Man is the Only Animal

Just as soon as I pulled out of my driveway this morning, my windshield started getting splattered with a light sleet which caused a struggle to keep it cleared enough so I could safely drive to work. I pulled off on a side street, turned my heater on high defrost, and waited until enough of it had melted so my visibility was no longer impaired. There were others on the highway who also had their windshield wipers set on high. Yes, tis the time of year when you’re not sure what you’re going to get out of the skies.

As soon as I arrived at office, I went to the online news to see what had happened with Ukraine over the night. Oh my goodness! That Pygmy Putin did just what I’d suspected with his declaring those separatist areas in Eastern Ukraine, sovereign territories, and wouldn’t you know, they’d already signed themselves up for his malevolent protection.  The more I read, the more angry I became towards that psycho who seems hell-bent on creating another World War.

His history lesson of Ukraine was just one more confirmation that he certainly came from low beginnings with little or no real education, and if he thinks the rest of the world is going to fall for his new version of past histories, then the world has indeed dumbed down.

I was glad to see all the Nato countries firmly standing against his expansionist policies, so maybe this time, he’ll realize that he went just a bit too far, and will likely be paying the price for it. He certainly deserves everything coming to him because he’s one of the major causes of the political polarizing that’s taken place in our own Country with his millions of fake news posts that are hitting our social medias on a regular basis.

The more I watch his movements, the more he reminds me of a very naughty boy who’s learned to manipulate those around him, and usually thru the pitting of one against another until they’re all afraid of him. I remember fully-well a certain female whom all her life, worked hard at creating inaccurate suspicions, pitting family members and friends against each other, “taking care of” elderly women who by chance had no blood relatives still alive and “miraculously” ending up with their dough, and in the end, nearly none of those in her circle were any wiser except one or two. Of course they’d already be demonized by believing her clever lies. So you see, just about anyone can rise to power like Putin, as long as they remain diligent in creating mirages which portray them as the best thing since the invention of the wheel. Just think about some you’ve crossed paths with over the years, and then you’ll get the drift. Yes, they’re in our midst.

Let’s hope and pray that the leaders of the free world continue to use every resource available to stop that maniac from creating more unnecessary deaths and destruction. My hat goes off to the leader of Ukraine for standing strong and not showing and signs of weakness, and the more I’ve been reading, it won’t surprise me if his troops give Putin’s armies bigger bloody noses than they ever would’ve expected. One great lesson of history, is the fact that invading a country is one thing, but winning a prolonged war is yet another, and Ukraine’s army is now far more readied to fight a prolonged war than those Russian conscripts. I can only imagine what the public out-cry will be when those Russian mothers and grandmothers are delivered the corpses of their loved ones in body bags. Yes, and it’ll all be on Putin.

During this short week, my main focus will be to get the handful of closings I have, all ending up as soft landings for those buyers and sellers. I’m still waiting for a date and time for one that’s already had a “clear to close” given. These out of town banks can be exasperating at times, and especially when they ask for things they’d already received, along with waiting until the last day for something which could’ve been supplied to them weeks earlier.

With this nasty weather having finally let up enough to where I could get out and get the snow off my sidewalks, it took me a bit longer to get it cleared away, and mostly due to the number of people who’d walked by and firmly packed it.

After that little job was done, I went out and checked on several vacant homes, just to make sure all was well with their furnaces. Oh how happy I’ll be when we’re past the first of April and no longer worrying about pipes freezing.

We’re getting more interest on 201 S. Vermont which is long over-due in being sold, so perhaps one of the two showings tomorrow will produce an acceptable offer. Just about every Realtor who’s shown it, has given good reviews which continue to give me hope.

One of my long-term clients stopped by this afternoon to have a chat about the possibilities of finding a good home in need of some updating because that particular family has been “flippers” before the term was even conceived. There’ve been many who’ve come and gone, and only because I refused to market homes that were lipsticked, but this particular family does no cutting of corners or price-gouging. Considering the number of homes I’ve marketed for them, I’m not surprised we’ve never had any call-backs from unhappy buyers. Yes, that’s quite the testimony.

Before heading home, I stopped to pick up some necessary items at a groceteria, and wouldn’t you know, I walked out with twice as much as I’d planned, but the in-store “buys” couldn’t be ignored, which is why all the more people should be buying in bulk when the sales are on, and freezing the excess for future use.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Man is the only animal that can remain on friendly terms with the victims he intends to eat until he eats them.

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