On a Burn

I was ever-so glad it wasn’t so hot out today because I was on a burn from the time I arrived at office, and up until I had to call it quits. Isn’t it interesting how tolerable summer temps can inspire us to do more than we’re used to, and not even notice it?

When opening my email this morning, I discovered a message from the agent who had an offer in 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake, informing me that his buyers would accept my seller’s counter-offer. In a hurried fashion, I highlighted all the changes on the offer requiring initials and signatures, scanned them to my computer, and then emailed the contract to my seller. I then picked up the phone and called to tell him it was on its way and to get it ratified and emailed back to me as soon as possible. When I received it back, I forwarded it to the selling agent, and text him saying it was on its way. The next item, was for me to drive over to Clear Lake and pick up his abstract so I could get it delivered to our abstract company for continuation. I’ll be riding herd on that puppy up until the day of closing due to the quick possession and closing the buyers are requesting. I’m going to remain positive it’ll happen.

After I got that sale placed in the “closing mill”, I turned back to the offer I received on my new listing at 207 N. Hampshire. It came in at very late hour last night to where I didn’t think it best to call my seller, so I phoned her this morning. After going over it with her, there were two questionable items we thought were in need of change, so I phoned the selling agent to share our concerns. After waiting nearly all day for those changes to be made, I was finally able to meet with my seller late this afternoon to get her signatures. One of my colleagues mentioned yesterday morning that it would likely sell right out of the gates, and that’s exactly what it did. I’m pretty sure the main reason it sold so quickly, was due to its location. That really is a high dollar cul-de-sac it’s bordering.

Without even thinking until it was all over, I managed to get two of my listings under contract in one day. Oh how well I enjoy double-headers because it’s a confirmation I can still move like greased lightening when needed. We’ll see what’ll happen when I get another lower-priced home listed this week. I’ll not be surprised if it also goes under contract in a day or two. Yes, this market reminds me of a runaway freight train.

In between working on today’s offers, I made my final preparations for tomorrow morning’s closing on a very late sale which has gone far past its closing date. I did deliver the transfer docs to the banker and while there, we shared each other’s take on what our market will be like in three years. I think she was surprised by my comment regarding our economy and the hyper-inflationary direction it seems to be taking. She didn’t seem understand until I mentioned how much more expensive our building materials, meat, and just about everything else has become. As far as I’m concerned, we’ve grown too used to prices being relatively stable these recent years, but when the costs of nearly everything goes up, that’s when it’s troubling. Before walking out, my last statement was, “We can’t allow such worries to weigh heavy on us because it’s so big, and there’s absolutely nothing you or I can do about it other than live thru it.”

I’m hoping all of you got a good look at the ad I placed in today’s Shopper. Yes, I bit the bullet by having a full front-page ad placed for Sunday’s open house over at Prairie Place on 1st. As I mentioned, I couldn’t get the number of units remaining changed to two instead of three because our last sale was past their cut-off. I was delighted when having already been messaged from several people regarding how well it was written. I actually didn’t see it until I arrived home, and yes, it looked acceptable. I’ll now be patiently waiting to see how many prospective buyers arrive.

My late afternoon showing was at 142 – 15th St. NW which went well, but I’m not so sure that buyer is capable of purchasing a home until hers is sold, and unfortunately it’s located in a very small town about an hour’s drive from here. Yes, the homes in many of our area small towns are selling, but I’m not so sure of those in the far-off hinterlands. Oh well, at least I once again did my duty by showing it to a tire-kicking prospect. I’m now growing all the more convinced it’s that gravity furnace in its basement that’s causing people to shy away. As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have a gravity furnace because I’ve always hated how forced-air furnaces noisily blow so much air around all winter. Gravity furnaces offer a much more even heat than the “blowers”. Yes, they’re not as fuel-efficient as our new units, but definitely more comforting during our cold winter nights.

While out driving to appointments, I happened to notice more dying trees in our Downtown, and some of them having broken limbs. I’d say there’ve been three trees in a two block area of my office which’ll have to be cut down. That long hot and dry spell we were having is now showing its end results. Unfortunately, I’ll have to continue watering my garden until we receive more rain, along with the plants getting tall enough to shade the soil. Can you imagine what those fruit and vegetable farmers out in the Southwest are dealing with right now? Like I said before, get ready for another price hike in the produce section of our groceterias. Have you noticed how expensive a pound of butter is right now? I’ve personally never seen it that expensive.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Live so that when those whose lives you’ve touched think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.

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