The Dawn of Summer Solstice

Just by looking at tonight’s photo, you can imagine what I was doing prior to 5:30 a.m.this morning, which happened to be my driving around and actively looking for a place to stop and take a few photos of our sunrise. I’ll be sharing others, but I thought this one was the most moving because I got the shot just before the sun appeared on the dawn of Summer Solstice. I was exceptionally glad I took the time this morning, as I’d nearly forgotten how much farther north the sun does rise in the east as we’re approaching the longest daylight hours of our year. I was also a little saddened when knowing that from here on out, our sun will once again, be slowly marching southward.

After my arrival back at office, I spent some additional time doing some last-hour research on the home I listed this morning which is located at 207 N. Hampshire. Most don’t realize where it is because it’s on that dead street which turns into Hampshire Court, and if you’ve ever had a chance to drive down Hampshire Court, you’ll understand that today’s listing is priced far below what those homes would sell for. The only reason the seller is moving, is to be closer to one of her relatives. Yes, it does need some cosmetics, but the bones are good along with some big ticket items having been done which includes nearly new thermal windows that tilt-in for cleaning. As chance would have it, there’s already a showing scheduled for it this evening. Irregardless who its new owners will be, I do hope they take good care of it, along with continuing on with the updates. As far as I’m concerned, the really big plus is it being located only a block away from East Park. Put the word out to all you know who’re actively looking to buy.

I was supposed to get another listing today, but when I called one of the relatives, I found they’d not completed their little “to-do’s”, so it looks like I’ll be waiting several more days. That 3 bedroom home is going to be priced in the lower 40K range which will likely bring all the investors out of the woodwork. I’m sure many of you think I’m now stuck in the rut of selling lower-priced homes, but really not, as it just so happens that I freely and willingly work with all price range of buyers and sellers because everyone deserves the same level of service. Right?

As chance would have it, we now have an offer on 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake. We’re still in the midst of negotiation, and hopefully this time we’ll have a coming together on price. I guess my allowing another agent to show it during my open house did pay off. I’m sure the extra information about that home helped that agent’s buyers make their decision to offer on it. If it does come together, I’ll have to be wearing my running shoes to get it closed in the very short period of time the buyers are requesting. For sure I’ll have to pull some strings to get the seller’s side readied.

I’ve been noticing recently how much more photo “staging” some of my competitors are doing with their listings which causes me to bristle every time I look at their photos. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just not right because it’s creating illusions for those buyers who’re viewing their listings online, and of course they would’ve already had their minds convinced those homes were just what they were looking for before walking in their doors. Believe me, I’ve shown enough of them these recent years, and most of the time, I’m the first one to say, “Hmm…This isn’t what I was seeing online”. I personally ask buyers when looking at my listings, if the photos I’ve taken are representative of what they’re looking at, and almost always they say “Yes”.

Another reason I dislike such marketing strategies, is the huge amount of time I waste when showing homes that appear to have kitchens the size of baseball fields, but when stepping into them, reality hits. So here were are in the times where all the many houses are being “lipsticked”, along with photos being distorted by computer-generated settings. I won’t be surprised if our National Association of Realtors will soon be coming out with some hard rules about mis-representing homes via photo editing. It sort of reminds me of some of the photos my colleagues have on their business cards which appear on the overly-glamorous and evocative side. I suppose I need to get with the program and have my business cards containing a recent photo of yours truly. I’ll try not to crack the lens.

When looking at the weather report today, it did say we received nearly a half inch of much-need rain. I did a quick stroll of my garden this evening and found the tomatoes and peppers doing quite well. I did plant several cucumbers, along with one watermelon plant. Other than that, it’s about as good as it gets for this year. Let’s hope we do get the rain they’re predicting towards the end of this week.

A dear one gave me several carvings last week which I’ll be keeping as a remembrance of her. It makes me sad when knowing she’ll likely never return to North Iowa once her moving van drives off. Before she leaves, I’ll make sure to create time to pay her a visit and listen to more of her worldly stories. As I’ve said to several, she’s been places and done things which most have never even dreamed about. Yes, that’ll be another fine mind who’s exited our City. Now tell me, when are their replacements going to arrive?

Just now I was interrupted by another Realtor’s phone call asking if she could show my new listing tomorrow afternoon. I knew there’d be activity, but not this quickly since I just posted it online late this afternoon. When looking online today, there are now nearly 100 homes under contract and waiting to close in the area in which our MLS covers. I’m still wondering when our inventories will be fully exhausted, and when they are, we’ll be entering yet another uncharted territory. As many years I’ve been selling homes, I’ve never seen our market in such a state of impetuous buying and selling.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whenever arguing over our limitations, we almost always get to keep them.

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