Inexorable Imperative

When checking the lowlands this morning, there was just a very light dusting of frost in the lowest of areas which was of a great relief for me, and fortunately my pepper and tomato plants dodged that little bullet of frost. I mentioned something today to one of my clients the fact that I’ve never in all these years seen it arrive this late. My belief, is that it’s our jet stream that’s wobbling out of its normal path, and in turn makes our arctic areas warmer, which exacerbates the melting of its perma-frost, and in the end, causes more methane to be released into our atmosphere which contributes to global warming. Yes, it’s just another example of Mother Nature’s cause and effect, which is why I once again encourage all of you to find the book, “Man’s Greatest Fear”, and give it a thoroughly reading.

I made sure to arrive at office early enough, just so I could grab one of my directional open house signs and then drive over to Clear Lake to place it conspicuously at a curbside near 404 S. 9th St. where my open house will be tomorrow afternoon. I’m working at doing everything I can to get it sold, while hoping tomorrow will be when it’s new owner will arrive on the scene.

On my way back, I made sure to get a good look at all the new construction going on over there, and I must say, my hat goes off to the progress they’re making. Their new hotel/convention center is certainly moving along, which won’t surprise me if they’ll be ready for occupancy by the end of summer.

In spite of all the hype being created by a “select few” of our special interest groups over that stupid Music Man Bridge to nowhere, the “ghost” hotel next to the near-dead mall, and then their even more insane brain-storm of re-building that mall into something everyone will go rushing to patronize, I continue to remain near-certain that in the end, such fairytales are going to turn into one yell-of-a financial nightmare for our citizenry. I’m wondering why our investigative reporters from the “Glob” newspaper haven’t researched how much money that so-called “seasoned” developer has already been advanced, and yet there’s still no financing in place, and definitely not even a cupful of ground broken. I suspect there’s been a million dollars already handed to him, and still nothing to show for it. It’s looking all the more like a snake oil scam to me.

Now that Kevin Jacobson’s gone, there’s nobody left to keep a close-grip on the purse strings of our City’s monies, which makes a person wonder what’ll be their next lame-brained idea. When thinking I was only a small percentage of people who liked him, I found later, a very many more stepping forward to sing his praises. Yes, he was a gifted financial officer who was never of that “Well, if it’s there, let’s spend it.” mindset.

When I returned to office, most of my day was consumed by working off and on a “problem child” file which is now set to close this next week, and you can be sure I’ll be ready to dance on the ceiling when it does, as it been a very long struggle getting it sold. I told the buyer today my feelings regarding his coming up with a good plan and stick to it, and then more likely able to restore it back into a sparkling gem.

After finishing up on that file, I headed out to pay some of my end-of-the-month bills which I usually don’t until the very end of the month, but with all our Downtown Memorial Day detours, I figured it best to get them paid today.

Over these past several days, I’ve been asking people if they’re planning on attending any Band Festival activities, and wouldn’t you know, not one said they were going, which came as no surprise because when I watched that parade two years ago, I thought it something akin to what a much smaller community would attempt to pull off. I got one of the clerks laughing when I said, “I’ll not be attending as well, due to noticing how the “texture” of the crowd in attendance has noticeably changed.” While rolling her eye’s, her reply was, “You got that right!”

Not until today, did I discover there’s going to be a triathlon taking place over at Clear Lake tomorrow, and from what I’ve heard, they’ve got nearly two hundred people who’ve signed up, and since I have appointments in the morning, and then my public open house in the afternoon, I won’t be able to see it. I’ll sure to be making a note to find out when the next one will be, just so I can make time to watch them. Doing a triathlon is one heck of an accomplishment, as back when I was long-distance running, my longest stretches were half-marathons, which was just good enough for me. I wish them all much success tomorrow when knowing the lake-water temps are going to be very cold.

Most of my afternoon was spent with buyers who’ve been looking for their first home, and today I think we managed to find one that’s acceptable. We lingered within longer than usual, just to make sure it would be a good fit. After talking it over, they decided to make an offer on it, so back to my office we flew so I could get a purchase agreement prepared, and then emailed over to the listing agent. I did tell the buyers that if I were the sellers’ agent and getting as clean an offer as theirs, I’d be strongly encouraging them to take it. I’m going to remain positive it’ll happen.

Several of my “familiars” called today, just to see how things have been on my side of the fence, and then fortunately hearing all’s been well with them. Since they live out of State, I oft times get teased about how cold we are here, in comparison to their temps. They were shocked to hear about the light frost we had in our lowlands, which prompted me to share my Mother Nature’s “cause and effect” theory with them. Yes, getting plugged-in with several good and soulful visits, certainly brightened my gray day.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Adapt or perish, now as ever, is Nature’s inexorable imperative.

Joe Chodur

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