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I was exceptionally thankful our rain stopped all the sooner this morning, as there were several people in the midst of moving today, and we all know what it’s like to be carrying furniture to and from an enclosed truck in the rain. I never checked to see how much we received, but it was enough to create some puddling around town.

Nearly two hours of my morning were filled with my research and then a phone call to a landline phone carrier. After receipt of another bloated bill from the one my office has used for well over a decade, I decided enough was enough. Now, if I were a company providing phone services to long-term customers, I’d be doing everything I could to keep them, but in today’s robot-activated and weak “live” customer service centers, that’s a concept having been pushed by the wayside, and all in the name of greed.

The young gentleman I was on the phone with while investigating and subsequently subscribing to his company’s services, quickly realized I wasn’t going to be a push-over when attempting to cross-sell me something I didn’t need, along with him asking me for unnecessary personal information.

Because we were on the phone so long, I gradually slid onto the subject of people who’re not well-versed in the English language, and making big mistakes in their communications due to not truly learning the correct pronunciations of common words. I also talked about how all the many speak far too fast without opening their mouths more, just so they’re able to direct their accented words more clearly. For me, the biggest issue, is their rapid muffled speech.

By the time we were finished, he actually thanked me for our good chat, which made me think he was actually listening to what I had to say on the matter, and will likely work at getting his pronunciation and delivery bettered. The one thing I’ve noticed with people who’re speaking to someone whose English is weak, always raising their voices with them. I have to laugh because it’s not usually a hearing issue for those non-native speakers. Too funny.

I was glad to find I didn’t have to call my existing carrier for the switch-over, as nearly every time I’d be on the phone with them regarding issues I was having, would evolve into unpleasant experiences, and with them, I’m nearly certain their call-center must be located in some Asian country. If you care to listen closely to the background noise while they’re on the phone, those faint voices you’re hearing, are not in English.

Before noon, I did my own personal walk-thru on my listing which was closing this afternoon, just to make sure all was well, along with picking up my sold sign. After finishing up, I walked out of there saying to myself again, “This house was built like a battleship.”, and when the new owners are finished with their upgrades, it’ll be the pride of the entire block. You can be sure I’ll be keeping a close eye on their progress.

One of my customers stopped by today to tell me about his raccoon problem, which is now going to require more drastic action on his part. As I’ve known from past experiences, once raccoons gets entry to an attic or soffit of a home or building, it’s a battle to keep them out. After hearing what that varmint had done, I was prompted to encourage him to get a live trap, and once caught, have it permanently removed by either taking it many miles away for release, or having it laid on its back in a hot oven’s roaster with all arms and legs extended. Oh Mercy, I can see it now. Yes, those devils are able to pull back tin and tear off shingles to get back into what they believe is their “claimed” living quarters.

If the residents of our fair City only knew how many secret openings they’ve created in the attics of our homes, they’d all be hiring someone with a video camera-mounted drone to get full-visuals of areas of their roofs which cannot be seen from ground levels. Those nasty creatures are even clever enough to tear open roof and gable vents to get entry. After he left my office, many past visuals came rushing back to mind. The dirtiest part about them gaining entry to structures, is their defecating and urinating which can in a short period of time, create the nastiest of smells. Believe me, should you ever see an area where they’ve chosen to “squat”, you’ll be brought fully up to speed. Yes indeed, they’re in another bucket of my deemed “vile creatures”.

My closing went very well today, and as chance would have it, the banker happened to be blood-related to several of his family members I went to school with, which was my launch-pad for a good chat about his clan. I did mention he honestly did come by his brown eyes from his mother’s side, which I think by my having noticed, came as a bit of a shock to him. Yes, my crossing of paths with a second generation of a family I personally knew, was one more example of how traits are easily passed-down. I couldn’t help mentioning how a certain young man living in our area, is close to being a dead-ringer in resemblance to my grandfather, who would be his great-grandfather. The few times I’d see him, there’d always be another mentioning of my grandfather. The creepiest of it all, he even has noticeably similar mannerisms which includes his appetites, and therefore taking us back to the subject of morphic resonance.

The rest of my rough-and-tumble day was spent sending off a big proceeds check to a seller, making journal entries on another office sale, and meeting with a seller to sign final docs for tomorrow’s closing, and all the while, confident it’ll go just as well as today’s. Oh and by the way, I did manage to dress myself appropriately for today’s weather which allowed me to be far more comfortable, and more soulfully pleasant with others.

Tonight’s One-liner is: The core of sensuality, in and of itself, is to respect and rejoice in the force of life, and it being present in all that one does, be it from the efforts of loving, to the hand-kneading of bread.

Joe Chodur

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