Only If It’s Read Backwards

Another overcast and wind-chilly day came and went, but hopefully our weekend temps will be back up in the 60’s with no wind. I think that northwest wind has been blowing for so long now, I swear I can smell a Siberian or two in the air.

My morning closing went as smoothly as ever to be expected, and just before the listing agent left, my buyer made a clear statement to everyone which was, “I was referred to Joe by a relative and glad I took her advice and called him because he really worked hard at getting me to this point.” I blushed a little and then kiddingly said, “I’ll have the hundred dollar bill I promised you, slid under the table before we leave.” They all got a good laugh out of it. Yes, it’s always nice to have genuine compliments given which help to keep me from becoming bitter whenever someone does something really nasty and unwarranted to me.

The closing took longer than I thought, so when I got back to office, I had to race at getting over to my scheduled showing out on the west side of town. I did manage to get there soon enough before the buyer, just so I could get the doors unlocked and lights turned on. The buyer was taking more time investigating the unit, but after we were finished, the both of us were heading back to my office to write an offer on it. After several offers and counter-offers, we had an agreed upon-price established, so I got the buyers initials and signatures where needed, and then headed off to the listing agent’s office to drop everything off, so by the end of my work day, I had another sale under my belt for this month.

With a sympathy card containing a memorial in hand, I headed over to one of our City’s funeral homes to sign their guest book and drop my card in their slot. I had thoughts about at least paying my respects to the family, but when looking at the size of the crowd within, I just couldn’t bring myself to it, so I walked out, and glad I did because I happened to notice someone I have no respect for in the corner of my eye who was walking towards the door from another direction. That nasty creature knows fully-well why I continually distance myself because anything that said to my face, is completely opposite of what’s told behind my back. To this day I don’t know how such people can sleep nights when knowing how many innocent people they’ve intentionally hurt. I’m of the belief that after time, it becomes a sick form of getting dark highs. Believe me, I’ve crossed paths with enough of them over these long years.

While waiting for my buyer to arrive at office, I decided to go online to see what several homes I personally know, which are located on Clear Lake’s shorefront, and after seeing what they’re assessed at, and then pulling up their real estate taxes, I sat back and said to myself, “No way would I ever want to live in such money pits.” You can believe me or not, but I assure you that both of those older lakeshore homes have yearly real estate tax bills of over twelve thousand dollars. When thinking about it, after living in those homes for not even eight years, they will have forked over to our County Treasurer, over one hundred thousand dollars. Wouldn’t you consider that to be insane? Perhaps we can consider the owners of all those homes being North Iowa’s very own oligarchs. And to think many of those homes are empty during the winter because the owners are wintering in the sunbelt. Do you think any of them have even the slightest of thoughts about all the needy we have living in our world, and especially those in North Iowa? Back in my college days, such lifestyles would be classic examples of conspicuous consumption.

On my way home, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things, and when I rounded the corner of an aisle, I happened to notice woman I recognized out of my past. I asked her if she was the daughter of so and so, and sure enough she was, so I proceeded to ask how her mother was because I’d not seen her around town for months. Well, I guess I won’t be seeing her, because her mother passed away a little over a year ago during the height of our pandemic. What the doctors thought to be the onset of Alzheimer’s, they later found after it was too late, her having a brain tumor which had grown so large, there was nothing they could do, and shortly thereafter, she passed. I can still see that smiling face of a woman who always had some heartfelt story to tell.

While on the phone with my dear friend today, she mentioned that a very young man had died from Covid, and the main reason being, he was heavy into vaping. Because I was being continually interrupted with phone calls, I wasn’t able to tell her the rest of my story about vaping. Well, about four years ago, a tenant who I helped place in a rental belonging to one of my clients, ended up in a Des Moines hospital that specialized in near-death cases of pneumonia. It was the type that came on him very quickly to where he would’ve died had he not called his mother before passing out. Well, after many days in a Des Moines intensive care unit, he managed to get it licked, but the doctors did tell him that his condition was very much exacerbated because he was heavy into vaping. I’m telling you a true story, so if any of you know people who’re now vaping, please share what I’ve just told you.

Wasn’t that the biggest joke with Putin’s public appearance before all those people he had delivered by bus to that auditorium? I swear just about everyone in any sort of position in the Russian government, are robots who’re programmed to wholeheartedly agreed with all the garbage coming out of Putin’s mouth. After hearing he quoted Scripture twice, I asked someone, “I thought a devil couldn’t read Scripture?” His clever kick-back was, “Only if it’s read backwards.” Too funny.

Tonight’s One-liner is: We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.

Joe Chodur

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