Able to Erode the Might

My goodness how biting the wind was again today, and for the strangest of reasons, it seemed to be radiating into homes and buildings about as bad as it did when we had well below zero temperatures. It sounds like this week we’ll be experiencing below average temps for this time of year, so what’ll likely happen, is there be a sudden eruption of Spring.

I had a nice long visit with a dear friend of mine today which helped me to get re-grounded regarding some of the most disrespectful things that had been taking place with an elderly person whom I’ve known for a very many years. Back in the old days, people took a more active and soulful interest in the health and welfare of their aging parents and grandparents, but in today’s society, it’s more the exception than the rule which I’ve yet to get my brain wrapped around. Oh well, it’s all on them, but it still stings whenever I think about it.

My early morning closing took place without a hitch, and happy to know I was able to match-up a good house at a fair price with a very deserving buyer. As I said before, the positive energy that’s being radiated from first-time buyers, is remarkable. Of course wicked me had to mention something to the head banker about one of his employees who’s definitely in eyeshot of their customers, and for whatever reason, they allowed him to have far too long of a head of hair as well as an unkempt beard and mustache. I reminded him that back in the days when I worked at a bank, there was a semi-strict dress code which had to be followed. I fully understand the longer hair on head and face, but if a male is going to work in an office setting with such hair, then he’d best take care of it on a daily basis. Once upon a time a very many years ago, I “wore” a mustache and you can bet I was busy trimming away at it on a daily basis. Just remember, first impressions are the most lasting and hardest to change.

My next little chore was to go out to an owner’s home to get transfer documents signed by the sweetest elderly lady who is suffering from some chronic health issues. I’ve known her for at least 25 years, and each time I’m with her, we pick up where we left off. I was quick to remind her that her mental abilities are more acute than those generations younger. While we were both trying to remember the maiden name of a woman out of both our pasts, I nearly dropped to my knees when she suddenly came up with it. I should have been the one to remember that woman’s name because she worked under me at a bank for several years. Wow, what a memory.

After I left, I drove over to her home just to see if I could get that yard sign out, and fortunately I didn’t have to use my hand-held torch like I did last week with three other signs. That rain we got last week must’ve softened the ground enough so I could pull it. That’s another morning closing for me, so at least I’ll be able to get the proceeds check to the seller early enough so she can get it deposited.

Since I was out, I stopped at a groceteria to pick up a few things and while there, I was noticing some of the shelves missing their normal items which is now making me wonder if there’s another supply-chain bottleneck. Now why on earth would there suddenly be a shortage of orange juice? I did manage to pick up a couple pounds of ground beef which was on sale, so that’ll be split, packaged and sent to freezer. With these spiking food prices, I think it best our households with children invest in freezers so they can buy and freeze items that go on sale. Because most people don’t pay that much attention, they have no idea how much money they waste on groceries, and especially those items that are pre-packaged and ready for oven or microwave. I did buy a can of their “better” soup which I had for lunch today, and all I could say about it was, “Yuck”.

One of my colleagues called today and while in conversation, we ended up on the subject of people who’ve managed to manipulate the system by getting money they don’t deserve. We both have similar mindsets about thieves who should be punished like they do in the Arab Countries. I fully understand forgiving someone for stealing something once, but thereafter, that’s when life-altering punishments should be given. I’m convinced most of the stealing that’s going on in North Iowa is done by those who’re drug addicts looking to get enough money for their next highs.

Since that war in Ukraine was started by that evil Putin, I’ve been randomly checking the news feeds for updates. I was delighted to hear a yet to be confirmed report that the Ukrainians had blown up over 30 Russian helicopters. Good for them if it ends up being a fact. Each time I hear of such successes, I grow even more confident they’ll be able to erode the might of that standing Russian army. We must continue to keep in mind, likely over half of those troops are conscripts who didn’t even know they were being driven into battle. Can you imagine what’s going on in the minds of their Russian mothers and grandmothers?

I did find another news service which seems very reliable and it happens to be which I knew was out there, but for some reason I’d forgotten about it some years ago. With all this “fake news” that’s getting thrown in our faces, it’s always good to have our own “go to” news sources. Of course BBC is still my absolute favorite. It looks like Great Britain is preparing to place more restrictions on Russia, and now finally going after those Russian “shell” companies that’ve invested billions of ill-gotten gain in their country. Good for them, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s long over-due. I’ve known such practices have been going on for decades.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters, cannot be trusted with important matters.

Joe Chodur

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