Russian Tarragon

It looks like we’re getting a little more of that much-needed rain which should keep our farmers from developing ulcers over their wilting crops. I haven’t even looked to see how much we received since Thursday, but I think the dousing we received these past 24 hours was at least a good half inch. By the looks of how quickly it moved thru, I’d say there were areas of North Iowa that didn’t get as much as others. It sounds like our work week ahead is going to be filled with sunshine and lower temps.

I did get a little practicing in before heading over to St. Paul Lutheran, and when I did arrive, I had to ring their doorbell again for their pastor to come down and let me in. We did have a nice chat, along with him giving me a several more minor changes to the music they’d scheduled.

The moment I hit the keys on their piano, I could tell they did manage to get it tuned since I last played it. I ran thru the pieces given me, and then played some background music until their Service started. It was good to see over 40 people in attendance again, which gives me hope there’ll be more returning on a regular basis.

Everything went well, and I dare say there wasn’t much I could find to complain about regarding the music I played, so it looks like I’ve finally got their order of music down pat. Truth be told, if it wasn’t so closely related to the Services of another church I used to play for, I doubt it would’ve taken me so long to get up to speed. When thinking about it, learning something new that’s closely related to what one already knows, gives cause to unknowingly fall back on old habits. Make sense?

Just as I walked into my office, the phone rang and it happened to be someone living out on the East Coast who was inquiring on one of my listings. I must’ve been on the phone with her for a good 20 minutes, and during that time, I stressed she make a trip out here to personally inspect the property. I’m growing all the more wary of buyers who’re making offers on properties they haven’t even personally inspected. This buying craze is causing our general public to be far too trigger-happy when it comes to buying homes. I’m not so sure today’s caller would be a good fit for the one she was calling on.

With our skies clear, I changed my clothes and went back to work on another project I’ve been chipping away at, and even though I didn’t do that much, I at least got a few more things done before heading back to office to grab a bite to eat.

After my lunch break, I did some weeding and trimming at the back of my office, and then headed over to my little/big project and worked in the yard until the rain arrived. Last year, I purchased six small pots of Russian Tarragon and planted them in a flowerbed I’d just cleared. I did make sure they were watered and fertilized until the frost arrived. Tonight’s photo is one I took of those beauties. When Spring arrived, I noticed they all made it, so I busied myself to make sure there were no weeds growing near them. When looking at them today, I was in near shock to see they’re now over three feet tall and looking very healthy. For whatever reason, those plants certainly enjoy the spot where I planted them because I’ve never seen Tarragon grow so straight and tall.

Most people don’t realize that it’s a very good herb which can be used in just about any recipe which includes meat. I’ve had a French Tarragon plant in my flowerbed for a number of years, and what I like about it most, is when it’s finely chopped and then added to a spaghetti sauce containing meat. With that one addition, adds another level of texture and taste. I does have a slight taste of anise, but not nearly as strong. I’ll be picking some of the Russian Tarragon and using it in a recipe, just to see if there’s a distinct difference between the Russian and French varieties. When noticing the way in which they were standing so straight and tall, they’d surely be a great plant to have growing at the rear of a flower bed, as they’d provide a good back-drop of manageable silver-coated greenery. I’ve never noticed them being bothered by bugs or munching deer and rabbits, and likely due to the smell of anise that keeping them away.

With the rain storm heading my way, I quickly finished-up the yard work I was doing, put my tools away, and then headed back to office before the showers arrived. By the time I got my clothes changed and then performing a few more office chores, the clouds dispersed, and once again leaving the sun to re-appear.

In spite of my not having done that much hard work today, I was sure feeling as if I’d been hard at it the entire day. I’m now thinking it was a carry-over from my exhausting labors of yesterday. Not to worry, it’s usually the case for most of us where we feel the after-effects of strain the following day.

I forgot to mention my having emailed a colleague a copy of the back cover of that memorial pamphlet from last Saturday’s funeral I played for over at First Baptist Church. Believe it or not, it was a very well-done printing of the Lord’s Prayer in Norwegian. Since my friend happens to be 100% Norwegian, I thought she’d enjoy it. I did mention that when looking at it more closely, I was picking out some German sounding words which caused me to say, “I don’t think it would be very hard at all for me to learn Norwegian due to its Germanic roots. I did get a good laugh out of that one.

Wish me luck with tomorrow’s showing over at Prairie Place on 1st. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there’d be only one unit remaining for sale before next Sunday’s public open house? Yes, it’s time for that complex to be completely sold out.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A gentleman is known best by the silence he keeps.

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