How Many Innocent Human Deaths

When leaving home this morning, I braced myself for some very slippery streets, and that’s exactly what I encountered, so you can bet I drove much more slowly and especially when coming up to stop lights and turning corners. Thank goodness much of it did dry off today, but the sidewalks are still glazed with it.

I had an extended session of contemplative prayer this morning which included several other people in need of prayer, as well as the entire nation of Ukraine who’re experiencing a hell on earth from those invading Russians. I hope each and every one of those Russian troops who purposely bombed homes, hospitals, schools and those who were freely shot innocent civilians, are going to be punished severely for what they’ve done both in this life and the next. It’s just another example of how the evil mindsets of leaders are passed onto those below them, and since so many of them are mindless automations, they’ve lost whatever light they’ve had in their souls long ago.

That opossum-faced Putin has been in power for over 20 years, and there’s been absolutely nothing good that he’s done for humanity. That’s all he wants is the return of a Stalinized State where there’s zero room for debate. Perhaps Putin wants to go down in history at the side of Stalin and be proud to know how many innocent human deaths he’s caused. The more I look at him, the more I see his eyes seething hatred. Yes, he’s quite the devil that needs to go back to Hell more sooner than later. You do remember me saying fear is the greatest evil in our world. Well, take a look at what Putin’s done to the Russian people by filling them with fear. Their military is extremely fearful of him, which is why they’re committing such atrocities in Ukraine right now.

If you ever have time to watch a movie that’s been around for a while, take time to watch “V for Vendetta”. I looked it up several nights ago and watched it. It certainly reminds me of what’s going on in Russia and Ukraine right now. The villain of the movie is an autocratic ruler who’s filled the citizens of his country with fear. Once you’ve given it a good watch, you’ll see the similarities I’m talking about.

The music over at St. Paul went very well today, and while walking out, I was still a bit surprised I’d not made even one mistake. There was a group of around forty in attendance, and many of them were singing their hearts out which certainly helped with my accompaniment. For whatever reason, the more I can hear a congregation sign, the better I can play either an organ or piano. I think I must be a naturally born accompanist. Yes, there are always those preludes and postludes I play, but they’re usually short and softly played.

When I arrived back at office, I found an email from another agent with an offer attached, which was on my listing over at 240 – 7th St. SE. I called the owner and he thought it sounded acceptable, but he’s decided not to sign it until we get a pre-approval letter from the buyers’ bank. We had one sale fall thru on that home, which is why we definitely don’t want another.

My next little project was to do those mortgage calculations for a client of mine. It didn’t take very long, but I went back over it twice, just to make sure all the numbers were correct. Yes, it did bring back memories from the time I worked at a bank which was a good thing.

Since I have an early closing tomorrow morning, I went ahead and got that sale file readied to where that’s all I’ll have to do is grab it and head over to the bank. That was another smooth transaction, and likely because I had both sides of it. There really are times when too many cooks spoil the soup.

I spent another hour doing some additional tidying up at my office, just so I’ll not have to bother with it this coming week. Yes, it really does help when a person keeps ahead of the cleaning of one’s workplace, and especially when we’re there more hours than anywhere else except home. I hate to say this, but there are times when I walk into an office and immediately smell dirt, and most of the time it’s likely coming from their carpeting. Yes, that commercial carpet is some really nasty stuff.

While on the phone today with a dear friend of mine who lives out of State, I was beginning to get a little envious when hearing how many exotic fruit-bearing trees and shrubs he has on his 2 acre parcel. Can you imagine someone growing five different varieties of avocados which are all bearing? There were oriental and tropical fruits being named which I’ve never even heard of before. Before we changed the subject, I told him he should start having tours of it, and likely able to charge an admission fee.
I can only imagine what it must be like to have such a large variety of fruits which keep him and his friends in stock year-round. I was glad to hear he works at not allowing any of it to go to waste.

I also received an offer on 683 – 16th St. SE today, but unfortunately I’ve not been able to get in touch with the seller who happens to live out of State. If I don’t hear from him tonight, I’ll be on the phone again early tomorrow morning. That’s another one which has had a number of offers on it, so it’s time for that to be under contract as well. It’s looking more and more like I’m going to have to get out and start beating the bushes for listings because my inventory is fast dwindling.

Please keep the citizens of Ukraine in your prayers.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who’re evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

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