Potted White Spruce Trees

I knew we were to get rain, but I didn’t expect it to be an on and off event the entire day, which made for some uncomfortable moments while outdoors. When looking at how high the water is getting in the streams and rivers, I’d say we’re close to having enough for now.

The only appointment I had in real estate was a mid-afternoon one which allowed time for me to get some errands run, and the first one being a fast trip out to a metalworking shop to pick up some burner grates I wanted the owner to fix, but unfortunately he couldn’t be of any help. They’d been out there for a good three months, so I called him this morning to ask if I could pick them up. I know there are companies that specialize in that kind of work, but they’re far away which means I’d have to send them. I’m going to try calling a few more workshops in our area, and if they can’t do it, then I’ll have no choice but to send them off.

While I was in his shop, I noticed he had what I think was a 1960 Chevrolet Impala 2-door hardtop. After getting a good look at it, all those old memories came rushing back. Yes, those were quite the popular cars back when they were built like tanks without all the computerized gadgetry contained in today’s vehicles. It looked to be in near-perfect condition which meant it would bring a hefty price should the owner would decide to sell it. I still remember a red Chevrolet Bel Air one of my family members owned which was long-ago traded off for something newer.

After I left, I headed even farther out of town to look at some potted White Spruce trees a guy was selling at a reduced price. I did manage to drive right to the place without getting turned-around. He was waiting for me, so off we headed to the end of his small field to look at them. He must’ve had thirty of them, and after giving them a good-looking over, I found only seven which I thought healthy enough looking to purchase, so I went ahead and paid for them and hauled them home.

Considering how many trees I’ve lost these past seven years from these wicked wind storms, I figured it best to start replacing them with evergreens which would create more of a windbreak. He was good enough to remind me not to place any fertilizer in their holes because it would burn their roots, which I’d already knewn, but I did thank him for reminding me. I’m going to do my best at keeping them alive this season, but as we all know, transplants are always a gamble the first full year after they’ve been in the ground, which means I’ll have to keep them well-watered this Summer and Fall.

With some time to kill before my appointment, I spent a good forty-five minutes practicing the many hymns I’d been given to play at St. Paul Lutheran these coming weeks. I’m scheduled to play tomorrow morning which will be my first time back for nearly a month. The trading back and forth of Services between St. Paul and Our Savior’s Lutheran, and the guest accompanist they had playing on Easter, caused that big gap in time. For sure I’ll have to get some practicing done on their organ prior to the start of their Service, just to get myself comfortable again.

My afternoon showing went well, but I think it could’ve been better if the overcast skies and rain weren’t hampering it. It was one of the better kept homes I’ve been in, but the price was more than hefty considering the home is over 20 years old, but the way these sale prices have been climbing, I won’t be surprised if it sells quickly. I did spy a patch of daffodils blooming in the rear yard which was a welcome sight. Yes, perhaps our Spring flowers are on their way.

While visiting with a dear friend of mine later this afternoon, we somehow got on the subject of how others perceive us, as well as how we perceive them which prompted my sharing some examples of times when they’d considered me negative whenever speaking my mind. Since my friend has known me well enough, a quick interjection came back at me being, “You’re not a negative person, but certainly a realist, and there’s where the big difference lies, and whomever mixes those two up, likely haven’t had much of an education.” I actually was glad to hear those words because there’ve been times in the past where I’d been severely chastised for my “negative” comments, when in fact all I was doing, was simply looking at given situations and offering my opinions. I did mention that there’ve been days when I’ve had to work at keeping myself from becoming bitter over the crazy things which’ve happening all over the world, and especially that insane war Putin started with Ukraine. That much-needed conversation was definitely the highlight of my day.

While driving past the mall this morning, I did notice the contractors had been working on that bridge to nowhere again. What it looks like to me, is there’s not going to be a general open entrance to it, but rather doors that have to be entered and exited from the side where the Music Man Square is, and if that be the case, then that “glass tube” will be all the more useless for the general public. I still can’t get my brain wrapped around spending over two million dollars for something that useless. Meredith who?

I haven’t been noticing hardly any people going in and out of the building next door to me other than workers. I do hope she makes a go of it because there’s been a great deal of money invested in the re-skinning of its interior. She must be taking Mother’s Day orders for her “Boards and Bars” because I noticed Sysco making a delivery yesterday. Having two separate businesses under one roof would definitely be challenging for just about anyone. Let’s all hope it’ll be a profitable venture for her.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Out of timber so crooked as that from which man is made, nothing entirely straight can be carved.

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