Sitting On Cursed Soil

With our temps up in the sixties, we were offered another pleasant day, and it would’ve been even better if the wind wasn’t blowing so hard from the south. At least the last remaining piles of snow around our City are slowing melting away. Good riddance.

Since I’d accumulated a large amount of refuse over the weekend, I decided to get it loaded up and hauled to the landfill before it started raining tomorrow. Every time I go there, I get a good reminder of how much we humans waste. I’d not been out there since last Fall, and when seeing how large that pile had grown in less than a half year, created a near jaw-drop.

I was wondering why there was such a bottle-neck with people getting their stuff dumped, but not long after, I noticed a man driving one of those big machines that’s owned by the landfill, tying a chain around something black in color and very large, and then pulling it off a flatbed trailer belonging to an older guy. Oh my gosh! That was the first time I’d ever seen a dead animal dropped off at the dump. I’m pretty sure it was a full grown and very bloated cow. Seeing something like that is what creates nightmares. For some reason, I thought we still had a rendering works in our area, but I guess not. I’m glad they pushed that carcass far away and quickly covered it with earth because I really don’t enjoy looking at bloated dead animals.

Upon return to office, I changed back into my normal attire and started my day about an hour later than normal. When expecting it to be a light work day, I was quickly proven wrong because the calls and emails that were coming in, had me kept me busy the entire time.

One of my office’s long-time clients stopped by before Noon, just to have a good chat since we’d not connected for a number of months. Since he’s somewhat of a historian regarding our City’s past, I was brought up to speed regarding the original owners of a building in our Downtown. I did mention that I recently heard that Tractor Supply is moving to a new location out past Walmart. From the sounds of it, the store will be considerably larger than the one they’re currently in. They’ve been around for a long time, and I still remember when they used to be located where O’Riley’s Auto Parts store is on S. Federal which was quite a long time ago. It’s always good hearing from him because I get the scoop on things I’d not heard, while he gets the rest of the story from me.

After my quick lunch at office, I decided to walk down to the “Plaza” where that new build-out now stands. Considering how much that canopy cost, I wasn’t impressed in the least bit. For me, it was just another good example of our hard-earned dollars being willfully wasted by the loud voices of our City’s special interest groups.

I made a point to walk down every section of that mall, and just before I walked out, I had a thought come to mind which I quietly whispered to myself, “This reminds me of an abandoned mall with its doors unlocked and lights still on.” I didn’t even bother counting the empty shopfronts, but I can say there are even fewer open now than there were when I walked it last year. When Riddles Jewelry gets moved into their new location out near Willowbrook Mall, that’s going to make it appear even more ghost-like. Someone did tell me that those halls are now being used for drug deals, and after seeing how creepy it was today, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit. Yes, I believe that mall is sitting on cursed soil.

While visiting with a client of mine today, she mentioned how angry she was when discovering on her bank statement, a check had cleared which had a different amount and a different name than what she wrote out and sent, and what angered her the most, was that it was supposed to have been a Christmas gift to an out of State grandchild which was never received. Oh boy, it looks like that “check scrubbing” is getting quite popular now with the mail thieves. I’ve now heard from two people within the past two weeks that it’s happened to. I still think those envelopes with checks in them are being stolen by workers at those USPS hubs we have around the Country. Can you imagine how many people who don’t balance their check books on a regular basis, are getting robbed and don’t even know it? I personally can’t think of any way those envelopes with checks in them can be stolen without there being dark-minded employees of the postal service having a hand in it.

My late afternoon showing did not go well at all, because the more we looked, the more we noticed some serious structural irregularities both on the inside and out. Of course wicked me made a wise-crack by saying, “The more I find quirky about this house, the more I believe it’s a Franken-house that desperately wants to return to the earth.” At least my buyers did get a good laugh after being disappointed over what they saw. At least they’re now learning that it’s best to over-look the cosmetics and focus more on a homes structural components.

I was glad to read in the news today about the Polish protesters who set up roadblocks at the border between Belarus and Poland for over 1,200 semi-trailer trucks which were likely bound for Russia. Good for them, and such mindsets need to continue doing more to stop the supply-chain between the Western Countries and Russia. Putin is creating a war of attrition for those Ukrainian cities he’s trying to take over, so maybe it’s time for the Russians to experience something similar.

I know it sounds terrible when saying how happy I am whenever hearing about another Russian general getting popped-off. They knew from the very beginning how wrong it was to invade Ukraine in the first place. I did hear where those captured Russian soldiers don’t want to return to Russia because they believe they’ll be shot. Whenever seeing some of those conscripts, they look like high school boys instead of fighting men.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In these crazy times, I believe common sense is not so common.

Joe Chodur

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