Blanche and Freeze for Later

For whatever reason, I thought it was supposed to start snowing somewhere around mid-afternoon, but even at this hour, there’s not been a flurry. Each time I was outdoors in that very damp wind, I could smell a hint of snow, so we’re likely going to be shoveling tomorrow morning. Let’s hope it isn’t any more than the one to three inches.

After getting myself situated at office and a few errands run, it was time for me to meet with a seller for a pre-listing appointment I’d set for today. There was also a worker that showed up who was there to receive instructions on things that needed to be done before it would get disseminated out into the cyber universe. I did get all the rooms measured up, along with many notes taken for my listing narrative.

After we finished up at the house, my seller followed me to office to visit about the plan of action on that home which if it’s made presentable enough, should be sold right out of the gates, and only because of two prime factors. Firstly, it’s in an exceptionally popular neighborhood, and secondly, it offers a floor plan one normally wouldn’t find in our City unless they’d be willing to add another $100K to the price tag. Yes, it’s going to need some updates and cosmetics, but those are all things buyers usually end up changing once they’ve lived in their new homes for several years. Another thing I really love about it, are the quarter-sawn oak floors which will be fully exposed before I get it listed.

By the time we were finished, it was the hour for me to grab something light for lunch, so I drove out to a convenience store and picked up a hot dog which was just enough to satisfy my hunger. With it being such a gray day, I couldn’t help noticing all the junky yards, open porches filled with toys, bicycles and garbage bags, along with boarded-up windows and worn-out shingles.

I’ve recently been noticing many roofs around town that’ll soon be in need of shingle replacements, and the only thing that keeps coming to my mind, is “Where are those recent buyers going to get the money to have their shingles replaced?” I did actually see a invoice from a roofer who must’ve hooked up with a credit company which would certainly be willing to pay those bills off as long as a second mortgage is signed by the owners with a staggeringly high interest rate. Talk about getting oneself all the deeper into the pit of long-term debt.

A young man stopped by my office this morning whom I’d not seen in months, and only to say “Hi” while asking how my business has been. We shared much about how times have changed with the cost of goods and services, and since he and his wife have a young family, they’re finding they can’t stretch the dollar as far as they used to. I did suggest they purchase a used freezer and start buying in bulk, along with planting a garden filled with veggies they can blanche and freeze for later use. They have a nice big rear yard without a bunch of tall trees which would be a perfect spot to grow carrots, green beans, sweet bell peppers, winter squash, and tomatoes for canning. When seeing how cheap vegetable seeds are, it only makes sense to grow one’s own. As I’ve said to many over the years, “Having a productive garden, is one where you can stay ahead of the weeds which suck all the nutrients away from the veggies as they’re maturing.

My afternoon was pretty dead other than another Realtor having submitted a very low offer on my listing at 240 – 7th St. SE, and after calling the owner about it, I got a flat rejection of it. I still think it a bit odd when finding some buyers thinking they’re going to cut a fat hog in this market, and more sooner than later, they get shot down. They did re-submit a higher offer which I relayed, but I’m not sure if they’re willing to come up enough to get it purchased. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

With most of my afternoon free, I grabbed my camera and headed out into the countryside to get a few good shots. Just recently I realized how low I was getting on original photos to share with all of you, which prompted me to get out there. It was a very gray and semi-depressing day, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the ones I thought worthy.

While I was with my client at office this morning, a dear old friend stopped in to tell me he had some items I’d purchased from him, already wrapped and boxed, but could no longer lift them, so I agreed to stop over later this afternoon and get them.

When I got there, he was in the office of his workshop, and the first thing I noticed, was him being on oxygen. Well, to make a long story short, unbeknownst to me, he’d come down with Covid a month ago and ended up in Belmond Hospital for nine days. He said the first two days were the worst where he didn’t think he was gonna make it, but he did finally get better so they sent him home.

Unfortunately, the doctors believe that bout with Covid, caused him to come down with emphysema which is why he now needs oxygen. Another by-product of his infection, is the circulation in his legs which is going to require future treatment. He seemed in good spirits and is certainly taking each day as it comes, but to think how quickly he got the stuffing knocked out of him with that one bout of the China-virus.

I asked him how he liked his stay in Belmond Hospital, and all I could hear were rave reviews which were similar to those I’ve heard from others. He even went on to say how good their food was while he was there. That hospital must have some good things going for them with their level of care and over-all satisfaction from the general public. Good for them.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Life is like a quarry, out of which we are to mold and chisel out our complete characters.

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