When heading out this morning, I found the temps had finally started to drop back down to a zone of comfort. I’m still amazed at how our once normal summers and winters have turned into months of erratic weather patterns. Up until these recent years, I was never fearful of thunderstorms, but since those straight-line winds started in, I cringe every time there’s one heading our way. Our so-called tree experts have had a good run at making a great deal of money from all our downed trees these past five years. It’s no wonder more of our home buyers are carefully inspecting the tall trees that are on or near the homes they’re looking at purchasing. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if there’ll be some relatively cheap add-on insurance being offered to homeowners which would create better financial safety nets. Getting a downed or severely storm-damaged tree cut up and hauled off is much more costly than most would consider, but after it happens but once, is when a hard reality hits.

Since my morning was free, I went back to toil on my little/big project which I’ve not worked on in some weeks due to all those other more important “to-do’s” on my list. I did get a good four hour work-out, and by the time I reached a place to quit, I was on the brink of wanting to have a good late-morning nap. I keep telling myself it’s just a good way to keep my muscles toned. Right?

While out, I stopped at a drive-thru and picked up a small burger and headed to my office to get my clothes changed and cleaned up for this afternoon’s public open house. Finding the double drive-thru line far too long, I parked my car and headed inside to order. There weren’t that many people seated within, which confirmed my earlier prediction regarding how the habits of our general public will have permanently changed after this pandemic is over.

On a personal level, I still wear my mask whenever shopping in stores, as well as places where there are a number of people coming and going. As long as we still have confirmed new cases of the China-virus in our Country, I’ll continue to remain pro-active with my distancing and confinement in public places. It’s been alarming of late to see nearly everyone carrying on as though it’s all over, and believe you me, it’s not.

I managed to make it to my open house a few minutes early which allowed time to get all the lights turned on and doors unlocked. Moments after seating myself on a sofa, I suddenly felt like I was in great need of a nap, so I grabbed something to read until the first group of lookers arrived. Thank goodness they came as soon as they did because my eyelids were growing all the heavier.

With the number of people I had coming and going, I’d say I was alone in the home 20 minutes at best. There were three separate groups who were showing the greatest interest, and to the point where I’ll not be surprised if we have an offer on it this coming week. Since I’m very familiar with that home, I made sure to relay all the extra features about it which most agents who’ve shown it, don’t understand or know about. As far as I’m concerned, it was a very good turn-out at that home, and as soon as I returned to office, I called the seller and relayed the results.

While at office, I returned a few phone messages, and then went back to doing a little more research on several homes I’ll be listing next week. My goal this weekend, is to be as much prepared for the coming days, as I’m certainly going to be loaded-up with appointments, and especially knowing my appointment book is already filling.

After closing up shop, I headed over to a groceteria to pick up a few things before heading home. As nearly always, I happened upon a face out of my past, and today’s was a woman who’s getting up there in years, and unfortunately once she hit 90, she’s become all the more bitter. After getting an ear-full of her tearing down others with her bloated gossiping, I finally cut her off by saying, “I really have to get going because I’ve got work waiting for me when I get home.” I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying to her, “I just happened to be driving past your home several days ago and noticed a very large dent in your garage door.” You can bet she would’ve had a flimsy excuse for having run into it, but that’s what happens when a person enters those quirky years of ninety-something.

As much as I truly appreciate the concept of growing old, I still can’t get my brain wrapped around the mentalities of some seniors who work very hard at dressing and acting like teenagers. The woman I encountered today had her hair dyed far too dark, unbecoming tight-fitting clothes, and way, way, way too much makeup on, and to think how long it must take her to get it all scraped off every night before hitting the hay. I’ve long tired of hearing stories regarding the mention of others saying how “pretty” she looked. You’d think she’d finally give it up when knowing she’s over 90. Every age does have its beauty as long as we accept and learn from each and every one of them.

This past week I’d been on the “hunt” for the name of a perennial flower I’ve always loved, and to the point where I even joined Facebook groups with photos of it. Finally after hitting dead-ends, a gentleman returned a photo which was a dead-ringer, along with its botanical name. Finally! The simple reason I wanted the name of it, was to be prepared if my perennial should die from either drought or winter-kill. I dare not say how many flower catalogs I’d gone thru in search of it, so if any of you are wanting to find the name of a given flower, join a few Facebook groups. I’m ever-thankful to one of my friends for having suggested it. Thank you very much!

Tonight’s One-liner is: True icons are larger than life, unforgettable with an elegance that’s mesmerizingly timeless.

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