They Don’t Have to Be Slaves to the Males

Considering how humid it was this morning, it came as no surprise we were drenched with a heavy rain this afternoon. All the while I was busy with little errands this morning, I was keeping a watchful eye on the ominous clouds in the distance. I’m glad we got the rain, but wished it didn’t come so fast because most of it ended up as runoff.

Not much was happening in real estate today other than getting closing files organized, paying bills, and setting up showings for tomorrow. I did do a little paying it forward late this morning by helping a friend of mine get some things moved out of an apartment belonging to an acquaintance of hers. All the while I was loading and un-loading, I was hoping it wouldn’t start raining before I finished. Thank goodness I had it all delivered before the downpour arrived.

I checked on my little plate of boric acid and peanut butter mixture again this afternoon, and those ants are still at it. With the numbers of them that’ve been there, I can only suspect they were coming from more than one nest in the vicinity. If that be the case, then it’ll be just fine by me because that’ll mean I shouldn’t be bothered by them in the near future. In truth, I should’ve taken a proactive step with them after my discovery late last summer. That City trash bin outside the front door of my office which doesn’t get dumped but once a week, has been the real problem, because as most know, ants eat what we eat, and there’ve been many times I’ve seen people throw half-eaten food in it which is a prime target for ant picnicking.

I have a morning appointment to show an inexpensive home to my first-time buyer tomorrow, and when I got a good look at the photo, I was pretty certain I sold it a number of years ago. When I looked to see what the current seller paid for it, I was reminded again how much our market prices have recently spiked. I’ll be giving it a good looking-over while I’m there, and for sure, the buyer is going to be surprised at how small it really is. Those online photos can be extremely deceiving.

While at a groceteria today, I ran into the sister of a woman and her husband I’ve known for a very long time, and the creepiest about it, is my having thought about them as I was driving to work this morning, and telling myself I really should give them a call to see how they’re doing. I was shocked when she proceeded to tell me all the recent health issues her sister’s been having. For sure, I’ll have to give them a call tomorrow morning, as they’ve been the most wonderful people to work with over these long years. From the sounds of it, her back surgery went south to the point where she now has to wear a brace on her “flap” foot. How very sad.

As I was reading the news today, a great sadness came over me regarding the situation that’s taking place in Afghanistan. I can only imagine what’s going to happen with those that can’t get out once the Americans are fully pulled-out of that tribal snake pit. My heart goes out to all those millions of women who’ve learned over these years that they don’t have to be slaves to the males. Irregardless what anyone says, I believe it’s not about faith, but all the more so about absolute control. You do know that they’re allowed to have more than one wife, which is all the more tribal in these times. You can be sure all those mercenaries that’ve rushed to join the Taliban, are there for a high old time with their raping and pillaging. We must never underestimate the dark thoughts and deeds of brutal minds. Believe me, I ran into a few of them right here in North Iowa over these long years.

When I arrived at office this morning, my first chore of the day, was to get a long email sent to an old friend of mine who lives out East, just so I could relay the happenings of yesterday while they were fresh in my mind. I couldn’t help adding a few of my own personal thoughts on the matter. Once I finished, I felt a little lighter when knowing I’ve shared the rest of that long story with another that’s like-minded. Yes, it always helps when there’s another set of ears willing to listen to the happenings taking place in another’s life.

My last appointment of the day was to show a home which I knew was going to be another one of those “going thru the motions”, and only due to my having done enough research on it prior to being jerked away to go show it. When I pulled up, and got a good look from the street, I knew it was going to another one of those over-priced “lipsticked” pigs we’ve been finding popping up for sale across North Iowa.

I arrived long enough before the buyers, just to have a good gander at it before they showed up, and glad I did, because I had a litany of visible problems it had which I began sharing with them. I dare say if there were a level placed on a ceiling, wall or floor, it would’ve been markedly off.

When we finally got to the basement, that’s when yours truly started chirping over all the glaring structural issues that house had, and so much so, I finally said, “This home reminds me of what happens when someone refuses to allow one of their loved ones to pass, to where they’re pumping fresh blood in at one end, and it’s coming out the other.” I may be sounding cruel, but that home has been begging to return to the earth for generations, but there must’ve been a few who thought they were “Dr. House” and able to bring it back to life. Not a chance.

Because it was getting late, naughty me flipped into a darkly humorous mode by making comments about the visual observations we were having of the neighbors. Wicked me!

Tonight’s One-liner is: If you’re losing your soul and you know it, then you’ve still got a soul left to lose.

Joe Chodur

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