Lasting Trails Of Tears

I was in shock when seeing the outside temperature in our Downtown being 70 degrees around three o’clock this afternoon. I’d say that was another big swing in degrees considering how much cooler it was yesterday. You can bet I was enjoying every moment I was outdoors today.

There’ll be a final walk-thru tomorrow on a sale of mine that’s closing Friday morning which should go smoothly considering the owners had already moved out before it was listed, so barring any major changes in its condition, it should go smoothly. I will be mentioning to the buyer how fortunate she was to get that purchased at such a deep discount, and only because she could see past all the cleaning and painting it’ll be needing. I’ll wager that home’ll going down in history as being the best buy for the money in 2022. She’ll be getting a great deal of help from her family with the fixing up, which always helps when looking at today’s prices of materials.

Around mid-afternoon I met with a young couple who’re planning on moving out of our City later this summer, and pretty much all I did while there, was make suggestions on things I would do to their home before listing it, and of course getting some major decluttering done before photos are taken. They were apologetic about having so much stuff, and my only sly response was, “Don’t you worry because nearly all of us have that deep desire to hoard.”

My listing on 1125 W. State had a virtual tour done on it by another agent around noontime. The buyers had seen it once before, and at the time, dismissed it as not being big enough, but now they’re re-thinking their priorities, so we’ll see what happens with it. I did make sure to mention the home was most likely built by one of our top contractors of the time, and still showing his timeless quality of workmanship. Unfortunately, many of our young buyers don’t notice the difference between lipsticked pigs and real quality.

I wanted to mention to all of you that I have a buyer who’s looking for at least a two bedroom home in our City that can be purchased for $65K or under. Considering the price range, it doesn’t have to be a spotlessly clean palace, but at least not having to have any major updates. I’m not sure where this is all going to end up because I’m basically in uncharted territory with these housing shortages, and that’s saying something because I’ve been selling real estate in North Iowa for a remarkably long time. Please put the word out regarding my search for those good people.

When I had some free time today, I got on my computer and watched President Zelinsky’s address to Congress, and after watching that video he supplied regarding the horrors of that war in Ukraine, I was actually overcome with tears. To think we’re supposed to be living in a world where such wars don’t happen anymore, and yet here we are seeing something that hasn’t happened in Europe since 1945.

I then went looking for articles regarding Putin’s state of mind, and several so-called “experts” are insisting he either has cancer, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, or overdosed on steroids which has triggered a “roid rage” in his brain. I’m gonna have to agree with one of my dear ones who said his head looks a bowling ball, because when comparing and older photo of him to a more recent, he does have an unusually rounded face. Yup, he’s definitely on drugs or has something physically wrong with him that’s altering his face.

When watching and listing to Lavrov today, I could see he’s looking more like a zombie, and especially when he opened his mouth and started spewing all those bare-faced lies about the war Putin unleashed. Wow. To think he’s been the Foreign Minister for Russia since 2004, and still cranking out beyond believable lies. Yes, he’s been chugging-down Putin’s Kool-Aid for far too long.

Another interesting article I read, was the most recent information that’s been sneaked out of Putin’s inner-circle, and one of them being there’s likely already several of his close associates in the planning stages of having Putin permanently removed, and likely being either poisoned, or ushered out gagged and hand-cuffed.

As each day of that war passes, there’ll be thousands and likely millions of Ukrainians who’ll have axes to grind for the Russian people for the remainder of their days which is unfortunate, but when seeing innocent people being killed on a daily basis by soldiers who should know better, that’s when the blanket of hatred begins to fall upon the society of Russia. It’s unfortunate, but I think many of the professionals have already left Russia because they know that no matter how the war ends, their country will never be the same unless there’s a complete and total change of power in their government.

After watching Zelinsky’s video today, I’m afraid I’ll be having a nightmare or two over it, because such human madness goes right to my bones. We all must remember, those young children are going to be struggling with the traumas of that war for many years to come, and especially if their fathers are returned to them in body bags which’ll create lasting trails of tears. My heart and soul goes out to them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit which reveals itself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble minds.

Joe Chodur

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