One Look At That Raging Fire

It was a bit chilly and very foggy outside when I left for office this morning, which was a more than un-nerving while driving because darkness and fog can be deadly if both eyes aren’t glued on the road ahead. I made it just fine, but while driving past the hospital, I noticed some crazy person driving without their headlights on. Sometimes I think there are those out there who’re actually looking to get in an accident.

My first duty was to get my contemplative prayer session completed, which has taken a little bit longer since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Each day I pray deeply for the deliverance of those poor people from the hands of those Russians who’re randomly killing the innocent. Before this is all over, I’m sure Satan is already widening the gates of Hell, along with creating a few more furnaces for all those who’ll be entering his domain after they’ve taken the last breaths of their sinful lives.

I had several calls to make this morning, and one of them being to a colleague of mine whom I’d forwarded some information on the Stoics which she’d never heard of before. I thought it a bit funny she hadn’t because she’s exceptionally well-versed in many subjects. She actually soulfully thanked me for sending it to her. I’ve always found it interesting how some of the authors of Christian writings had re-skinned the tenets of the Stoics and pretty much caused the general public to believe it all came from their deep thoughts. I know plagiarism is widely considered the best of compliments, but I dare say they should be sure to name who the real authors are. Don’t you agree?

By the time we were finished with our visit, it was the hour for me to head over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and get myself readied for their Service. I stopped in the office to make sure the visiting Pastor was on the same page as I was regarding the number of verses and whether I needed to give him any opening keys. He’s been at St. Paul several times before, and for what it’s worth, I’d say he’s one of the better homilists. He’s retired but does do some filling-in for several of our area Lutheran churches. He must have to get up a bit early to make it here with time to spare from Albert Lea.

Before he began the Service, he stood up front and gave a very good talk on his thoughts regarding what’s happening in Ukraine which I considered to be very moving, and I hope the general Congregation felt the same. Every time I hear people speaking out against those atrocities happening in Ukraine, I’m of the belief it becomes more of a galvanizing factor which is not only a financial boost for their Country, but also an up-lifting of morale.

The music went much better than I’d expected because there were two pieces which I had to learn on a “fast-track”, and even though I ran thru them before their Service began, I still didn’t feel comfortable, but for whatever reason, they sounded just fine after I’d gone “live”. Considering how well it went, I think I had a little dose of “Divine Intervention”.

When I arrived back at office, I changed my clothes and loaded up the back of my vehicle with some long-outdated files which I’d agreed to store for over seven years, which I did even four years longer, so it was definitely time. Since those files had personal information of a very many people, I was fortunate to find a guy I know who likes to have bon fires on the weekend, so I called and asked if I could add a little “fuel” to his fire. Of course he agreed on the time and place which is located out in the country.

It was a pleasant jaunt, and while I was driving, I happened to notice three giant wild turkeys out in a field, and causally pecking away at whatever seeds had dropped on the ground from last Fall’s harvesting. They definitely are big birds.

When I arrived, the guy already had a great amount of logs and branches waiting to be piled atop those four big boxes of files. He didn’t know that I brought along a small can of kerosene which I soaked those files with before the firewood was piled atop them. Once he had all his wood piled in place, that’s all it took was one match and it was well on its way to being one raging bon fire. Thank goodness the wind was blowing because those flames were licking high into the sky.

I think I was there a good two hours, and mostly because I wanted to make sure those papers were completely turned to ash, and also actually having a good time out in his very large dooryard. I was moved several times when watching the flocks of black birds stopping for a rest in his ancient grove of tall trees. While watching the fire, we had a good chat about that crazy Putin and his circle of cronies. He interjected and laughingly said, “Do you think we can get thru to Putin’s hotline and tell him we’ve got his Auto-da-fe readied?” I took one look at that raging fire and said, “Well, perhaps you’ll have to add a few more logs just in case that demon manages to step out of the fire.” Too funny.

When I arrived back at office, I changed back into my street clothes and headed to a groceteria before driving home. I did pick up a package of corned beef which was deeply discounted, and while waiting for a woman to step aside so I could get one, I personally watched her place at least ten of those packages in her cart. Now that was a sight. When looking at her age and size, I figured she must be one heck of a beef eater.

When reading a little of the online news this afternoon, I was deeply angered again when finding those Russians having used one of those terrible bombs on Maripol the likes of which they dropped on the Syrians. My God in Heaven. Somehow or some way, Putin has got to be stopped.

Tonight’s One-liner is. Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.

Joe Chodur

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