then my sharing information about the selling process and pricing. If she does decide to sell it, I’m confident she’ll be calling on me to list it.

While at the bank this morning, I noticed my favorite teller is no longer working there, and in spite of her informing me last week she’d be gone, I really didn’t want to believe it until I saw it. Of all the tellers I’ve encountered over the years, she’s at the top of the list in my book. There was always a smile on her face while making small talk while processing my deposits or withdrawals. I kiddingly said to her last week, “Now I’ll have to train the one that replaces you.” Yes, I’ll be missing her greatly because those that wait on me at another nameless bank, are greatly lacking in far more ways than one.

I received a call this afternoon to meet up with a couple who’re also thinking about selling, and fortunately I’ve worked with that family on and off for a number of years, so hopefully I will get the listing if they do decide to sell. Their entire extended family have always been really nice folks.

Quite unexpectedly, I received a thank you card in the mail today from a client who called on me to list and sell her home. That was definitely the high-point of my day because her words were filled with genuine gratitude. Yes, I did go the extra mile for her, but at the time, I felt it was just part of my job in keeping that sale moving along smoothly. I’ll have to keep that card close-by, just so I can re-read it whenever I’m having a “down” day in real estate.

Late this afternoon I received a call from an appraiser who’d noticed my business card at a home I recently showed to several buyers. When he told me it had sold, I just about fell off my chair because that home was one of those which would’ve had me running from it because no matter where we looked, there was un-doing and re-doing projects to the point a person wouldn’t know where to start or end. Yes, this market is still on a maniacal burn which doesn’t appear to be letting up. I know I may be sounding harsh when saying, “I wouldn’t take that house even if the owners offered to give it to me.” Yes, it was that bad.

I spent a little time de-cluttering the front window area of my office, and the more I cleared out, the better it started looking. Those two potted Plumerias I have there, will be coming home with me later this week because I’m planning on leaving them to grow in their pots during our Summer months, and hopefully they’ll finally bloom. Once they’re gone, that’s all I’ll have left are the two monster jade plants which many of the passersby stop to look at. Once those Plumerias are gone, I’ll be able to wash the inside of my front windows more easily which in the past has been quite the chore.

There’s another showing scheduled tomorrow for 36 S. Illinois, and from what the selling agent has already told me about the buyer, it just may be the perfect fit, so let’s hope that showing goes well. There was an unfortunate happening late this afternoon where another agent had sent me a text last night saying it was a possible “show”, so I replied back, “Let me know for sure if you want to show it because it’s owner-occupied and I need to have a definite yes or no, along with a specific time frame.” Well, that agent forgot to let me know, so now there’ll have to be another day and time scheduled. These oversights are getting more frequent which is causing me to wonder what’s going on with people. They seem to have lost the ability to focus on the here, the now and subsequent following thru. I’m suspecting the addiction to social medias is playing a big part in it all.

After reading today what Lavrov said in a televised interview with an Italian news service about there being Jews who’re Nazis, I’m convinced he’ll also go down in history as being yet another Russian who’s a chronic liar. It’s likely our world’s Jewish communities won’t forget his words, and for sure, there’ll be some major kicking back by Israel. Perhaps now, they’ll get off the fence and start helping Ukraine’s war effort.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Truly, it is in darkness that one finds the light.

Joe Chodur

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