Beyond A Sickness That’s Curable

Now if the wind wasn’t out of the north, it would’ve been an absolutely delightful day, but of course while I was working outdoors, I had to wear a warm hat and stay slightly bundled.

With all of our snow melted, I figured it to be the best time to start picking up sticks and fallen branches which were the by-product of our exceptionally windy winter. I’ll still not forget that horrible windstorm that started spinning off tornados in December. Wasn’t that the craziest? Let’s hope such an event won’t be happening again for a very long time.

Nearly half my morning was consumed by trying to chase down a Realtor so I could get a signed copy of the purchase agreement on yesterday’s sale, and only because my buyer needed it to get the loan process started. I did finally get it shortly after Noon arrived. I’m finding there to be big difference with many of my colleagues who seem to busy themselves with everything going on in their personal lives, but don’t take care of business first.

We did receive another offer on 201 S. Vermont today, so I went ahead a presented it. The sellers finally re-submitted the drop-dead bottom price they’d take for it, but unfortunately the buyers came back with another counter-offer, which I then had to present to my sellers. I’m sure they were a little annoyed with me, but I did remind them that I was bound to present all offers. Their counter-offer back to those buyers ended up being that same price. We’ve got some distance in price right now, so we’ll see if the buyers fill that gap.

In the whole scheme of it all, I sometimes wonder why some buyers insist they know what the value of the home they’re buying is, and especially the way in which our sale prices are continuing to climb. The one thing many of those buyers need to remember, is the rising costs of building materials, and when you have a rock-solid home like 201 S. Vermont, a person couldn’t even come close in getting such high quality materials at a lumberyard. I had to laugh when one of my dear friends having mentioned seeing the photos of 201 S. Vermont online and making the comment, “The doors in that home are so beautiful I could hug them!” Yes, the woodwork and doors in that home are quite remarkable. I know it’ll sell sooner or later, but you all know how much I’d like to have all of my listings sell right out of the gates.

Truth be told, if I could snap my fingers and transport 201 S. Vermont to a gorgeous country setting, I’d do it in a heartbeat because that home reminds me of a country home which belonged to my great aunt who lived on a farm in Hancock County. Unfortunately that charming building site is no more, and all due to the greed of corporate farmers. Well, at least I still have my vivid memories of her home which I’ll continue to hold dear.

In spite of her being many years older than my great uncle, she lived alone on that farm until she was well into her nineties. Her only companions were several house cats, and a dozen or so yard chickens. I’ll never forget my mother telling me how she died, which is likely how most would like to go. Evidently she must’ve been overly-tired one day, so she took a nap on the chaise in her parlor and never awakened. How much more smooth of a passing could one expect?

After spending a good three hours outdoors, I discovered I managed to get a good blister started on my heel, and likely due to my not having fully broken in the pair of leather boots I purchased late last fall. The more it pained me, the more I knew it was time to call it a day, so back to office I headed.

With most of the winter snow tracking no longer being a daily occurrence, I busied myself with the scrubbing of the wooden floors in my office, and since it wasn’t likely I’d have someone stop by, I figured it being the best time. As much as I promote the use of Murphy’s Oil Soap instead of those harsh chemicals people use on their floors, they still don’t get it. My office floors were re-finished over eleven years ago, and after they’ve had a good scrubbing with that soap, they still look almost like they did after they were varnished.

When thinking about Putin calling just about every free Nation on earth a bunch of Nazi’s, I couldn’t help remembering he’s got I think more than one child of his living in the European Union, and have been there for a number of years, so it would be easy to say they’re also now Putin’s Nazi children.

Nearly every day he and his comrades are coming up with the wildest of reasons why that war is happening, and now growing even more bizarre. I’ve come to the conclusion that Putin’s mental state is beyond a sickness that’s curable. Deranged people such as him are usually led off to an institution where they can do all the role-playing they want in their padded cells, instead of sitting alone at a thirteen-foot long table while playing with his “red button” that’s supposed to set off a nuclear war. Don’t you think he definitely needs to go bye-bye?

I can’t help saying once again how much I admire the determination of the Ukrainian people in the way in which they’re holding their ground against such odds. More sooner than later there has to be a turning point in that war, and let’s hope and pray it’s in the favor of the Ukrainian military.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Ingratitude is the essence of vileness.

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