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It certainly was a quiet day on all fronts which offered me time to re-group and get to work at preparing my office for hopefully a busy Spring buying and selling season. As much as it’s pointing towards very low inventories, I’m going to remain hopeful there’ll be more once our weather warms.

Wasn’t it a shocker to find it raining so hard this afternoon? I have no clue how much we received in the night, but for sure, if it were snow instead of rain, we would’ve had inches on the ground by now. It sounds like the temps are supposed to drop down into the 20’s overnight which may create some hazardous driving in the morning. Let’s hope it’s dried off enough before it freezes.

I had several short meetings with customers this afternoon which was just to keep them abreast of what’s available on the market. They’ve still got to get themselves pre-approved for financing before they even think about making an offer on something.

We’ve been getting a great number of showings on 240 – 7th St. SE this past week, so maybe we will have that under contract. I definitely called that one wrong because I thought for sure it was going to sell right out of the gates, but I have to continue to remind myself that first-time buyers aren’t like they were 30 years ago, because back then, they’d be looking at fixer-uppers instead of lipsticked pigs.

With some time to kill, I sat down at my office piano and practiced for about 45 minutes, and since I’m scheduled to play over at St. Paul Lutheran tomorrow morning, I ran thru those pieces as well. For sure I’ve got to get in touch with a piano tuner to get that piano tuned because it’s starting to get on my nerves.

I ran into an acquaintance while at a groceteria this afternoon who happens to own their own company. Each time we run into each other, we always have a few stories to tell, but today was centered around the idea that too many in our Local, State, and National governments have never owned a business, and for sure never had to work hard at keeping the bills paid while making sure they’ve got a bank of business to keep their company running in the black. I insisted if had such elected officials, there wouldn’t be near the number of lame-brained money-pit projects getting approved which can’t sustain themselves. Of course we all know who has to foot the bills on them year-over-year. The most recent that comes to mind, is that hockey arena which is going to be bleeding red for years to come. I can name three loud-mouthed people who were spearheading that white elephant, and every time I happen to see one of them on the street, I’m tempted to walk up and say, “So when are you and your band of cronies going to pay your fair share for getting what you thought our City so desperately needed?”

The happenings in Ukraine are never far from my thoughts, and whenever I have free time, I’m back online to see what’s been happening. There was a short interview with the previous president of Ukraine who insisted Putin cannot be trusted because he’s a chronic liar, and any promises he makes, he’s sure to break them.

It was proven these recent days when he agreed to give refugees free passage from one of the embattled cities in their east, and when they went to leave, the Russians continued to shell them. Just remember, Putin insisted for months that he had no intention to invade Ukraine, but what did he do in the end? Invade Ukraine. Thank goodness the United States has been helping to modernize the Ukrainian military since Putin grabbed Crimea and then set up those puppet regimes in the Donbas. That was some good forward-thinking on our government’s part.

I’m still exceptionally happy the European countries are all on the same page with their sanctions, as well as their assisting Ukraine every way they can, and especially sending armaments which will help those with boots on the ground to counter those ill-prepared Russian troops. As each day passes, I believe we’ll start seeing more Russian soldiers deserting, along with the number of Russian casualties rising. When are the Russian citizens going to rise up against that sawed-off little shite?

I just heard today that Putin has over 6,000 men as his personal guards who’re highly trained and sworn to protect him until death. I guess when you’ve had so many people murdered and stolen so many billions of dollars from “Mother Russia”, I guess a person would be that paranoid. I’m still waiting to see photos of the mansions his children are living in which are located in the Netherlands. I’m sure when the general public does find out where they are, there’ll be some protesting going on outside their front doors.

Can you imagine the truths that’ll be told about what he’s done over these years once he’s ousted? I’m sure he’ll be whining like a baby the first night he spends in a prison cell. Well, what goes around, comes around.

Several days ago, the owner of “Roots” which is next door to my office, stopped by to introduce herself. We had a nice little chat, and before she left, I wished her the absolute best success. Later that day, I went online to check out the “other side” of her business which is “Boards and Bars”. I didn’t realize there’s that much of a demand for fully prepared party trays, and when looking at the their prices and subsequent reviews, I’d say there’s a great deal of partying going on in our area. She does have a creative flair which I’m sure makes those trays all the more appealing. Once again, I do wish her well. Her name is Jen Pope, and I think she’s the daughter of the owner of Reflections hair salon who is Diane Arndt.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A man is literally what he thinks.

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