The Tea was Loose-leaf

Now that we’re less than a week from the first of September, the tell-tale signs of Fall are starting to manifest themselves. It was quite noticeable while I was driving to work early this morning where the sun wasn’t as high in the sky as it’s been these recent months, and of course I noticed it last evening when finding it approaching twilight earlier than what it’s been.

Of course the walnut and oak trees are now starting to drop their fruit and the bushy-tailed squirrels are competing against each other for those prized nuts which they’re burying or storing away in some poor unknowing devil’s attic or garage. Oh I dare not say how many attics of garages and homes I’ve found spent walnut shells. Yes, that’s all they need is just one hole big enough to get their heads thru, and they’ve taken up residence. I’m now reminded of my having mentioned something to a neighbor of a home I had listed where I’d seen a squirrel going into a hole behind his eve trough. He seemed indifferent about it, so I guess it was Ok for those gnawing devils to be chewing away at the underside of his roof. Heaven only knows how many house fires they’ve caused by chewing on live wires.

The biggest problem with raccoons and squirrels getting into homes and garages, is that once they’re established, the more you try to keep them out, the harder they’ll fight to get back in. I hope the day never comes again when I open a vacant home for a buyer’s final walk-thru, and find that a squirrel managed to get inside, but couldn’t get back out. When seeing the amount of damage one squirrel did to the window sashes while trying to get out, I was convinced their teeth are as razor-sharp carbide steel. If you’ve ever watched a squirrel chewing into a rock-hard walnut to get at its meat, you’ll fully understand the strength they have in their jaws.

I was busy half the morning with back and forth emails to a closing company in Des Moines which is handling one of my sales. For sure the old saying, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.”, was quite appropriate for the amount of duplicity I was trying to navigate thru. I think they finally settled down after I emailed them a copy of the purchase agreement, just as proof they’d entered the wrong sale price. I’m sure the seller would’ve been happy to get $5K more, but certainly not the buyer.

By the time I had everyone on the same page with those closing numbers, it was at the hour for me to head out and show a home to my first-time buyer. It was an OK home, but unfortunately the owner had a great deal of “stuff” which didn’t help with its presentation. It wasn’t an absolute “No”, but rather a possibility. After the showing was over, the buyer followed me back to office, just to question a number of other listings that he’d found. After looking up the four or five addresses he had, the most promising ones had already sold. Just as I’ve been saying to other waiting buyers, I insisted he just hang in there until the right one comes along. I’ve found today’s buyers are more short on patience.

By the time he left, it was already approaching Noon, so I went and grabbed a small sandwich and then drove over to where a client of mine is working on a home that’ll be coming up for sale. Since he’s very talented with carpentry, he was busy re-building a set of kitchen cabinets that had been used and abused, but thankfully their quality of construction kept them from falling apart. He’s nearly finished with getting them re-built, and I dare say they don’t even look like the same cabinets. I teased him a little by saying, “In spite of the extra work, there’s no doubt they’ll long out-last anything you’d purchase new at Menards. With him fully immersed in his work, I only stayed a few minutes and then headed back to office.

I have an out of town pre-listing appointment tomorrow morning, so I’ll be busy looking up comparable sales to share with the sellers. I know they’ve made updates on it, but until I get a good look at it, I won’t be able to zero-in on a listing price. It has many things going for it which should attract our ever-waiting buyers. With it being in close driving distance of Mason City, I’m sure the many who’re trying to get out of “Dodge” will be jumping on it. Yes, we’ve lost a number of our residents to country homes and small towns, which should be an ominous sign for our City’s “powers that be”.

My mid-afternoon pre-listing appointment was with the most delightful young couple which didn’t last long enough due to my having to what the clock to make sure I made it to my document signing appointment. I made sure to bring a good number of past sales for them to look over at their leisure. I did point out at least three good comparables which will give them a better idea as to what to price their home at. Before leaving, I was touched when finding they’d made afternoon tea, which brought many heart-felt memories to mind. I couldn’t help asking, “How did you know I drink tea?” The response was, “I thought everyone drinks tea.” Of course I had to take that and run with it a while. The tea was very good, and especially when knowing I normally don’t drink anything but green tea. Judging by the taste of it, I’m sure it was something you’d not find in a groceteria. Oh, and to make it even more special, the tea was loose-leaf. Now how many times have you had loose-leaf tea? For most of our younger crowd, likely never.

Before heading home, I made a quick trip over to Clear Lake to place a sold rider on my listing at 404 S. 9th St. which is coming up for closing next week. The buyer is very excited and wanting it closed as soon as possible. That sale was indeed meant to be.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whenever I read the Globe-Gazette, I’m reminded that most publishing is done thru politics, friends, and natural stupidity.

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