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These temperature swings we’re having, sure keeps us on our toes regarding what we should and shouldn’t be wearing before we step outdoors. Without a doubt, today’s dampness made us feel all the colder.

The first item on my list of this morning’s duties, was to head over to the home that I was to get closed before noontime, just so to get the lockbox removed from the front door, along with pulling my yard sign. The creepiest of happenings, was a passing thought I had much earlier about a particular person driving by that home while I was there, and without even thinking about it while there, just as I was getting back in my car, he waved at me while driving by. It sent a weird feeling thru me for a moment, but then I just shrugged it off as pure coincidence, but then later questioning, “Why did I see him in my mind instead of the many others I know who take that street on their way to work?” That was just one more inexplicable happening in the life of yours truly.

Since I’d not written to a dear friend in weeks, I figured this morning was the best time, as I did have about an hour to kill before I had to head out to my closing. There was much to share since I last wrote, so it was a long one, but glad to’ve been able to get it sent off before I had to leave. As much as our society has fallen away from sending letters, I’ve always considered it more of a personal touch rather than picking up the phone and calling. Another bonus regarding the writing of letters, is that it promotes creativity.

With the hour near, I took one last look at my sale file, and then headed out to my closing. After it was all over, I wished the selling agent’s buyer the very best, dropped off a loan payoff at a bank, and then headed over to the seller’s home with check in hand.

When I arrived, I was invited in, and was delighted to find all furniture placed, and nearly everything put away. Now that was some undertaking, yet not much of a surprise because the owner is one of those who doesn’t wait for another day to get something done. Yes, there are a handful of people living in our midst who should be cloned, and appropriately placed in key positions of our City. We had another pleasant chat, and then I left.

My next duty, was to drive over to one of my recent sales and pick up the abstract belonging to the owner of a home which recently sold. Expecting to be there for only a minute or two, there just happened to be a man visiting whom I’d not see in a very many years. Oh my goodness! In spite of it being decades ago, when seeing his face, triggered many memories to come rushing forward. After today’s chat, I was reminded again how the winds of both fate and choice, can blow people in the most curious of life-directions. At least he seemed happy, so I guess that’s all that counts.

Since I’ll likely have to get my continuing education done online this year, I had Zoom installed on my computer, and did a conference with another professional who agreed to walk me thru it. Once connected, she helped me to navigate the site, along with things I should and shouldn’t do while in an online class. I couldn’t help sharing what someone said about being in a Zoom conference, which was, “Make sure you’re not in your underwear while in a meeting because everyone will see your junk.” Yes, I’ve heard of some embarrassing things people have done while in those meetings when thinking they’re “off-line”. After we finished up and signed-off, I felt pretty confident about spending many future hours in an online classroom setting. After having a good thought about it all, there’s no question we will not be returning to the business practices we had prior to the arrival of this pandemic. I suspect there’ll be many big office buildings permanently half-emptied of workers by the time it’s over. The lack of personal interaction does have negative psychological effects which I’ve already noticed.

After seeing a recent sale price of a home being posted, I placed a call to a woman who wanted me to call and tell her what it ended up selling for. The first shock happened to be mine when seeing the amount paid, and the second was hers. She quickly added, “If that house sold for such a price, then mine is worth many thousands more.” I earlier warned her about these spiking home prices, and if the costs for building materials continue to climb, we’ll be seeing more “used” homes selling for even more. I heard today that the price of lumber is going to go up another 17% in the near future.

The thrust of our conversation, was my being brought fully up to speed on the interconnected relationships of several families which had me near-speechless. Since she’d been sideline bystander over these many years, I was fully brought up to speed on blood-lines, illegitimate births, multiple affairs, and just about everything I’d suspected, but never having confirmed. Wow! I told her I was likely going to have a grandaddy of a nightmare tonight. After hearing the full “scoop” regarding those four families which have now spanned three generations, I’m even more convinced that one’s DNA, could possibly be more of a factor in the way people live their lives from the time they’d come down their “chutes”. Yes, environments do play a big part, but when seeing from the get-go, an internal desire to be bad, that’s when I begin connecting dots.

The real shocker, was being when told a certain child of one of those families, was only the mother’s who happened to have one of those passing affairs in the night, and then me saying, “I’ve always questioned that child being fathered by a different.”, along with the shocker of shockers, when hearing who the real father was. Light attracts light, and dark attracts dark, and too creepy-crazy of day for even me to discern. Yes, I’ll likely awaken tomorrow thinking today’s information over-load, was just a very bad dream.

Tonight’s One-liner is: All changes are more or less tinged with melancholy, for what we’re leaving behind, is part of ourselves which we’ve forgotten to carry with us.

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