Hacking For Good

Another great swing in temps took place again when considering it was over 70 degrees outside yesterday, and then today gray skies, a cold northerly wind, and a dampness that quickly reached to the bone. Oh well, what does one expect when knowing it’s only the 17th of March?

The final walk-thru I had in Nora Springs today went very well, and while there, I reminded the buyer that if they’d make the right repairs and improvements on it, they’ll be on a fast track in creating their own personal long-term investment. Since it’s in a highly sought-after neighborhood over there, they’ll not have to worry about over-improving.

Not long after I returned to office, I had to run over to Plymouth to show a home I’d shown several times before. It’s another handyman special, and the guy I showed it to, insisted he’s done enough remodeling to where he’s comfortable buying something in need of work. After announcing he’s been working on getting pre-approved from one of those online lenders, I had a nice little chat with him about staying with our local lenders because most of them really do care about getting the best loans available for their customers. Believe me, I’ve just recently seen some staggeringly high closing costs being charged buyers who insisted on going “online” instead of local.

Just as I was pulling back into town, I noticed it was approaching the lunch hour so I headed back down to Wendy’s to get another serving of chili which I took back to office and doctored-up before eating. I was sort of surprised when not seeing the “Blue Heron” having some sort of Irish meal being advertised on their sign. There’s gonna be a disappointed elderly client of mine who’s been waiting to have a big serving of corned beef and cabbage at their restaurant. I was quite surprised to see the amount of corned beef one of our groceteria’s shelves in their meat department. I won’t be surprised if they have to put it on sale to get rid of what’s left. It’s unfortunate when finding all the more people refusing to make things from scratch, and instead buying all those pre-cooked dinners.

I did my final review of tomorrow’s closing file before calling it a day, just so I’ll be ready to head down to the closing company first thing tomorrow morning. That’s another sale which was being funded by an out of State lender, and when looking at the buyer’s closing costs, I immediately noticed some pretty hefty charges being tacked-on. Oh well, way back when I started working with them, I strongly recommended they stay local, but they chose not to, so it’s all on them.

One of my dear and long-time friends from out of State called today which was my highlight because he’s one who always seems to call whenever I’m in a bit of a funk. We had a good chat, but unfortunately I had to cut him off because I had an appointment coming up which I couldn’t miss. Besides visiting about how things have been in our lives, we both came to the conclusion that Putin needs to go far away and very soon, because he’s getting even more aggressive with his words regarding Ukraine, the European Union, the United States, and even his own citizens. I’m not so sure who he reminds me of the most because sometimes I think he’s a bit like Hitler, and then other times he comes off as a modern-day Stalin. After seeing the recent willful killing of innocent civilians, and especially children, I’m thinking he is a clone of Stalin because that devil caused the death of millions of Ukrainians.

The longer that war goes on, the more food shortages there’s going to be in the Middle East because Ukraine has always been considered the bread basket of the world, and with all the destruction of factories, apartment blocks and homes the Russians have already caused, they’ll likely not be able to get even a fraction of their normal year’s crops planted.

I had to laugh to myself when reading how many Russian soldiers are abandoning their tanks and trucks, and simply leaving them beside the road and heading off into the woods. That Chechen devil Razman Kadyrov sure likes to make the world think he and his fighters are invincible, but let them get into it with that Azov Battalion and then he’ll discover differently. I’m now wondering if that Canadian sniper was responsible for the killing of that fourth Russian general. Those Ukrainian military strategists sure know how to weaken the morale of their invaders. Good for them.

Another article I read today was about how well the Ukrainians have honed their skills with hacking into Russian government websites. At the beginning of the war, one of their leaders put out the call for every computer geek to go to war against Russia with their computers. Their hacking for good has been more effective against the Russians than they ever expected. Once again, good for them.

Each and every day I pray for every one of those Ukrainians who’re struggling to stay alive while defending their country. I’m going to stay very positive that they’ll prevail and when it’s over, there’ll be books, documentaries and movies being made about that war which never should’ve happened.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you, and if you’re out having a mug or two of green beer over a plate of corned beef and cabbage, be sure to get yourselves home safe and sound.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Solitude is painful when young, but delightful when more mature.

Joe Chodur

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