The More Dim

Without a doubt, my day started off on the wrong foot when seeing we had frost, and not just a light one in our lowlands, but nearly everywhere I looked while driving to work this morning. Some would’ve thought it a beautiful sight when seeing the frosted roofs sparkling in our morning sun, but the damage done last night was definitely there, and most won’t realize the severity of it until a day or two has passed, and yes, some of my tomatoes and peppers were burned to the point where I doubt if they’ll recover.

My first appointment at office, was to get some initials on the sale that came together late last night, and glad it did because there’s nothing like it on our market right now. As soon as the buyer arrived, I had him initial the changes, and then quickly scanned and emailed the contract to the listing agent. There’s no question my buyer was lucky in making his decision yesterday, as it most likely would’ve had multiple offers on it today. These rapid listings and sales do make a person more on edge when knowing a home could be listed today, and then sold tomorrow. There’s no longer much of that “Give me a day or two to think about it.” time, when homes are selling so quickly.

I did visit with a Realtor from the Des Moines area about their market, and it sounds like they’re prices are still climbing, but at least they have more to choose from which at least offers more of a variety of inventory for their buyers. As chance would have it, she was scheduled to show my listing at 404 S. 9th St. in Clear Lake after my open house today.

The rest of my morning was spent returning calls and emails that came in late yesterday, along with finally being able to get in touch with the seller of 114 – 11th St. NE, just so we could get together tomorrow afternoon for a chat about my new game-plan in getting that home sold. Yes, I’m nearly certain the “old girl” has made up her mind that it’s new owner will be of her choosing, and not the other way around. I still have a couple interested in it, but they have to wait several more months to get their finances in order, and as much as I’d really like to see them own it, I’d rather not have that listed any longer than absolutely possible. I’ve stated many times the fact regarding how easily it could be trick-out with a few updates and a lot of sweat, but in the end, there’d be a good $40K of instant equity after those improvements were completed.

I stayed as far away from those Band Festival activities today, and from what I’ve been hearing, its attraction is growing all the more dim, which was confirmed when seeing how soon it was all over, and then the mad-dash of cars trying to get out of our Downtown. I got a number of good “ganders” at the pedestrians walking past my office, which verified what I said last night about the “textures” of spectators having noticeably changed. I continue wondering when our Chamber of Commerce and City Fathers are going to realize, their prized annual Band Festival has fallen greatly out of favor these past ten years to where it’s almost a joke they’re still having it, and this dragging it on for the sake of tradition, only tarnishes the memories we have of it, back when they were real performances worth watching. It’s too bad those promoters of it, aren’t like some of those Broadway theaters where long-running shows are canceled due to lack of audience interest. This business of “The show must go on.”, was only a dramatic statement used in an old black and white movie. It the case of our Band Festival, the show should not go on.

On my way over to Clear Lake’s open house, I got a good look at the riders and their families who were waiting their turns to get strapped into those ancient carnival carriages, and all I could say to myself after seeing what I could, was “Just remember Mr. Chodur. God loves us all great and small.” Yes, that gathering was quite remarkable.

I managed to arrive at my open house a few minutes early, which afforded me time to get all the lights on, along with giving the front patio and sidewalks a good sweeping off of those nasty seeds which’d dropped from a tree out front.

The first twenty minutes were dead, but soon after, there was a steady stream of lookers, and if my judgement would be correct, I’d say there were at least two interested buyers, with which I spent even more time sharing all the recent updates and qualities contained. I did mention to one of them that if it were built today, the cost of construction would likely be close to $500K. Yes, the price tag would be that much when considering it’s brick which always adds many more thousands in cost. Thinking about it just now, I doubt there’s been a new brick home built in our area for at least 15 years or more.

After closing up for the day, I headed back to my office to drop off its file and open house signs. I checked for messages, read a little on-line news, and then called it quits for the day. While driving south on Washington, I did notice Central Park dotted with tents which were filled with all that carny junk being sold by those vendors who make a point of following those migrating carnival vans. Can you imagine what it would be like to be a carny? The thought of being on the road nearly the entire year, would have me fit to be tied. Yes, those workers are either filled with a “wanderlust”, running away from a past life, or possibly looking for the perfect opportunity to grab that elusive “golden ring” which so many dream about.

Before heading home, I stopped at Fleet Farm to have a good look at their garden center. Oh my goodness! Many of their vegetable plants got burned as well, and the only thing I was looking for, was just one small pot of cucumbers which I wanted to plant for my own use. Well, after picking thru at least two flats, I found one pot with two plants in it which may possibly make it, so I bought it. If they die, then oh well, at least I tried.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but all the more around in order to sharpen our rusted skills of awareness.

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