Contraction of Talented

In spite of receiving a little more rain, it sure ended up being a hot and humid day today, and exceptionally glad I wasn’t out in it that much once the afternoon sun arrived. I did get the arrow sign for my open house tomorrow, over to Clear Lake before the worker traffic started, just so all the many more people would see it before tomorrow afternoon. In spite of it being that early, there was far more than expected traffic on the highway.

When I returned to office, I prepared all the documents I needed for my meeting with another agent who has a couple interested in one of the units over at Prairie Place on 1st. Just as I finished making the last copy for him, he walked in. It didn’t take long for me to go over the buyer documents because I’d already highlighted the most important sections for their review and subsequent signatures. We visited a little bit, and then off he went to meet with his buyers.

The remainder of my morning was spent getting more files readied for next weeks closings, and then heading over to the home of a dear gent who sold me the chimney cabinet I spoke about some days ago. Not long ago, one of his friends offered to help me get it out of the basement, but when I went down and gave it a good lift on my own, I was pretty confident I’d be able to safely carry it out without another’s help.

While climbing that stairway, I took one careful step at a time, and managed to get it up and out without scratching it or the walls. I did have to move my passenger seat forward and then fold down the back seats, just so I could get it far enough in so the back-hatch of my vehicle would close. Again, no scrapes or scratches.

When I first agreed to buy it, I thought I’d be finding a place for it in my home, but while driving back to office, I suddenly remembered I was in need of a cabinet for the half bath in my office. In my mind, I gauged the depth and width, and suddenly realized it would fit if my mental calculations were correct. I backed my vehicle up to the back door and carried it into my water closet. After placing it in the corner and then standing back for a good judging of placement, I’d say it couldn’t have been a better fit. I now have a cabinet where I can store toilet tissue, paper towels, and all the other “stuff” one would keep in a half-bath. The shelves in my office supply storeroom are now less jamb-packed. I couldn’t have placed that chimney cabinet in a more conspicuous place when knowing it’ll be my daily remembrance of that kind gentleman who sold it to me.

Shortly afterwards, the Realtor I spoke with this morning, arrived with an offer on Unit 308 over at Prairie Place. I looked it over and told him I’d present it and get back to him after meeting with the CEO of Good Shepherd. Fortunately I was able to catch him during a break in his work, so agreed to come to office at a moment’s notice.

We talked about the price and terms, and after few moments of thought, he agreed to all the terms except price, so I changed the price, had him initial and sign everything. We then played a little catch-up on the marketing plans for those units before he had to head back to work.

I called the agent with the counter, and told him it was about as good as it would get considering the tight margins we had to work with. After hanging up with him, I had a good feeling he was going to get his buyers to agree, and wouldn’t you know, he returned to my office about a half hour later with a ratified contract. Yeah! We now only have two units remaining, and those being a one bedroom unit on 2nd floor, and a two bedroom unit on 2nd.

What’s going to be nice about the open house I have planned over at Prairie Place for the 27th of June, is that I’ll not be running from floor to floor anymore because they’re both on the same level. Unfortunately the ad I placed with the Shopper for this coming Tuesday, had a cut-off date of yesterday, so instead of having the listed three available units, there’s now only two. But, there could be even another one sold before the 27th because I have an appointment to show the remaining one bedroom this coming Monday. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if I would have all of them sold before my open house?

As I mentioned to the “powers that be” a number of times, this pandemic had those last units in limbo for well over a year, and believed once a vaccine was discovered and distributed to our elderly, they’d be back out looking for something befitting their senior needs. I’m also convinced that once those units are filled, there’ll be a waiting list for those wanting to live there.

While visiting with several people this past week about not being able to find people who’re specialized in various fields, I’m coming into an understanding that if we don’t get our younger crowd interested in the many trades, we’re all going to be suffering. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked about painters, handymen, tree trimmers, lawn care workers, snow removal workers and the list goes on. Those you can truly depend on, are few and far between, and even more so those who’re charging fair prices. Yes, I believe our entire Nation is experiencing a contraction of talented workers.

On another note, I was also informed this past week how few organists there are in North Iowa, and especially those who can play the old pipe organs like I’ve played at several of our churches. No matter what anyone says, there’s a huge difference between electronic organs and the true pipes, as for me, their voices sound and “feel” different.

Tonight’s One-liner is: A lot of what’s most beautiful about our world, arises from struggle.

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