Whenever In the Woods

It was a chilly and wet early Sunday morning while making my first stop at the cemetery to pay my “official” respects to some of my deceased family members. While standing over their graves, my thoughts went back to kinder and gentler times, and when nearly compelled to start speaking out loud about the things that’ve happened since their deaths, I stopped myself due to knowing fully-well they already know.

While standing at my parents grave, I began recalling all those pleasant memories which has helped to keep them part of my life, as it’s been written a number of times by notable authors, the idea that whenever someone forgets about a certain descendant, that’s when they’re completely dead. This business of Memorial Day being the day to pay tribute to our deceased, is kinda silly in my book, as there’s likely not been a day I’ve not had thoughts regarding those I hold dearest.

On the flip-side, there was one particular man who passed-on a number of years ago, whom I had to work very hard at getting him out of my near-daily thoughts, and believe you me, they were not the kindest, but in the end, I managed to drive him out of my mind/soul/spirit, which finally sent him forevermore into the real land of the dead.

While visiting with a dear friend today, she also mentioned the fact that she rarely even thinks about someone who’s still alive, and for the reason that particular person having done many evil things to her in the past, and believes “the evil” one is now living the life of the “living-dead”. Yes, it may sound a bit harsh, but when thinking about it, don’t you think it best to place such people in such guarded places, just so you can continue on with being the best you can be for all the many other dear souls who’re still living? Personally, I’d rather not bother my brain thinking about such tortured souls.

After bidding farewell to my loved ones, I headed to office and sent myself off to that darkened corner to get my Sunday morning contemplative session started. Since I have certain people whom I’ve added to my chain of prayer, I make sure to address their needs and current problems, and while in council, my thoughts were taken to the sad state in which our world’s in, and deeply praying there’ll soon be a turnabout in its selfish ways. Whether we want to admit it or not, we must continue patching together this societal quilt of ours, which keeps us warm and safe during those suddenly cold and dark days when that quilt is most needed. It was a fine session, which offered me a good metaphysical lifting-up while enabling me to press forward with a fresh new week.

My next chore of the day, was to get back outdoors and get some more yard work done which has been a daunting task this year, and mostly due to our recent strong winds taking down branches and limbs. While over at Clear Lake yesterday, I noticed piles of them at some of their curbsides, which indicated they’d also been hit with them. The lingering fear I now have, is a repeat in North Iowa of the derecho which pulverized the Cedar Rapids area last year. In one of my online classes last week, several of the students happened to be from that area, and shared some of their own hair-raising stories regarding the damage that was done to their own homes and neighborhoods. One of them said it would likely take more than twenty years before their streets would appear even close to what they looked like before that storm hit. Too scary don’t you think?

When seeing the clock approaching noontime, I returned to office and changed back into my “Realtor” clothes, just so I’d be ready for my meeting with the owner of 114 – 11th St. NE. After she arrived, we sat and had a good long talk about the things needing to be done to make it more marketable to our buyers. I assured my help as much as possible, but this time, there must be a full cooperation on her part. She agreed, so we’ll see what happens these coming months.

Before she left, we had a very long talk about how certain personalities within given families, can poison the trusting minds of the bulk within, and whenafter they do finally realize they’ve been duped by those few pot-stirrers, end up realizing they’d alienated the good ones, and left to embrace the bad within their units, as there’s no turning of clocks back in time. I assured her, it happens in nearly every family, and especially when there are great age differences, and all many in numbers. Don’t you think it almost sounds something like, “Too many cooks spoil the soup.” I winked while saying, “I tell the curious, I’m an only child who was lost in the woods and raised by wolves.” Too funny.

Speaking of woods, I thought you might like tonight’s photo I took of a lone flowering tree growing in the midst of a solid green canopy, which brought to mind how oft times whenever in timberland, I’d happen upon something in bloom. Yes, that tree was noticeably striking this morning by being in a total contrast of those solid green trees. Irregardless of what type it was, it’s beauty incited me to capture and share with you all.

After my client left, I finished making notes in her file, and then headed out to see if I could find some cucumber plants, and every place I went, there were none, and likely due to the night before last’s frost, as they’re very sensitive to such cold temps. After checking three different places, I finally gave up and purchased several packets of seeds at a late season discount. One of them were pickling cukes, and the other for slicing. I haven’t had a patch of cucumbers for a number of years, so I figured it was time.

I like pickles, and especially the Koshers, so if that crop is good, I’ll have some tasty quarts in the larder before winter hits, along with fresh to share. They’re really not that hard to make, and all the more tasty when knowing they’re all natural and home-grown.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Where great love abides, there you will always find the best of no-strings-attached wishes. Amen I say to this memorable one-liner.

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