The Biggest Geo-political Threat

As we’re rapidly skating thru the last days of February, it looks like Mother Nature wants to remind us she’s still in absolute control. It sounds like we may be getting some additional snow tomorrow but hopefully it’ll be another light dusting.

My entire day was spent working on and off with closing files for the end of this week and into next, and since an out of town closing company was wanting additional last-day docs signed, I had to run out to my seller’s workplace to get his signatures on a half dozen or so. I hurried back to office, scanned and then emailed them to the requesting party. Of course in my email I said, “After reviewing the enclosed documents, please let me know if they’re satisfactory.” Well, just another confirmation of how little people read was exhibited when she replied with nothing more than a “Thank you!”. So another email had to be sent back to her asking her specifically if they were acceptable. About five minutes later a “Yes. Perfect. Thank you!” came flying back. Now you see how much extra work is created by people who don’t read their emails.

As soon as the hour of seven arrived this morning, I was on the phone with Alliant Energy, and believe me, I wasn’t the least bit nice because I received in the mail yesterday a bill from a collection company stating I owed $112.00 from back in October of 2019. When I opened that envelope last night, I thought for sure it was another scam, but when on the phone with Alliant this morning, it ended up being legit.

After two long phone calls, with an online Alliant clerk, and then her supervisor, I discovered that back in 2019, one of their reps I talked to, did not make sure the bill on that home was to be emailed to my home address. Well, both notifications were returned, but the zinger of it all, was the fact that particular account has an alternative mailing address of which is my home address.

Another thing that gripes me about Alliant, is how they falsely patronize their customers just so they can get rid of them as quickly as they can, and then not follow-thru with instructions. I told the supervisor to generate another bill, send it to my home address, and I would pay it. But, I wasn’t yet finished with her because most in the general public do not know that if there’s a legitimate or not, money judgement posted on a person’s credit report, it affects the costs of insurance premiums and loan fees.

Before hanging up from her, I first insisted she put herself in my position, and secondly, if that judgement isn’t scraped off my credit report, I’ll be climbing the hierarchical ladder of their company, and only because they’re the ones who made the mistake, not me. It’s only logical a rental property owner would never have a utility bill sent to a unit’s address, but rather to the owner’s. I couldn’t help saying, “I’m sure that clerk back in 2019 was too busy trying to get me off the phone as quickly as possible so he or she could plug into another caller. One thing about Alliant, they do keep records of call-ins, and the day I called them in October of 2019, showed there were no remarks added which meant they didn’t instruct their system to sent those bills to my home. The only reason I’m speaking about this morning’s confrontation with Alliant, is for us all to remember they’re not always right, along with other big corporations which consider themselves to be doing us favors. Not a chance.

In between my working on files and making that trip out to my seller’s workplace, I was periodically checking the various online news-feeds regarding the situation in Ukraine.  I did read something about Mitt Romney mentioning in a speech back when he was running against Obama and in it, he insisted Russia being the biggest geo-political threat to our free world, and it would get worse instead of better going forward in time. Well, his opponent chastised him by asking, “So you think Al-Quida isn’t?” Well, these recent weeks have fully revealed the truth behind Romney’s words.

It’ll be interesting to see how many more of his inner-circle cronies get their assets frozen along with travel bans. That public relations woman that got nailed, looked to be dressed like an aging woman of the night. I shouldn’t have listened to one of her speeches where she said “Russia was already winning the war with Hitler, and America’s involvement wasn’t as big a deal as people think.” My God in Heaven how they can twist everything around because I know for a fact that if the United States didn’t get involved in WWII, the entire country of Russia would be speaking German today. Germany was getting pushed back by the Russians because they found themselves on two major fronts once the Americans got involved. Silly woman.

Every time I now see a photo of Putin or watching him speak, I discovered these recent days my having honestly acquired my mother’s ability to reference someone she absolutely didn’t like by saying they looked like something out of the animal kingdom. Well after seeing Putin enough times of late, he actually has the face of a shaved opossum dressed in a suit, and now that he’s been appropriately named, he really does look like one. Doesn’t he? Oh well, you can blame a little bit of my wickedness on my clever mother because I am my mother’s son in more ways than one.

While on the phone speaking about Ukraine with a colleague today, we both agreed there’s nothing we can personally do, but yours truly did interject by saying, “You’re right about there’s nothing we can do to help them, but do remember there is a great power in prayer.” With that said, I hope all of you are offering up prayers to get that war stopped before it starts. I’m very glad Germany put a stop to Nordstream II, which’ll make Putin and his inner-circle stop and reconsider the consequences of an invasion.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The great pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him, and not only will he never scold, but will make a fool of himself too.

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