It is Possible to Love a Human Being

It was another welcome rain again overnight, and from what I’ve heard, we may be getting more tomorrow. The raging storms are not the most pleasant to endure, but the light rains are always very much welcome.

Instead of waiting the full three days to start cleaning up after my ant invasion, I decided to get everything tidied up early this morning, just so I’d be able to see any signs of their demise. I did go back and check on that little plastic dish containing the boric acid and peanut butter mixture, and sure enough, there was another batch of hundreds in the bowl, only they were congregating on a different side which I thought odd. The ways of ants must be more complex than I’d considered.

Now that the end of the month is approaching, I’ve been slowing receiving the much-needed documents from respective parties, just so we’ll be able to get a few sales closed on time. I just found out yesterday that the back-log of most appraisers are now four weeks out, and the title attorneys are not far behind them.

My meeting with a first-time buyer today wasn’t the most promising for him, and only due to how few available homes there are left in certain price ranges, and one of them was his. I couldn’t help adding that if he wanted one similar to what I sold his sibling about three years ago, he’d be looking at paying at least $30K more. After I told him that, his hopes seemed a bit dashed. I did agree to alert him whenever a new listing came on the market from here on out. There was one I thought worth looking at, so we drove over and had a good look. After the first ten minutes, I could tell it wasn’t his cup of tea. Oh well, at least I now know that it’s not his preferred style.

Since I’m working desperately at getting my little projects under control, I placed a call to three different concrete contractors, and wouldn’t you know, two of the three are booked into next year. The third one agreed to meet with me tomorrow, so we’ll see if he calls. I’d used him before, but at the time, I wasn’t happy over the number of weeks longer I had to wait for him to show up. Well, today he promised me he wouldn’t do it to me again. While writing, I just thought of another concrete contractor I’ll be calling in the morning. Isn’t this getting crazy with how difficult it is to get someone to do something? A person almost feels as if all the contractors are holding us hostage. As we all know, the higher the demand, the higher the prices.

It was a fortuitous event when having run into someone today whom I’d not seen in several years, and wouldn’t you know, I got a whole lot of questions answered regarding some recent events that’d taken place. You can be sure I kept a poker face while he was spilling his guts. Nearly all my suspicions regarding those happenings were confirmed, and as soon as I returned to office, I was on the phone to share the news with a well known who lives out of State who’s been similarly following-after those unfortunate events.

My last remarks centered around my belief that certain families and associations give far too much license to those few in their groups who freely and willing cause others grief, and most times continue to do so because the remainder of them look on with impassivity which is then translated back to those naughty monkeys as being, just OK.

Unfortunately those who’re filled with apathy and even sometimes enjoying in a dark way, that which is being done to others, are in my mind, just as guilty as the perpetrators. You can be sure if there were those in my circle out doing and saying hurtful things to others, I’d be in their faces and demanding they immediately cease what they’re doing, and likely even insisting they formally apologize to those they’ve hurt.

Nearly all of us believe in a higher power, as well as there being a time after our deaths for judgement, which in my mind, and likely many of the cloth would agree; those who take a passive and indifferent stance on the actions of others, and knowing fully-well they have the power to stop it, then they’ve sinned equally. It’s a classic example of guilt by association.

You can make all the excuses you want for those evildoers because unless they’re mentally unfit, then it matters not to me how much alcohol or opioids they place in their bodies each and every day, because at the end of the day, they knew exactly what they were doing. A very long time ago, someone said some very ugly things to me, and in spite of my knowing he’d been in the giggle water, I found those words to be the core of that person’s character, which prompted me to steer as far away as possible. When you stop and think about it, alcohol is nothing more than a truth serum, and the more a person drinks, the more they’ll share all the many deep feelings which nearly never get shared with others. How many times have you heard someone say who’d been partying the night before, “Oh, I hope I didn’t make an ass of myself by saying something I shouldn’t have.” There you are.

My showing over at Prairie Place on 1st went very well, so now all I have to do, is wait for one more family member’s opinion, and if it’s positive, we just may be down to one unit left to sell. Yeah! Had this pandemic not hit our shores in December of 2019, they would’ve all been sold before now.

With today’s news, I’ll be heading to office earlier tomorrow morning to share it in an email with a dear friend who lives out East. I’m sure he’ll be sending some filterless opinions of it all in his return message. Being without guile does have its good points.

Tonight’s One-liner is: It is possible to love a human being if don’t know them too well.

Joe Chodur

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